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Trusted teacher: Hey yogis! I'm currently living in Granada, Nicaragua. If you found yourself staying in this beautiful town or live her permanently, I invite you to try a class with me. If you're somewhere else in the world, looking for an online yoga experience, feel free to contact me as well. I am a certified Yoga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor. I obtained a certificate of a 200-hour Yoga Vinyasa teaching training and a 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training accredited by Yoga Allience. I also completed Yoga Vinyasa teacher training according to Basia Łukaszczyk's original program and participated in yoga workshops. Currently, I finished 40-hour Yoga Nidra teacher training. To learn more about my education and working experience you can visit my profile. My favourite styles of yoga are Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and everything in-between. I always create classes based on your needs and wishes. Yoga Vinyasa is a dynamic practice in which breath guides the movement. We will mainly focus on standing and sitting asanas and flowing transitions. This practice warms up the body, strengthens and stretches it. By concentrating on the breath it allows you to rest from the racing thoughts and emotions. Yin Yoga affects deep tissues, including tendons and fascia. It is a static practice in which we stay in deep stretching positions for extended periods of time which allows to increase mobility and range of motion in the joints. In this stillness we devote ourselves to inner work - directing the breath to places that need it the most and observing and calming our thoughts. Yoga Nidra is a magical experience of building the sensation of wholeness within you. It will relax you, may also activate emotions which have been living within you for some time. In Yoga Nidra classes you stay in Savasana or sitting position and follow my voice. Classes include body scanning, breathing technics and visualizations. We try to relax you and at the same time work with traumas, anxiety and other challenging states and feelings. If you are still interested, let me know and we will try to create a nice experience for you! Monika
Meditation · Alternative health · Yoga
Trusted teacher: Pilates | Health Coach | Yoga Get rid of that cycle you have been stuck in for such a long time and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Say no to restrictive diets and constant cravings. Stop punishing yourself because you "need to lose weight". ​ Did you know that through eating healthy alone you can activate all your natural healing mechanisms, allow your body to function properly, and lose extra accumulated weight effortlessly? ​ Holistic Health Coaching focuses on eating REAL foods, whatever mother nature has provided for us, not what has been made in labs, coated in sugar and flour, or fried until the origin is untraceable. ​ I am here to help you find a healthier lifestyle that suits you better, that will allow you to thrive, and that you can maintain long-term. Eat better, not less. Choose between 4 different packages where you will receive: - 60-minute sessions - Weekly, Simple, healthy meal plans - Unlimited emails and calls for the duration of our work together - Pantry makeovers, weekly calls, and mindfulness tips for upgraded packages I have been in your shoes many times, looking for answers, wanting to make changes, and getting frustrated when I could not tackle any of those things. Having gone through a major process of changes myself and being empowered and mentored by incredible trainers and teachers around the world has made me into who I am now. I can offer you a unique approach, an anatomical view, care for detail, for YOUR story, and a genuine passion to help you reach where you want to be; both through nutrition and fitness. You will not regret it!
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Trusted teacher: REIKI is a gentle 'hands-on-healing' technique from Japan and can be learned by anyone. A Reiki Treatment clears and balances your body's energy, thus boosting your body's natural ability to heal. The schedule and course contents are as follows (each day is 3 hours from 1300- 1600): .............................. ............... REIKI LEVEL 1 Workshop: Open for ALL Introduction to Reiki History of Reiki The Five Reiki Principles Energy Basics Healing and the Principle of Healing Full Body Self Treatment Full Body Treatment of Others Sensastions on the palms and SCANNING Reiki I Attunements (s) CERTIFICATE of Completion Reiki I Manual REIKI LEVEL 2: Only for Reiki I practitioner Revision of Reiki I Introduction to Reiki II Reiki Symbols How and when to use Symbols in Healing? Reiki II Attunement (s) How to perform Distance Treatment How to perform Mental Healing Other things you can do with Reiki Symbols Setting up your Reiki practice CERTIFICATE of completion Reiki I and II Manuals REIKI LEVEL 3 or Reiki Master Workshop: Only for Reiki II practitioners Revision of Reiki I and II Introduction to Reiki III Who and what is a Reiki Master? Reiki Master Symbol and its uses Reiki III Attunement (s) How to teach each Reiki level Attunement / Initiation Procedures for all Reiki Levels CERTIFICATE of Completion Reiki I, II and III Manuals for future practice * The Reiki certificate can be used to register yourself as a Reiki Practitioner or Master in Reiki Associations wherever you practice. You can choose to do only one level or you can do all the three levels back to back. Traditionally it has been suggested to keep gaps between each level. But, since the 90s the system is losing popularity to create as many Reiki Masters and Healers as possible to heal the world. !!! IT IS A COMMON BELIEF AMONG ENERGY WORKERS THAT THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HEALERS IN THE WORLD !!! About the Teacher ............................................... .............................. I m an Independent Reiki Master Teacher from France and has been practicing Reiki for over 15 years. I teache all the levels of Reiki and offers Reiki Treatments.
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Yoga for children, teens and families to inspire creativity, curiosity and connection! (Caxias)
My daughter who is 11, took online Yoga classes with Martina, and she really enjoyed it. Martina had a way to connect with her which worked very well; during the class, when teaching to my daughter Yoga movements, and after the class, as Martina asked my daughter to reflect on a number of subjects which were always excellent and helped her notice and appreciate what was around her. So overall, this was a brilliant experience with a brilliant teacher I fully recommend.
Review by CÉCILE
Yoga & Meditation with an International Certified Teacher! (Zurich)
I had my first 90 minute Yoga lesson with Gaurav and it was exactly what i was looking for. He teached me the basic postures included breathing and chanting with a holistic approach. I really felt it was customized to my needs and personalized although online i felt the time flew by and he was carefully observing and teaching me. Very good energy and flow between the sequences. I can only recommend his class and will look forward working with him on my practice.
ART 🎨Drawing & Painting & Creating & Experimenting (Prague)
Denisa is doing a great job with my 11 year old daughter. She enjoys the classes and has been practicing the techniques that she's learned every day. Her drawing skills are really improving and she looks forward to every class. Thanks Denisa!
Review by BRYAN

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