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Trusted teacher: Playing the trombone is so exciting. Many genres to explore! Are you looking to start learning the trombone? Perhaps you already play for some years but want to improve your technique, breathing skills, or learn a new genre? I am Alberto, and I will help you achieve your musical goals with a tailor-made program. My approach is to find suitable music for your technical and expressive level and work specifically on the challenges that it represents. Music is for everyone! Kids and adults Perhaps you want to surprise your couple playing a bossa-nova. Or maybe you want to become the next solo trombone at the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Everyone has different goals when playing the trombone, it is my job to help you achieve them. If you don't have clear objectives yet, I will be guiding you and exploring the possibilities of trombone playing with you. Also, especially for kids, I can help you find a nice pBone. They are lightweight plastic trombones made with great quality and available in different colours! Good technique, and a lot of fun The most important lesson I have learned in my career is that making good music is only possible when you enjoy the process. Of course, good technical skills are crucial but studying exercises that you find boring is not the best way up to proficiency. Instead, finding your unique best approach to improve your skills will get you to the moon! For improving your tempo awareness, would you practice with a metronome or would you rather use a drumbeat sample? Your health is important! Body awareness and breathing techniques Not only wind players benefit from doing sport, acquiring good posture habits, and being aware of their breath. It helps everyone in every single aspect of their lives. A good breathing technique will let you play easily, run for a longer period of time, or sleep better at night. On the other hand, body posture awareness helps with productivity and saves money on the fysio. Life hacks that you cannot miss! Improvisation and open-mindedness That very feeling of creating art on the spot. Only a few experiences can relate to it. When we explore and create, our flow state gets triggered. We are fully immersed in the activity and the world surrounding us vanishes. If you like, we will go on a journey discovering new emotions, colours, sounds, harmonies, textures, styles, genres. And improvising on them. Let's get creative! Technology in music. Recording and producing Let's face it, we are in the 21st century and the possibilities of technology are endless in the audiovisual field. Recording for auditions, producing and releasing your first single, live looping, use of effects... You can learn all that with me. Are you curious? Book your lesson now! Ok but, how will my lessons look like? Breathing practice is one of the best ways to start warming up. It will take the first 5 minutes of your lesson and your body will be prepared to start playing. Then, we would go into working on your specific goals. Perhaps, we are practicing music that demands improvement on the higher register, maybe we are working out different scales for improvisation, or it might be the case that you want to discover a new genre and go deep into it. Reading music, ear training, phrasing, music theory, buzzing and embouchure position, articulations (legato, staccato, accents), dynamics... These are only an indication of what we might work on. The final minutes of your lesson will be the moment to relax. We can get creative, play some tunes together, improvise, or even talk about a specific topic like musicality, art, creativity, technique, theory, or the music industry for instance. Group lessons and ensembles Making music alone is fun, but playing with people brings it to the next level! If you like the idea, I will bring you together with other fellow students for technique workshops, jam sessions, duo with piano, or whatever other activity we might find interesting for you. When and where I offer flexibility in my schedule so your trombone lessons fit into your agenda. I can come to your place, or perhaps you prefer visiting my teaching room in Utrecht. I will have some coffee or tea waiting for you. Online trombone classes Online has become a new trend. I will help you set up your equipment and focus on what is important, music. Book a lesson now! Alberto, the eclectic brass player based in Utrecht I am a brass performer and teacher that has performed in classical and modern music ensembles for more than 15 years. During this time, I attended innumerable masterclasses and had great fun in various professional experiences such as performing at Tomorrowland, an avant-garde music festival in Malta, or the great symphonic masterpieces with symphonic orchestras in Spain and the Netherlands. I hold a bachelor's and a master's degree in music performance and a master's degree in music education during my official studies in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Nowadays, you can still find me teaching brass in the Utrecht area, composing and producing my own music at home, playing tuba with a symphonic orchestra, trombone in a reggae band, or improvising trumpet over a techno track.
Trombone · Music theory lessons · Children's music
Trombone · Music theory lessons
Trusted teacher: Lezioni variabili in base alle vostre richieste ed esigenze. Aperto ad ogni genere musicale. Info su di me: Trombonista, tubista e compositore diplomato con lode in trombone classico al Conservatorio “Jacopo Tomadini” di Udine nel 2014 e in trombone jazz al Conservatorio di Rotterdam (Olanda) nel 2019. Ho studiato con Sergio Bernetti, Domenico Lazzaroni, Ilja Reijngoud, Bert Boeren, Andy Hunter, Hendrik-Jan Renes, seguito lezioni di approfondimento con Jiggs Whigham, Bart Van Lier, Nils Wogram, Massimo Morganti, Carlos Martin, Athos Castellan, Simone Candotto e partecipato a masterclass con F.A. Krager, I. Van der Roost, J. De Meij, J.F. Christiansen, T. Doss. Ho esperienze orchestrali di vario tipo, dalla musica classica (con Academia Symphonica e MG_Inc Orchestra) al jazz (come Udine Jazz Big Band, Tower Jazz Composer Orchestra, Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra). Ho collaborato con numerosi artisti italiani e stranieri di fama internazionale, tra cui Glauco Venier, Michele Corcella, Soweto Kinch, Francesco Bearzatti, Reinier Baas, Etuk Ubong. Fondatore, arrangiatore e leader della “North East Ska*Jazz Orchestra”, big band di 18 musicisti con la quale ho registrato tre album e suonato in Italia, Spagna, Francia, Germania, Olanda, Slovenia e Croazia. Come side-man ho partecipato più volte a tour europei con celebri ska-band statunitensi come New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7, Western Standard Time, Victor Rice Septet, The Toasters. Tra le altre band del genere ho suonato con Playa Desnuda, Ska-J, Freddy Frenzy & The Magazin Roots, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation. Dal 2011 al 2015 sono stato insegnante di ottoni presso la scuola di musica della banda di Pozzuolo del Friuli e della banda di Grado.
Trombone · Tuba · Music composition
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Music Lessons - Trumpet, trombone, flugel, music theory and more (Holloway)
My son had his first lesson with Rocco last week, and he loved it. Rocco is kind and encouraging, and he transmitted his love of music through his coaching. Rocco shared a wealth of material for my son to practice. We are happy to be working with him!
Review by DEBBIE
LEZIONI DI MUSICA - LOW BRASS (Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba) /// ARRANGIAMENTO e COMPOSIZIONE /// ARMONIA (Lignano Sabbiadoro)
Good introduction to jazz music, thanks for the tipps.
Review by SOLENE