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For students of philosophy at Terminale level and above. We are all endowed with an understanding, therefore we are all apt to philosophize ... Some philosophers write systems, others treatises, others aphorisms and others Philosophical essays. Whatever your "intellectual family" we will quickly learn how to make you discover it. I) Private lessons in philosophy: you can buy a course or a series of courses at the prices indicated by Apprentus and take advantage of it whenever you want II) You can also follow my semi-annual and annual progress In a lecture session (at least 1h30), I offer all my Terminale students: 1st trimester: Introduction to the philosophy & Methodology of text commentary. 2nd trimester: Study of the main currents of philosophical thought & methodology of the dissertation. 3rd term: Study of the main currents of philosophical thought & preparation for the Bac test Practical work throughout the year: 1) I support my students throughout the year for writing and correcting their homework 2) I correct the homework before it is handed in 3) Thanks to the interactive digital board, we will write your copies together (but remember that you will be left to your own devices on the days of the final test). 4) Finally, for those who meet for the remedial session, we can organize collective videoconferences to train you orally. Choice of media used: - zoom - google meet - skype - etc .... I can adapt to the medium you want to use. I recommend that you buy a graphics tablet so that we can comment on the texts on the same medium (online digital board). The "Wacom intuos" tablets, the price of which is around 70 euros, are very good tools for writing online. If you are having difficulty setting up your videoconferencing platform, don't worry; I will be there to help you. II) special courses: Since 2012, that I teach this discipline, I have set up a very effective program for terminal students, I suggest it to you here: In general we proceed as follows: For all students, whatever their level, we offer a general introduction to philosophy. The general introduction to philosophy course 1) -Familiarization with the major fields of philosophy (Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics) (2h min) 2) -Introduction to the history of philosophical ideas (1h30) 3) -Introduction to Greco-Latin etymology (30 min) 4) -Introduction to the currents of Greek philosophy (1h) 5) -Introduction to the main currents of modern philosophy (2h) 5) -Initiation in the use of the computer tool (optional and free) (2h) 7) -Introduction to the methodology of the essay + example of writing a first essay by the teacher (student participation) (8h) 8) -Introduction to the methodology of text commentary + writing of a first text commentary by the teacher (student participation) (10h) That is to say a total of 25 to 30 hours of lessons spread over a fortnight. Students can attend the class collectively, which will allow them to share the costs. Price: 25 to 30 hours of lessons (introduction to philosophy) compressed over 2 weeks / Package: 250 euros per group Maximum: 5 students For those who want to go further, we offer 3 categories of courses: A) Category n ° 1: For students who wish to pursue their higher education in a literary or scientific field: The teaching unit is one week; that is to say that you must attend all the classes of the week. Each week, we will discuss a topic of the program and we will write an assignment on this topic. strive to keep track of your high school teacher's progress Weekly lessons schedule: 1) Wednesday afternoon lessons (3 hours) 2) Saturday morning lessons (3 hours) 3) Sunday morning lessons (2 hours) Course of the weekly course: 1) Wednesday class (3h): -Review of the concepts already discussed with your high school teacher (1 hour) -Methodology and drafting of detailed plans (2h) 2) Saturday class (3h) -Methodology and drafting of detailed plans (continued) (2h) -Review of the concepts already discussed with your high school teacher (1 hour) On Saturday evening before 8 p.m., each student must send me his copy (which he will have written on Saturday afternoon and which I will return to him, corrected, the next morning). 3) Sunday class (2h) -Collective correction of copies. -Collective reflections, proposal of alternative detailed plans by the E-teacher. -Personalized methodological advice. I also advise you to get used to frequenting the CDI; it's a habit to learn: you will often have to borrow a few textbooks. Because we write one homework per week, each registrant must subscribe for a minimum of a full week (8h). Price per week 50 euros. Maximum: group of 4 students Possibility of individual lessons B) Category n ° 2: For those who struggle in philosophy but who do not wish to be penalized by the discipline on the day of the Bac test. We will find a solution so that you are not penalized because of the high coefficient of the material. Rest assured, it is not necessary to be a great reasoner to obtain the average on the day of the Bac test; it is enough to master the grammar, the French syntax and the methodology of the text commentary to make an honorable score (the academy forbids us not to give the average to the copies clearly written and respectful of the philosophical methodology). We will do lessons 2 times 1h30 per week Weekly rate: 20 euros Maximum: group of 2 students C) Category n ° 3: For the students of kagne-hypocagne and those of the university, contact me by Email to explain your difficulties. I correct the copies. I offer alternative fixes. I write alternative detailed plans. I show you how to organize your reflection on the draft in record time (20 min). In short, I can help you avoid the cold shower of the 1st semester. Finally, I offer group tutorials online. Opportunities for ad hoc in-depth studies on certain theoretical points. For those of the grandes écoles, the key to success is as follows: "Those who manage to simplify the complexity without losing its content are brilliant" Price / copy corrections: Between 15 and 25 euros depending on the correction time Email: eprofesseurs@gmail.com or you can use the Apprentus platform email. (Don't worry, the profile picture isn't great, I'm much nicer than it looks)
Philosophy · Grammar · Spelling
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ENGLISH LESSONS ENGLISH TEACHER FROM THE UK, qualified teacher from England (Brussels)
She is a good teacher for the kids who want to learn English. The class has various activities even on online so that my son keeps his interest. Ophelia reacts nicely every time and I believe this is good motivation which can keep their interests.
Review by DOYOUNG
Vietnamese Language for (Absolute) Beginner/Intermediate level (Amsterdam)
Hà Anh
Hà Anh is a very good and flexible teacher. Quick and clear communication, very kind, and very well prepared for the lessons! Recommended!
Review by MICHAL
Intensive conversation-based French course + preparation for the exams level. A1-A2 / B1-B2 (Students and Adults) for better communication (Geneva)
I strongly recommend her. Maty is patient and she is focus on her teaching. Hope to spend more time with her again.
Review by VICKY