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Manon - Nancy21€
Trusted teacher: Welcome to the French Baccalaureate Preparation course dedicated to final year students. This course, sometimes intensive, will prepare you completely and thoroughly for the French baccalaureate exam thanks to Manon, a passionate literature teacher and holder of a degree in modern literature. We will cover literary history, the methodology of text commentary and dissertations, grammar, practical exercises, mock orals and written mock exams. Literary history: To better understand the texts and works you will study in the exam, we will explore the literary history of different periods and movements. From the medieval era to contemporary literature, we will analyze the literary movements, the great authors and the key works that have shaped French literary heritage. Methodology of text commentary and dissertation: Mastery of the methodology of text commentary and dissertation is essential to pass the French baccalaureate test. During this program, we will teach you specific techniques for analyzing a literary text, identifying its issues, its stylistic processes and structuring a clear and argued text commentary. We will also discuss the methodology of the dissertation, guiding you step by step in the construction of a relevant problem, a detailed plan and a solid argument. Grammar: A solid knowledge of grammar is essential for effective written and oral expression. We will revisit the essential grammatical rules, from the final level, with emphasis on the most common difficulties. You will practice applying these rules through practical exercises and interactive activities to strengthen your grammatical skills. Practical exercises : Regular practice is essential to develop your French skills. During this program, you will have the opportunity to practice through a variety of practical exercises. These exercises will include reading comprehension activities, writing exercises, text analysis and synthesis work. This will allow you to consolidate your skills in understanding, written expression and mastery of the different forms of writing required for the exam. Mock orals and written mock exams: To prepare you fully, we will organize mock orals, where you will have the opportunity to practice speaking in front of an audience and receive constructive feedback. In addition, we will simulate written mock exams to familiarize you with the format, timing and specific requirements of the French baccalaureate exam. These exercises will allow you to evaluate yourself and identify areas where you can still improve. Join this French Baccalaureate Preparation course and benefit from a complete and personalized program to help you pass your exam. Through interactive teaching methods, practical exercises and mock tests, you will develop a solid mastery of literature, text commentary and essay methodology, grammar and the skills necessary to obtain excellent results in the French baccalaureate.
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Katherine was very patient for my first singing class ever :) She explained the theory and how the body works in terms of singing well but didn't make me feel overwhelmed with information. Her constructive feedback was helpful and made me want to improve more!
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I've had a great experience with Alix. She makes learning enjoyable and straightforward. The lessons are very engaging, and she explains things in a way that's easy to understand. I appreciate the positive and patient approach - definitely recommend!
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