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Trusted teacher: After a turbulent career in the media, marketing and mental health care, I am now back to my roots in education. I am very knowledgeable and was an academic success, but I don't just work with HBO or WO students. I also teach classes in primary education, VMBO, MBO, HAVO and VWO. Below you will find an overview of which subjects I teach and at what level. : PO: Writing, reading, fluency, history, English. English language and literature: up to and including university thesis supervision Psychology: up to and including university thesis supervision. Philosophy: up to and including university thesis supervision Dutch: up to and including 6VWO History: up to and including 6VWO. Reading and writing skills: all levels Presentation and speaking skills: all levels Personal development: all levels. But I have more to offer my pupils than just professional knowledge. I am also educated and experienced in coaching and guidance, so I am not just a teacher, but an expert in personal development. As a therapist I know how to deal with learning or other problems of any kind. So I deliver custom work, for children as well as young people and adults What does a lesson from me look like? Well, that is always a surprise and never boring! My starting point is coaching, so I always work on a good relationship and developing or strengthening confidence in my own capacities, or Empowerment. Everything else comes after that. A lesson of mine is otherwise varied, with relatively short, but very intensive learning moments, and in between small breaks with some distraction. This could be a conversation about something else, or a joke, or an anecdote, so that you get the best out of your concentration and the material remains manageable. I also often work with music, or poems, or paintings that are related to the subject matter, then it sticks better and it is just great fun. I am very inventive and original, so with me you are drawn into an adventure every lesson!
English · Psychology (for students) · Literature
I like to make my tutoring sessions person-centred, based around your learning and communication style for you to get the best out of your experience! My key attributes are that I am patient, a good listener, empathetic, analytical and I also love to learn myself. My aim is to create an open and honest learning environment for you to get the best out of your sessions. I will begin sessions by asking how you learn best and throughout our sessions we can adapt them to what you find most useful. I have an undergraduate and Masters degree in Psychology and I am currently gaining experience as an Assistant Educational Psychologist to apply for a Doctorate in Educational Psychologist which after many years have found to be my passion. I am familiar with many areas of Psychology and my main areas of expertise are: - Educational psychology, including: cognitive development and learning, human development and cognition, special educational needs (SEN), attachment, memory, interventions. Overall psychological, emotional, social and environmental factors influencing educational engagement and academic attainment. - Social psychology, including: social cognition, social identity social perception, group processes the self, attraction, relationships behaviour and attribution, attitudes, persuasion, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination and individual differences. I can also help with study methods, essay writing, key terms and research methods. As psychology can be heavily theory based to start with, I will help to look for ways to consolidate all the information and try different techniques of learning. I have a years worth of face to face tutoring in GCSE English and GCSE/A Level Psychology. On top of that I have 2 years worth of adhoc tutoring. During my Masters, I have mentored undergraduate Psychology students where I could share knowledge but also help set academic and future goals. I have recently started volunteering as a reading assistant for 5-9 year olds. I am looking forward to tutoring again and sharing my knowledge and passion.
Psychology (for students) · Psychology
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Jerome - Paris, France138€
Trusted teacher: Doctor in cognitive psychology graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 of research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I propose courses of statistics (descriptive and inferential, theoretical and applied it is according to your requests) with a pedagogy and methodologies rigorous and personalized according to your needs and your potentialities. My courses are divided into 3 possible approaches: 1 / Theoretical courses / methods and practice 2 / Help with data analysis 3 / Through a scientific popularization approach and a rigorous and effective method (references available) to answer to the expectations of the students and to reach or exceed the objectives set, my courses are easy to understand and appropriate. I propose in addition a training on varied and targeted exercises as well as annals of examination to optimize your preparation. Thus, what seems complex, abstract and incomprehensible to you will become concrete, and you will be able to answer questions without hesitation. I also integrate a coaching method to optimize the learning and training necessary to pass the university exams in statistics. My courses are aimed at students in psychology or from other courses (university, medicine, engineering schools, BTS, MBA, Business School, Business School, international finance, etc.) wishing to optimize their performance and grades in exams and competitions. Teacher and trainer at the Ecole Polytechnique, at the Universities of Strasbourg and Paris 8, ESSEC Business School, ISTH, IONIS Education Group, EEEA, Institut Tocqueville etc. I receive many requests from students at Paris 8 University (IED or not) Paris 5 and Nanterre because I am very familiar with the program and the expectations of the exam jury.
Statistics · Psychology (for students) · Humanities
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Psychology and Statistics; Research Writing; Data Analysis; Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods (Paralímni)
Alexandros prepared before the session and it showed in how he went about the teaching. He was patient with all my questions and it was clear in how he gave me answers specific to my course and not general. He clearly has good knowledge of the course he’s tutoring me through (Research Methods). I booked one class initially to test the waters but definitely booking more now. Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Review by FUNMI
Statistics & thesis supervision: data analysis and visualization
Melodia has been so helpful thus far with helping me understand basic statistical anayses, and prepare for my endpaper for my reseach course (at a Master level). She is very professional and takes time to break down the concepts, to ensure foundational concepts are well understood. I really appreciate her patient and calm nature, she is the perfect tutor!
Review by MELANIE
Doctor of Psychology based in London, UK, offering Psychology, Statistics, Data analysis and SPSS classes online
Madara is absolutely fantastic! An excellent tutor! She is very calm and explains things in a very simple and structured way. In addition, she is very nice and very patient. I booked 60 minutes for SPSS and was so happy with her that I booked additional classes. With just the first class I got more than what I expected!
Review by NADIA