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52 private teachers in Vijfhuizen

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Christiaan - Haarlem27€
Trusted teacher: (Ik spreek Nederlands en Engels) If you learn piano that is something you and your whole family and friends will enjoy, for many years to come. You will learn how to read notes, play from music, use both hands at the same time and eventually be able to play a variety of musical styles. Playing piano is something you do with your mind, heart and soul and it is a true art! It is not easy but it is also not impossible. Very soon you will be playing nice songs, and if you practice a lot you will notice you can soon play pieces that are more and more beautiful. Depending on the level of the student we will select the appropriate study material. Also learning how to read music notation and playing in tempo will be part of the lesson. For intermediate students more focus will be for example on articulation of melody, dynamics, phrasing and how to play in a classical or popular style. I am now 38, I have been studying piano since I was 8 and later on also keyboard. I started out like anyone with the most basic pieces, getting lessons here and there from a friend of my mother. Later on piano teacher Sherry van Baaren visited our house for many years, teaching me the basic piano repertoire. As well as several other teachers. When I moved to Enschede I studied with Russian pianist Michail Markov on the correct interpretation of classical music, such as Mozart sonatas and other more romantic pieces. At the moment I play in my own band and also compose pieces. For my work I am a teacher at an international primary school in the Netherlands so I am used to working with children ages 3-12. Four is the minimum age for piano. But of course adults who want to learn piano are very welcome as well! The times you see in the calendar might change a bit. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Kind regards, Christiaan. PS If you live outside Haarlem or further than 30min biking distance from my home, we can still discuss if there is a possibility to regularly meet.
Piano · Keyboard (music)
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Nancy - Haarlem26€
Trusted teacher: Als je Spaans wil leren of jouw Spaans wil verbeteren, ben ik misschien de juiste leraar voor jou. Ik bied lessen aan die leuk, interactief en gebaseerd zijn op wat mijn studenten nodig hebben en willen leren. Ik doe dit door middel van een verscheidenheid aan activiteiten om u stap voor stap te helpen uw vaardigheden op te bouwen; inclusief onder andere rollenspellen (gebaseerd op real-life situaties), Q & A's en games. Het doel is om je aan het praten te houden! De lessen worden vooral in het Spaans gegeven, hierdoor kun je tijdens de les zoveel mogelijk Spaans leren en oefenen. Maak je geen zorgen over het maken van fouten; door fouten te maken en ervan te leren word je zelfs beter. Herhaling is een belangrijk onderdeel van mijn lessen. Ik ga vaak terug om te controleren of je je nog herinnert wat in voorgaande lessen is geïntroduceerd. Voordat we met onze lessen beginnen, wil ik weten wat jouw redenen zijn om Spaans te leren. Als je al enige kennis van het Spaans hebt zal ik bepalen wat jouw exacte niveau is. Zodra ik weet wat jouw behoeften, interesses en niveau zijn, kan ik de juiste materialen selecteren en de juiste cursus voor jou ontwerpen. We kunnen werken met een leerboek (plus extra materiaal) of met mijn eigen lesmateriaal. Ik maak gebruik van video's, dia's, werkbladen en ander lesmateriaal. Als je het leuk vindt, kan ik je ook oefeningen en bronnen per e-mail sturen, zodat je zelfstandig kan blijven leren. Bij twijfel kun je mij altijd bereiken via e-mail of WhatsApp. Onze lessen kunnen online zijn (via Zoom of Skype), of ik kan bij jou thuis komen (in Haarlem, Velserbroek, Santpoort-Zuid, Santport-Noord, Driehuis, Beverwijk, of IJmuiden). De lessen kunnen een-op-een zijn of in een kleine groep.
I teach maths 1:1 In-person in Haarlem or Online too. Maths Tuition can help you achieve the results you're looking for. Learning online means that you don't have to travel to session, so can easily fit lessons around your current studies and schedule. Also you can have online lessons during your free time and even take lessons live in different (remote) parts of the country.  Benefits of online tuition: Online tuition is more convenient for parents and children Online learning is fun and engaging for childrenChildren are always learning in a place of safety and comfort – their homeOnline tuition is cheaper, both in the cost of lessons and that you don’t have to travel to the tutor’s houseOnline tuition is safe and secure – tutors can be vetted professionally and all lessons are recorded (students can record the Skype lesson)Use of the computer and online classroom will improve technology skills for childrenShared google drive folder with every student (exam -, homework -, revision papers, formula booklet) Students only need a desktop computer/laptop/chrome book or tablet with Skype where I can share my white/smart board. If you don’t have Skype account, I have an extra one to use. Typical 1 hour lesson plan will involves: Review last week’s homework On screen teaching – context, theory and practical, short test questions Pupil answers questions on paper Revise for pupil’s upcoming checkout test, or current school topic Set homework – web questions like SQA written past papers I have academic experience into the design of my Lesson Plans. There are 20, one for each maths topic covering full syllabus sections of Numbers, Algebra, Graphs, Ratios, Geometry, Trigonometry and Statistics. They each follow a consistent template, built around the following key sections of a 1 hour lesson, which we go through in discussion and by touch screening to reveal the next stage. 
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Gosse - Haarlem58€
Trusted teacher: Do you want to teach (electric) piano, keyboard or synthesizer? Then you have come to the right place! Gosse (1989) has been giving piano lessons for more than 10 years and we are proud to announce that almost all students who start the lessons actually continue. The lessons are primarily focused on fun and development. He knows from experience that the most important ingredients for learning to play the piano as effectively as possible are: 1: The pleasure of playing The fun is increased by learning to play numbers that the student experiences as beautiful or fun and that bring the right degree of challenge. Gosse mainly specializes in Pop, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Bossa-nova, Latin and Light classical styles. Learn to play your favorite songs! 2: Learning in the way that best suits the student There are three different ways in which someone can learn to play the piano: sheet music, by ear and (the relatively new way) through software programs such as Synthesia. The correct method differs from person to person. 3: Knowing the music theory / shortcuts The three ways you can learn to play the piano described above help you press the right keys at the right time. But it can be easier. Namely by knowing the underlying music theory and / or the shortcuts! Gosse also teaches music production (songwriting and producing). He is most specialized in the Logic Pro and Ableton studio programs. He also helps vocalists who want to accompany themselves on the piano. Feel free to contact us for a trial lesson, for a more detailed version of the above 3 points or if you want to know more!
Piano · Music theory · Music composition
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Ton - Haarlem44€
Photography · Computer graphics · Adobe lightroom
Trusted teacher: Discover your personality type and learn to live with yourself (and the rest of your family). Incl. an online test and discussion of your result. The enneagram (ennea = 9) is a powerful tool to discover the secrets of your personality. The profile that emerges can be used for personal development, training, relationships, upbringing and conflict mediation. The enneagram provides insight into the emotions and motives that lie beneath our behavior, for example 9 energies for a family eating together with cutlery at the table. This is a black and white oversimplified example, it just indicates that anyone can do the same for a different line. 1. How nice that everyone sticks to the rules and uses the correct cutlery 2. Ah, it will not work there, shall I help or show you how? 3. Look how effective and fast I eat, I finish first! 4. Sigh, how wonderful that I can use this elegant place setting. 5. How nice to eat, this tastes great! Sorry you asked something? 6. Isn't that sharp knife unsuitable for its age? 7. Oh these beans could also be steamed or stir-fried. 8. I think things are going fine, everything under control. 9. Does everyone have food and cutlery? Then I will also enjoy. In itself, this is a pleasant meal with 9 different motives that show the same behavior, but the moment a sensitive string is touched, the flame can hit the pan for no visible reason. With the knowledge of the enneagram you can quickly adapt the language and a situation can quickly be brought back to safety.
Life coaching
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Learn piano easily with 1 on 1 private lessons perfect for beginner and intermediate students. (Haarlem)
Gavin is a great teacher that adapted very fast to my learning style and needs. Even though learning piano has its challenges (especially when you are in the beginning), I felt encouraged and very much supported by Gavin. I find it really nice that he is open to suggestions and asks for feedback during the hour. I had a nice and pleasant first lesson, so I am sure this will be a longer musical journey guided by this awesome teacher!
Review by ELENA
THE ART OF OIL PAINTING (one on one schilderles): Learn how to draw and paint like Monet & Van Gogh! (Haarlem)
I took a package of 5 lessons with Christiaan this summer. I wanted to understand how to use oil paint better. With Christiaan, we rapidly get to the point of the technical aspects of oil paint. He taught me the concept of layering in wet to wet and showed me examples of this in his current artwork. Christiaan is passionate about art and loves teaching! Highly recommended.
Review by ERICK
Cours FLE : apprendre le français par la culture et la conversation (Haarlem)
Best way to learn a laungage is from a native speaker. Rosa was very professional always arriving on time and having a clear plan on how the lesson will progress. She also sent me via e-mail links to websites were I could practice what I have learnt with exercises. I highly recommend Rosa to anyone who is looking for a professional, punctial and flexible teacher.
Review by ROBERT

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