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20 portuguese teachers in The Netherlands

Trusted teacher: De echte Portugese ervaring! Advantages of learning a new language: Learning a new language is fun. But what I’m (and you should be) after is not bilingualism but instead biculturalism. We think by aid of words. Therefore language shapes thought. In part this is because working in a second language slows down the thinking. No wonder people feel different when speaking a second language. And no wonder they feel looser, more spontaneous, perhaps more assertive or funnier or blunter. Studies show that being able to speak another language is generally linked to a more flexible brain, developing the brain’s ability to plan and prioritize. Also it betters our defenses against dementia in old age. Advantages of learning Portuguese: • 250 million native speakers worldwide • 5th most common language in the world • It has been an official language since 1297 • It’s usage is spread over 4 continents (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia) Now business, The pace, duration, frequency and schedule of the classes is totally up to the student to decide. We agree upon it at the beginning and deviations are possible though not recommended. In case the student has no specific requests a previously thought upon plan will be presented. It consists roughly on periodic written assessments, frequent homework assignments and off class hours listening exercises. Focus on diverse subjects is possible, for example, grammar, diction, reading comprehension, written production, conversational skills. In every class the student will be directly influenced by worldwide Portuguese culture ( music, history, geography). Once in a while I’ll invite Portuguese native speakers to our classes for the student to get in touch with the different accents from around the world.
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Marcelo - Rotterdam25€
Trusted teacher: Oi Tudo bem? My name is Marcelo and I am from São Paulo. I teach Portuguese in The Hague, Rotterdam-Centre, and Amsterdam. I have 19 years of teaching experience in Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, on four levels. I am also experienced in ‘crash courses’ where business trainees learn the basis of Portuguese within one week. Really? Yes really...it works. First of all, you can see the price of a private lesson in the field next to this one. For lessons in a group, ask for conditions. For autumn of 2019, we have the following groups in Rotterdam or The Hague Centre, which you are welcome to join (only where places are still available). Level A-1 - Port. Brazil. - Tuesday 01.10.19 - RTM - 2 places Level B-2 - Port. Brazil - advanced ! 30.09.19 - RTM - 3 places The lessons are from 19.30 to 21.00 hours. It is a very small group (5 students) so it will feel like private lessons. Level A-2 has a final Exam and C.E.F.R Certificate. As an experienced teacher of Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Business Culture Training, working for two well-known language institutes and with more than 19 years of teaching experience based on a Masters Degree in Literature. I want to expand my activities, because of increased demand for affordable lessons of Portuguese. Group and private lessons consist of 10 lessons of 1.5 intensive hours (15 hours). I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. ’tarefas de casa’ (homework) will take you about 3 to 4 hours per week. The private and group lessons consist of a structured explanation of grammar and a part of the lesson where the student puts this immediately into practice with fluency practice (short sentences). Give it a try, you will learn Portuguese much faster than you expected. Abraços (kind regards) Marcelo.
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Learn Portuguese in 10 weeks - private or group lessons -- professional with teaching degree - (Rotterdam)
Marcelo is een hele prettige docent met liefde voor de Portugese taal en het vak van docent. Hij geeft goed gestructureerd les en kan snel inschatten wat voor niveau iemand heeft en op welke manier je het meest effectief leert. Absolute aanbeveling!
Review by SUSANNE
Aulas de guitarra em Lisboa. Guitarra Clássica, Rock, Blues (Groningen)
Joao was very patient with my five year old. And she really enjoyed her lessons
Review by RITU
Aprenda Português Brasileiro - Brazilian Portuguese with native teacher (Rotterdam)
Giovanna is a great teacher - competent, fun & patient. Highly recommended!
Review by DAVID