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5 law teachers in Amsterdam

Trusted teacher: Vincent Van Gogh once said something to the effect that greatness is a series of little things coming together, Emile Durkheim the great French sociologist first 'coined', "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" and Montesquieu conceived of laws in relation to climate. What do all of these have to do with each other? The fact that the interpretation and understanding of one of the realms of socio-political knowledge is not enough to either understand that single discipline of study whether it be Law, History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology or Philosophy- you cannot separate any from the whole and be able to understand the Short, Nasty,Brutish™ nature that reality is and that conditions human life. While my studies and work have nigh been exclusively related to Law, my interests which pushed me there were/are seemingly very different. Through my experience I may humbly submit that the the perspectives that each discipline approaches problems with are crucial in solving very distinct "linguistic" problems within their specific paradigms. They however are victims of dogma as is academia in general it would be fair to say. Living in the times we do, it is not only necessary as a basic informational issue but as an issue of responsible citizenry, young adults must be well educated about the political economy. Whether you're looking to study and/or are currently studying and/or want to learn about any of the aforementioned subjects whether in conjunction with current coursework and/or assignments, or if you're just interested and would like to learn about a specific period in time, this is for you.
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Trusted teacher: Graduated with a Master 2 in Social Law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and practicing the profession of Lawyer in Social Law since 2015, I have solid experience in labor law and protection law. social. As a Manager of Work at the Sorbonne since 2017, I teach Labor Law and, more broadly, the legal methodology necessary for the success of exams (practical case, commentary, dissertation, summary note). .). I know the expectations of TD Chargers and Teachers in the continuous monitoring and exams. Finally, having passed the examination of the CRFPA on the first try and without Prépa, with my own method of learning, I help you to prepare this exam in the best conditions and to optimize your chances of success. I offer support adapted to the needs of each student in terms of social law, ranging from the License to the Master, as well as for the preparation of the CRFPA. The purpose of the first course is to identify the difficulties and objectives of the student in order to establish the appropriate program to work on the substance and / or the form. The following courses consist of working on the desired exercises (theoretical and practical explanation of the notions, assistance with the preparation of the TD and exams, correction of the legal and learning methodology, preparation for oral exams, refresher course on the subject, preparation of catching up ...). Classes are lively, dynamic and allow the student to ask any questions he wishes. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone. My name is Clémence, I am 25 years old and I am a double master's student in Law / History - International Relations at the universities of Paris II Panthéon Assas and Sorbonne University. I teach law courses (Beginners - L3), in the following subjects: - in civil law (intro, obligations, family) - in criminal law (general and procedure) - in EU law (general, and substantive law) - in public international law - in English. My detailed journey: Currently, I have just finished my year of M1 double master's degree in Law / History specializing in International Relations at Assas and La Sorbonne, and I am therefore starting my second year of master's degree. I am the major of my promotion. I obtained my law degree, specializing in public law in Assas with an average of 15.5 / 20 and the mention Good. I did an Erasmus exchange in Luxembourg to specialize in international law and European law. I did my first year of law at Sceaux, Paris XI Saclay University, where I was doing a double course at the Grande Ecole de droit, specializing in international business law. Before that, I studied medicine for 3 years at Paris VII Diderot. My professional experience : I taught about fifteen students this year, some on an ad hoc basis, for others on a regular basis (you can also find some opinions of my students on my profile). I also gave courses under contract with the University of Paris II Assas as part of a personalized tutoring with a law student. I sincerely like to give law lessons, pass on my passion (yes, yes, it's possible to be passionate, law is great!) And allow my students to progress. I invest myself with each of my students, and I am keen to put myself at their levels, to listen to them and to accompany them as best as possible. Whether as part of an improvement, preparation for an application, exams, or to validate his remedies, I do everything I can to ensure that my students succeed and (especially!) Flourish! The course of the courses: I always start with a discussion with the student in order to identify their expectations and needs. Then, a methodological point is often required. The sessions are organized according to the student's workload (lessons and tutorials). I give law courses from beginner level to L3 level included, in order to begin, progress and excel in law. My vision of a successful private lesson is the organization of progressive sessions in two stages: first a transmission of knowledge and methodology and then a moment of dialogue open to questions from the students. I pay a lot of attention to transmitting means of organization, planning of university work at different scales: daily, weekly, monthly and semester. This is why I usually start my private lessons with a work "planning" session, so that my students feel supervised and know when and how to work, by "cutting out" their tasks to come. I also like to teach them different learning methods so that they can work efficiently and productively. In the first session with beginners for example, I always come back to a "basic legal knowledge" part to allow them to follow and understand more easily the internal legal system (presentation of the classic vocabulary, of the main bodies, of the different branches of law ... .). Then, I explain in detail the legal methodology (presentation of classic exercises such as the stop sheet, the essay, the practical case, the stop commentary and article). Depending on the subjects studied, I insist on the most important points, on the “expectations” of each of the Teachers, and the tips for better understanding the subject. Finally, private lessons should be, in my opinion, a space of trust in which students can feel comfortable asking all the questions that come to their mind, and also discussing their orientations, and expressing their difficulties. This is why I always take time at the end of the session so that everyone can ask their question, so that we can discuss together both the content of the sessions, and the potential apprehensions about higher education.
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Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learning with an Oxford Law Student
I have taken 10 oral English classes with sabrina and she is a perfect teacher! She is very kind, very available and takes care of the student's needs. She has adapted the content of her lessons to my needs and favourite subjects, to ensure that all lessons are interesting and useful. I really recommend Sabrina for any kind of course, she is very intelligent and passionate about different languages and law.
Review by VIK
Study Law, (Business) English, Russian, Dutch and get ready for exams
My first Russian language lesson was with Krystyna via Skype . She is a good teacher and I enjoyed the lesson. She has good English and she provided me with learning materials to study. The focus was on reading and spoken repetition. I will be booking more lessons with her.
Review by NICHOLAS
doctoral student in public law helps you prepare for tutorials, mastery of methodology and understanding of courses (Perpignan)
Excellent teacher, she gave me valuable feedback and guidance to enhance my work.
Review by MUNEERAH