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83 law teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Graduated with a Master 2 in Social Law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and practicing the profession of Lawyer in Social Law since 2015, I have solid experience in labor law and protection law. social. As a Manager of Work at the Sorbonne since 2017, I teach Labor Law and, more broadly, the legal methodology necessary for the success of exams (practical case, commentary, dissertation, summary note). .). I know the expectations of TD Chargers and Teachers in the continuous monitoring and exams. Finally, having passed the examination of the CRFPA on the first try and without Prépa, with my own method of learning, I help you to prepare this exam in the best conditions and to optimize your chances of success. I offer support adapted to the needs of each student in terms of social law, ranging from the License to the Master, as well as for the preparation of the CRFPA. The purpose of the first course is to identify the difficulties and objectives of the student in order to establish the appropriate program to work on the substance and / or the form. The following courses consist of working on the desired exercises (theoretical and practical explanation of the notions, assistance with the preparation of the TD and exams, correction of the legal and learning methodology, preparation for oral exams, refresher course on the subject, preparation of catching up ...). Classes are lively, dynamic and allow the student to ask any questions he wishes. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.
Economics: I can support students on all aspects of their Economics study: Macroeconomics, Micro, applied theory, Political theory and Econometrics. Essay technique. Data analysis and plotting graphs that represent trends in the economy. Law: Foundational modules of English common law, EU law, International law, Company and corporate law, international commercial, business and finance, intellectual property law. Civil Procedure. Public law. Essay technique. Development of argument. Legal analysis. I teach students to think like a lawyer in their approach to key legal issues. Politics: Constitutional theory. Separation of power. Sovereignty of Parliament. Judicial Review. Elections. Political parties. Canvassing. Lobbying. UK, European and US Politics. Political theories / ideologies from socialism to capitalism. History: US Declaration of Independence and Civil War. Lincoln and slavery. European modern history from Russian Revolution to 9/11. English kings - William the Conqueror - Henry VIII. Tudors / Stewarts. War of the Roses - Princes in the Tower. Glorious Revolution. Black Death Peasant's Revolt. Union of the Crowns. Gunpowder Plot. Support with source analysis and development of argument in the essay. Philosophy: John Locke property rights, Aristotle and Plato - 'democracy' and how a society should be shaped, participation of women. Bentham - utilitarianism, Mill - Liberty and the precursor of feminism. Kant - 'doing the right thing for the right reason'. Support with essay technique and development of argument. English: Support with sentence structure (basic, intermediate, advanced and fluent). Vocabulary. Verbs.
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Trusted teacher: After completing a triple degree in French, German and English law up to Master 1, I graduated with a Master 2 in public law from Panthéon-Assas University (Paris 2) in partnership with the Ecole des Officiers de the National Gendarmerie as well as a second Master 2 in public law Mountain law. I propose to help you in your legal course, mainly in public law (administrative law, constitutional law, social law, environmental law, contracts and public procurement, ...). I can also help you acquire a general and legal culture to prepare for competitive examinations (security professions, public service, grandes écoles). My goal is as much to make you acquire a structured methodology as solid knowledge. After having defined your course expectations, we can accentuate one or the other more particularly by orienting the sessions on knowledge or written training, the construction of detailed plans or practical cases. We will carry out regular reviews in order to adapt the rest of the program to your new expectations and to the progress made, if necessary. CV: 2020 - MAster 2 "Mountain law". Mention Good 2019 - Admission to the National Gendarmerie Officer (OG UNIV) competition in 4th place by order of merit. 2019 - Master 2 "Law and Security Strategy" at the School of National Gendarmerie Officers. Mention Good. 2018 - Master 1 in Law with European Jurist specialization, at the Humboldt Universität (Berlin) 2017 - Certificate of International General Studies (CEIG) at the IHEI (Institute of Higher International Studies). Major of Promotion. 2017 - L3, 1st prize in the university competition in European Union law. 2016 - L2, 2nd prize in the university competition in administrative law. 2015 - L1 Major de promotion (mention Bien). 1st prize in the university competition for constitutional law. 2014 - Economic Baccalaureate (19.8 / 20) Mention Très Bien. In-depth economics specialty and German European section.
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Law course for undergraduate and master's students (Private Law) (Houilles)
Very good teacher, helped me with my assignment and provided me with helpful law sources.
Review by MUNEERAH
doctoral student in public law helps you prepare for tutorials, mastery of methodology and understanding of courses (Perpignan)
Excellent teacher, she gave me valuable feedback and guidance to enhance my work.
Review by MUNEERAH

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