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Scrum is one of the 'lightest' Agile methods and therefore less prescriptive than, for example, Atern. Scrum is also more a framework than a method and invites further interpretation. In the first instance, with the implementation of Scrum, it is not necessary to replace all existing functions and artifacts. This allows the framework to be further filled in. By applying the framework, a restructuring is initiated. The new structure that then forms the basis for continuous improvement. The traditional walls between the various disciplines are being demolished by the formation of multidisciplinary teams. Developers, testers, analysts, architects and database administrators are examples of disciplines that can be found in such a multidisciplinary team. By merging all disciplines into a team, the transfer of documents, waiting times and communication problems are reduced. Agile Scrum focuses on achieving the goal through successful collaboration. Agile methods are popular with software development and are increasingly used in other fields. The Scrum way of working involves putting together a multidisciplinary team that organizes itself and that delivers a working product at the end of a sprint The training The Agile Scrum Foundation workshop is a two-day training that prepares the participants for the Agile Scrum Foundation exam of EXIN. The workshop consists of a mix of theory, practical exercises and practical examples. There is a lot of room for exchange of experiences, always going back to the theory. Participants receive handouts, exercises and articles plus a practice exam. EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation (EXIN) is a certification that recognizes knowledge about Agile methods, combined with knowledge about Scrum practice. The EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation exam is part of the EXIN qualification program and has been developed in collaboration with international experts in the field.
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Ich biete eine sehr gute und erfahrene Nachhilfe für Informatik, Programmieren und Mathematik in allen Jahrgangsstufen bis zum Abitur und im Bachelorstudium. Wir können uns dafür gerne persönlich oder über Skype (o.ä.) treffen. Den Unterricht kann ich in Deutsch oder in Englisch erteilen. Nachhilfe gebe ich schon seit meiner Schulzeit in verschiedenen Fächern und für verschiedene Niveaus von Grundschule bis Universität sowie in verschiedenen (Bundes)ländern. Programmierunterricht: Gegenstand der Nachhilfe muss nicht ein Schulfach oder eine Vorlesung an der Hochschule/Universtität sein. Oft geht es auch darum Schülern, Studenten und Erwachsenen die Grundlagen der Informatik und des Programmierens beizubringen, bevor sie diese (wenn überhaupt) in der Schule lernen können. **** Einige Vorlesungen, für die ich bereits Nachhilfe gegeben habe, sind: - Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen - Java Programmierung - Python Programmierung - Analysis I/II/III - Höhere Mathematik I/II/III - Lineare Algebra - Mathematische Logik - Java4All - C Programmierung - Praktikum: Grundlagen der Programmierung - Webprogrammierung (Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Html, CSS) - Einsatz und Realisierung von Datenbanken (z.B. mit Microsoft Access) - Database Systems - Formale Systeme, Automaten, Prozesse - Berechenbarkeit und Komplexität **** - Abitur: International Baccalaureate Diploma (mit Distinction) an der Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri - Bachelor of Science Elekrotechnik und Informationstechnik an der TU München im 7. Semester (Dean's List)
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HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS, SAAS - UI / Web Technologies
Amazing. Mohan was able to help me understand html a lot easier and i am looking forward to future classes
Review by ELVIO
IT Support: Algo, Java, C, PHP, Python, UML, PFE (Casablanca)
very good thanks
Review by YASSER