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26 elementary school level teachers in The Netherlands

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Sandra - Utrecht35€
Trusted teacher: Hello parents! My name is Sandra. I am a native English speaker from New York State. I have a USA teaching license and a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities) from the State University of New York at Fredonia. My experiences include teaching at primary international schools in Belgrade, Serbia for 2 years and 3 years at international schools in The Hague, Netherlands. I have worked at two IB primary schools. Alongside teaching at international schools, I have 8 years of experience teaching English. I also have experience teaching grade 1 and 3 in elementary schools in New York State. I have taught children from 2-17 years old and adults. My students range in levels from beginners who are new to learning English, to fluent English speakers that need support or would like to further excel or maintain their fluency. Based on my experiences, I have learned to adjust my teaching style based on different students' needs, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities. Lessons are provided to children and teenagers. Lessons are customized to the learning needs of your child. Whether that be learning English for the first time or practicing improvement of speaking, reading, comprehension, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar, etc. Lessons can be aimed towards learning a topic such as food, animals, sports, emotions, and more. For children who are fluent English speakers, tutoring can be given to further excel in particular areas. Subjects that interest the student such as science, history or world topics can be incorporated into the lesson to broaden their knowledge. Support can also be provided in learning organizational skills, research, and mini projects for older children. I am available to help with studying, homework, or school projects. For online learning, I use a variety of platforms, websites, educational games, and e-books to reach the learning goals of my students. Additional homework can be provided if requested. Depending on the students age, lesson duration is adjusted. If you are looking for lessons for siblings, please reach out to me to discuss the best schedule for your children. My aim is to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all my students. I hope you can join my English lessons! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I can provide my resume or reference letters if requested. Looking forward to hearing from you.
English · Elementary school level · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: 🌟🎓 Hello there! I'm Dr. Pradeepika, a Gold medalist and enthusiastic educator with 6+ years of experience as an assistant professor. I have also undergone faculty development training and have extensive experience in school teaching and helping students of various age groups. 🏅👩‍🏫 My years of experience in school support have allowed me to develop a customized methodology that caters to the unique needs and profiles of each student. I offer support to those who are struggling to find a study approach that suits them. 💪✨ I'm an extrovert, always full of energy, and above all, I bring a lot of humor into my teaching! 😄 I firmly believe that everyone learns in their own way. That's why I don't follow a rigid method but instead adapt to the specificities of each student. 🌟🎓 I evaluate their current level, identify their strengths, weaknesses, and any areas where they may be falling behind, and then tailor my lessons accordingly. My priority is to restore the student's confidence because when things are well explained, everything becomes within their reach! 😇 I employ active teaching methods, striving to engage the student as much as possible, and help them discover what works best for them. This empowers them to continue their educational journey independently. 💡📚 Furthermore, I provide specialized assistance when it comes to preparing for challenging exams or tackling difficult subjects. I'm here to support your child every step of the way! 💪📝 My tuition rate includes comprehensive support, such as private lessons, the ability to ask questions outside of class time, assistance with question writing and correction, and much more. 🎯 I firmly believe that students learn best in a positive and joyful environment. By incorporating engaging methods, I foster a supportive classroom atmosphere where learning becomes fun! 🌈🎉 It's crucial for students to feel happy and comfortable with me so they can develop the confidence to express themselves and share their ideas. Every student deserves to be challenged, regardless of their abilities. Together, we'll help them unlock their full potential! 🚀 I strongly believe that building confidence is the key to success. The more confident students are, the better their chances of achieving great things! 💪✨ I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to reach out and let's embark on an incredible educational journey together. 💌
Elementary school level · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: As a passionate and versatile primary school teacher with an impactful 13-year journey in education, I wholeheartedly believe in the potential and innate talents of every child. My adventure began in Sri Lanka and led me to the Netherlands in 2018, where I've continued my mission of finding innovative ways to work with children. Currently, I'm teaching as a Montessori educator, specialising in the care and education of children aged three to six years. I have experience in educating children in different roles as a Montessori guide, a primary school teacher, a private tutor catering to individual children's needs, and a qualified special needs teacher. These different roles have sharpened my skills and improved my ability to cater to each child's individual needs. In addition to my experience as an educator, I also have conducted private music lessons in piano and organ for children between the ages of 3 and 10. With a gentle and patient approach tailored to each child's unique needs and age, I introduce them to the enchanting world of music. These private lessons offer young learners the opportunity to discover their creativity and the joy of playing and listening to musical instruments. In my English language classes, I focus on enhancing the vocabulary, reading, writing skills, and grammar. But here's where it gets exciting: I also bring the flair of a qualified speech and drama teacher into my teaching strategies. This dynamic approach infuses creativity, expression, and interactivity into the language-learning process. If you're looking for a teacher, you've found a fun, active, and incredibly patient one. I tailor my English lessons using programs to suit the levels and requirements of each child. My goal is to make learning a joyous adventure, ensuring that they not only excel in English but also develop essential speaking skills and confidence. Together, we'll embark on a journey of growth and learning that caters to the unique potential of your child.
Elementary school level · Special education · English
I am a qualified English teacher who is from England. I moved to Rotterdam around five years ago and English is my native language. I teach children daily at an International School and I have many years of experience as a class teacher and various other roles in Education. I have taught a wide variety of pupils, mainly of Primary age range, including native English speakers and students where English is their second language. Whether you are a true beginner, intermediate, or advanced English speaker, I am pleased to help! I understand that learning a new language can often be challenging, but I will happily tailor lessons to maximise potential and suit each individual's needs. My classes start with assessing what you already know and then focus on what you would like to learn. I am happy to deliver lessons 1 to 1 from my home, and I also have content online using conference calls and interactive tools. A typical lesson will always focus on your needs, and where possible, I try to focus on learning around a range of topics and interesting and creative tasks. In support of my vocal delivery, I like to use various interactive materials to build confidence and support your learning. During my lessons, I will provide many opportunities to focus on comprehension tasks, verbal discussions, and conversation skills. Reading and responding skills build on crucial vocabulary skills for more confidence and refine your skills. I am also happy to set homework tasks that will help support further learning at home, which you can do at your speed. All homework tasks will focus on a range of written worksheets, online activities, apps, or other technology.
English · Elementary school level
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American Native English Teacher - English Lessons for Children and Teenagers (Amsterdam)
I recently enrolled my daughter (Dutch native) in English lessons with this teacher and I must say, the experience has been fantastic. My daughter has learned so much in the past few weeks and it's all thanks to the teacher's fun and engaging approach to teaching. The lessons are always interactive and my daughter loves them. She looks forward to her English class every week and I can see a noticeable improvement in her language skills. The teacher has a talent for making the lessons enjoyable and my daughter has a great time while learning. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective way to learn English!!!
Review by ZAINAB
Tutoring for primary school aged children (English/Dutch) (The Hague)
Both parents and 6 year old are extremely happy with Jackie!!!. Her experience with children of this age is fundamental to motivate and encourage learning. Theodore is always looking forward to his lessons and will even go beyond his assigned homework to please her! We would highly recommend her!
Review by ETTA
Ancient Greek and Latin tutor for all ages and levels (Amsterdam)
I worked with Francesca for improving my ancient Greek reading and I find the lessons useful and fun. She is flexible to different types of learning styles and has a structured way of tutoring. She prepares nice exercises and motivates me to achieve more in my self-study. I recommend Francesca!
Review by RAMONA