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Montessori Bilingual Teacher (FR / ANG) offers tutoring sessions for schooling (individual classes or small groups) for children from 3 to 12 years, schooled or not. These workshops are for children in different situations: • Children who can not attend school • Failure or school phobia • Children with disabilities • Difficulties in basic learning (speaking and writing, reading, calculating, ...) • Difficulty in concentration, ADHD or DYS disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dysphasia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia) • HP children, zebra and hypersensitive • Children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) Different axes of work are possible: 1. Take back the basics in mathematics, reading, writing 2. Setting up an individual project for each child 3. Possibility of courses in the forest and educational farms, biology, zoology and botany - (particularly suitable for children with a so-called concrete intelligence, ie who need to manipulate and see before take ownership of knowledge and apply it). 4. Expressive art workshops for therapeutic purposes (painting, drawing, modeling, singing and musical awakening) 5. Mindfulness meditation session and yoga 6. Possibility to organize half days of horse riding or therapy with the horse in collaboration with the Poney Club of Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva) or at Les Ecuries du Manoir (Présilly). The workshops are intended to allow the child to regain his confidence and to become aware of his skills and potential. Workshops help to become autonomous and to find the pleasure of learning. Each session lasts between 1h30 to 3h according to the needs and objectives. Possibility of full days if needed. I get on Geneva and Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, at my workshop, at home, at your home. The first meeting clarifies the reasons for the consultation, establishes lines of work and guides the choice of activities proposed to the child during the sessions in order to establish learning objectives.
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Lydie - Orsay29€
Trusted teacher: My courses are for beginner or intermediate adults and children who are not at the conservatory and who require home schooling. I adapt to the level and the desire of everyone for a constant evolution. Classes begin with a warm up of the fingers with appropriate exercises, then we start working on a study and we will continue with the work on one or two pieces. If you do not know music theory, I give you explanations of music theory during the violin class. For beginners: we work the rightness, the sound, the place of the fingers, the flexibility of the fingers, the deciphering of partition, the different positions with the violins, the effects (vibrato, staccato, pizzicato) For intermediate students: we work on studies and pieces and work where there are gaps or areas for improvement. The goal is always to gain fluidity, accuracy and technique to play even more beautiful songs and a higher level. My journey Musical and artistic training, municipal conservatory Guy Dinoird, Fontenays Sous-Bois (94): June 2002: Violin, DFE (Graduation Diploma). Professor Mr. Michel Delay June 1998: Solfege, Cycle 2 level. Professor Mme Bénédicte Swiergiel June 1996: Classical Dance, Elementary Level 1. Professor Ms. Dominique Lenfant Skills: - Violinist in Solo / Duet / Quartet / Orchestra - Recording in the studio - Improvisation on various musical styles - Musical record - Setting up musical events - All levels of violin teaching for 14 years for individuals, and with Allegro Musique from 2011 to 2015 - Accompaniment of Gospel Choirs - Intervention in weddings accompanied by a pianist (or on soundtracks). For the entry of the bride, the entrance of the procession, special pieces at the ceremony - Intervention for various events: baptisms, funerals, cocktails / gala, ambient music, retirement homes, music festivals Musical Styles: Classical, French variety, world music, church music, gospel Examples of services: - The French Souvenirs, invited by Guy and Nelly Masson: I played for the French Souvenir Dancing Lunch, a repertoire of French variety on my soundtracks. Directory composed of the following pieces: Edith Piaf, "no nothing", "Milord" Lina Margy, "ha the little white wine" Luis Mariano, "Nightingale of my loves", "love is a bouquet of violets" Lucienne Delyle, "My lover of St. John" Yvette Horner, "The discoverer" Tino Rossi, "the most beautiful tango in the world" Charles Trenet, "boom", "There's joy", "Sweet France", "The sea" Mireille Mathieu, "La Paloma", "Thousand Doves" - The Fontenay Sous-Bois Red Cross, Gilles Cavazzoni: I played for 150 years of the Red Cross in the hall of Fontenay Sous-Bois town hall in the presence of elected officials and in various places in Fontenay Sous-Bois. Directory: JS Bach, "Aria", Accompaniment in improvisation of a poem by Brigitte Costa-Leardée, Musical services abroad: September and November 2013, London: Gospel Concert October 2013 Rotterdam, Netherlands: Gospel Concert September 2014, Saint Lucia: charity concert to collect donations to renovate a school December 2014, Canada to Winnipeg: Christmas Concert
Hello, I am a student at the University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, in first year of psychology. I offer support courses and homework help, from high school to elementary level, in all subjects up to the third level, and in SES (Economics), Mathematics, History-Geography and English (which I speak fluently) From the second level. I also did a lot of homework for my little cousins, ages 8 and 6. Having recently obtained my baccalauréat, I still have a fresh experience of the French school system, and I propose to the students to review and explain the course for so-called "literary" subjects (such as French or history), and to deepen Understanding through guided exercises. I like to explain through examples and diagrams, in order to highlight the important points of the course other than by a lecture. For English, I am a self-taught person, and for me, language learning goes through the oral language that is unfortunately too little used in the school system, rather than by learning by heart the rules of grammar and conjugation. Remain important of course). I am very open to the different modes of thought of the students, and I helped my comrades in high school and college, being a "head of class". I usually adapt my explanations to the student, and I have a lot of mnemonic and learning tips to give to my students, adapted to the way of thinking (some have a visual memory and prefer Schemes, for example). Finally, I am aware of the distractions of adolescent age, and I usually motivate students discouraged or distracted, having done so much for my classmates. Concerning "gifted" children (I do not like this term and prefer the word "precocious"), I am one myself (136 of IQ, tests done at CM1). I can talk to your child about both academic and extracurricular difficulties that he may encounter being early, having experienced these experiences myself.
Trusted teacher: Researcher of Italian nationality from Paris Ouest Nanterre University - La Défense in Italian-French translation. Graduated at the University of Bologna in studies of Italian language and literature. Several years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults. I offer home tutoring of general Italian levels beginner, elementary, middle, advanced and higher. I also offer specialized courses of conversation and grammar improvement. I am also specialized in children's classes of primary and prep bac. The courses will be adapted to the students' requirements and objectives. My method is that of direct learning, which immerses the student in the world of language through the almost exclusive use of Italian during the course. In general Italian classes I alternate between oral production exercises, grammar, listening, reading or written production. But the programming of the courses may change according to the requirements of the student with whom, during the first class, the objectives he wants to reach will be discussed. My experience with the children of the Modane elementary school (where I taught in 2011-2012) allowed me to consolidate my method of direct learning and to experiment with fun tools like flash cards and a lot of other forms of play. Through the images, the songs, the theater I have been able to obtain good results and at the end of the year to bring all the classes (from the CP to the CM2) to reach the didactic objectives fixed at the beginning: introduce yourself, ask questions, acquire vocabulary from different areas, read and understand short texts, write short sentences or words, improve or learn the correct pronunciation of words and learn some elements of Italian gestures and accent. My experience with teenagers and adults was also instructive because it taught me to develop general grammar or Italian lessons related to the interests and concrete aspects of each student's reality: reading excerpts from novels, recipes, instruction manuals, job ads, analysis of songs, or videos, etc. I am also available for French-Italian-French translations in different areas, translation of CVs, websites and subtitles. Usually I give my classes at home, but we can also match another place.
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Cours de violon pour adultes et enfants - Fontenay Sous-Bois (Orsay)
Lydie est très sympa et dynamique pendant son cours
Review by BAPTISTE
Cours particuliers en Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre niveau collège-lycée (Gex)
Très bon professeur, très bon cours .
Review by EVELYNE

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