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Oriol - Rotterdam51€
Trusted teacher: SPECIALISED IN TEACHING ADULTS. Would you like to learn one of the instruments which have more style possibilities? Would you like to know why many composers say that is a very powerful instrument because it fits in may situations? Did you know that in the Klezmer history clarinet substituted the violin for projection reasons but also because perfectly able to imitate the human voice, crying or laughing? Would you like to discover the fascinating world of clarinet? One of my priorities as a musician is the sound. I believe that with a beautiful and personal sound you are able at every level to transmit emotion and meaning, it doesn’t matter the difficulty or the level. So I try to focus first on awareness of what’s beautiful for the student and what’s not. Then through technique and repertoire (suggestions of the student or suggestions of mine that can help to grow the student curiosity), we develop the student knowledge. Always helping the student to understand -depending on his/her the theoretical level- what we are doing, putting together music and theory. And giving tools to expand the border, at all levels. I have knowledge and experience in Jazz, Classical, Klezmer, Choro Music and Improvisation. You just need a precious element! • Music Theory I focus on having a good basics, spending as much as we need to understand every single thing, because then with times it becomes more easy. I try to help the student simplifying the material because then, we only with ourselves with a good procedure of the basics to solve any problem. Only with one lesson, you will understand what I mean. I have experience in preparing students for exams, the ones for the semester as well as any official exam; doesn't matter if you have an intermediate theory level and you want to improve, or if you would like to be stronger solidifying the knowledge you have (which is always the best option), or if you don’t know anything about notes and music concepts and you would like to be familiar with them. Maybe you are an adult who always wanted to improvise but doesn’t know where to start…? The only thing you need is a good organization -which I can provide- to reach any goal!
Music theory · Clarinet
Hello every one, I am a clarinetist from South Korea live in The Hague. I offer clarinet lesson in English, French and if you want Korean for all of ages, all levels. I can help you to play the song you want. For example, classical music, pop songs and other genres are all possible. And I can teach you all the basics of clarinet and all the techniques. Additionally, if you wish to learn Eb clarinet, you can also learn Eb clarinet. I am also learning Eb clarinet professionally and currently performing on Eb clarinet also. I studied in Paris, France for 6 years, in Antwerpen, Belgium for 1 year, and came to The Hague at last year. Moreover, I have a lot of experience for performance, competitions and auditions. Therefore, I can give you clarinet lesson based on my various experience. And I prefer to give lesson on my place, but, I can go to your place to give the lesson also. So the location can be decided after the discussion. This is my performance and competitions profiles. Honors, Awards, Competitons : - The North International Music Competition 2022 1st Prize Winner - D’amien International Competition in France 2016 1st Prize - Be selected in audition Kumho Prodigy 2015 - Osaka International Competition 2015 2nd Prize - Ewha & Kyunghyang Competition in South Korea 2014 2nd Prize - Kukmin daily & Hansei University Music Competition 2012 1st Prize and the 2nd Prize in all instrument Performance Experience : - Wind Orchestra 2022 in Royal Conservatoire of The Hague - Chamber Music Festival 2022 in Royal Conservatoire of Antwerpen - Wind Orchestra 2021 in Royal Conservatoire of Antwerpen - Stockhausen - Opera Samstag Aus Licht 2019 in Philharmonie de Paris - Recital series Jeunes Talents 2019 in Paris - Opera L’Orfeo 2019 in Philharmonie de Paris - Chamber music concert in CRR de Paris 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 - Concert PSPBB, CRR de Paris wind orchestra 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 - Recital Kumho Prodigy Concert 2016 - Concert Yewon orchestra 2015 in Yewon art School - Chamber music concert 2014 in Yewon art School - The winner concert for Kukmin Daily & Hansei University Music Competiton 2012 Thank you, Jinkyun
Clarinet lessons at all levels: from absolute beginners to advanced players. For me as a teacher it is very important to start from the wishes, needs and competences of the student himself. You can follow lessons via webcam, or at your home near Ghent. It is therefore important that you have a clarinet at your disposal! Regarding music and other material: that is taken by me. Below you can find some information about myself: In addition to his education at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Laurens has had the opportunity to learn several times in a number of masterclasses by, among others, Arno Piters (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), Davide Lattuada (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), Bart de Karter (New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet), Pascal Moragues (Orchester de Paris), Ricardo Mataredonna (The La Monnaie Theatre), David Van Maele (Royal Music Chapel of the Guides), Bart Watté (Royal Music Chapel of the Guides) etc. Both as a freelancer and an active member, Laurens has already been able to play in various orchestras, such as the Royal Music Chapel of the Belgian Air Force, Frascati Symphonic, the Euregio Youth Orchestra, the Mahler Student Festival Orchestra, La Chapelle Sauvage, the Flanders Young Symphony Orchestra, the Ghent University Symphony Orchestra , the Ghent University Harmony Orchestra… Since 2021, Laurens has been a member of the Meraki Wind Quintet, with which he has already successfully participated in a number of competitions, including the IMC International Music Competition 2023 (1er Prix à l'unanimité), the Euterpe Music Awards 2022 (gold prize), the Classic Pure Vienna International Music Competition 2022 (special mention), and the Fanny Mendelssohn International Online Competition 2022/23 (second prize). In addition, Laurens is also active as a conductor, both in a symphonic and harmonic orchestra. He takes conducting lessons with Kristiina Posska (chief conductor of Flanders Symphony Orchestra), Bart Picqueur (composer and conductor) and Dimitri Bracke (conductor) and is active as a permanent conductor with the Fantasietjes in the Muziekvereniging Bellegem and freelance with various other associations.
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Patient, enthusiastic, and experienced instrumental (woodwind) tutor. ABOUT OLIVIA She is a freelance woodwind musician and teacher, after initial training as a classical oboist in Croatia, she completed her education at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. She has extensive music teaching experience both privately and in schools with woodwinds teaching in 1-to-1b and group settings, as well as conducting bands, and choirs. She plays and teaches oboe, cor anglais, flute, clarinet, bassoon, recorder, and saxophone, and has performed both as a soloist and with a variety of orchestras, chamber groups, and musical theatre bands in the UK and across Eastern and Central Europe, and has used improvisation to create short soundtracks for animations and documentaries. TEACHING Using tailored approaches to best meet the needs and ambitions of her students. Her teaching toolkit includes an accessible fun repertoire alongside more formal pieces, exercises to develop breathing techniques, enhance your technical ease and enhance sight-reading skills, and improvisation as a method to build self-confidence and creativity as a performer. She is qualified to teach music in English and Croatian (as she is bilingual) and can teach all levels, including exam preparation. YOUR FIRST LESSON During your first lesson, you will first have a quick discussion about your musical background, choice of instrument, and your musical goals. If you are a beginner, you will then learn how to set up and care for your instrument, mouthpiece, and reed. Then make sounds on your mouthpiece/reed and work on tounging, breathing, posture, and rhythm using your mouthpiece/reed, and play with the full instrument. If you already have knowledge of the instrument you will work on various techniques and exercises using sight reading, memory, improvisation, and a piece you have brought with you or she will provide for you if you have nothing prepared. You will leave your lesson with a clear understanding of your instrument and practice goals for your musical ambitions and aspirations. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Olivia.
Flute (recorder) · Saxophone · Clarinet
"Welcome to my comprehensive online clarinet lessons, where you'll uncover the enchanting world of music while mastering the clarinet. Whether you're a curious beginner or an aspiring professional, I'm here to accompany you on your musical journey. Explore the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home through my engaging virtual clarinet sessions. These sessions can also extend to private lessons conducted right at your place, allowing for a personalized learning experience that suits your schedule and preferences. In our clarinet lessons, I'll guide you through proper techniques, tone development, and expressive phrasing. But that's not all – I'm excited to offer optional music theory and harmony lessons. Delve into the fascinating realm of music theory, understanding how melodies, harmonies, and rhythms come together to create captivating compositions. Develop a deep appreciation for the intricacies of music as you explore these essential concepts. As part of our musical community, you'll have the chance to participate in virtual recitals, collaborative projects, and engaging practice challenges. The learning experience goes beyond the lessons themselves, allowing you to connect with fellow clarinet enthusiasts and showcase your progress. Whether you're pursuing music for pleasure or aiming to elevate your skills, my online clarinet classes, and optional private lessons provide a well-rounded education. Join me on this musical adventure, and together we'll unlock the potential of your clarinet-playing abilities while delving into the world of music theory and harmony."
Clarinet · Music theory lessons
Music theory · Saxophone · Clarinet
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Have fun by learning how to play the clarinet and discovering how the music works! (Rotterdam)
Our kids (advanced and beginner clarinet players) enjoy their lessons with Valentina very much. She is patient, gives helpful feedback, gives good homework, is willing to help with school work and auditions and she is flexible. The kids look forward to their lessons and connect with her well. We are very grateful to have her as a teacher.
Review by PATRICIA
Learn clarinet and / or music theory at home (Brussels)
Arthur is very enthusiastic and are able to teach music in a very engaging manner. I am very satisfied after my 10 year old sons first lesson. I have also started taking lessons and Arthur is equally adept at teaching a 49 year old adult as he is when giving lessons to children. I highly recommend him.
Review by JØRGEN
CLARINET - Improvisation - Music Theory - Music Understanding (Rotterdam)
Oriol is very friendly and enthusiastic. I have taken 12 lessons with him and for sure I will take more because he teaches me in my comfortable pace, encourages me to explore the beauty of music, and of course helps me to improve my skills in each lesson. I enjoy our lessons a lot. Highly recommended!
Review by XINRONG