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What exactly is business communication To understand what business communication is, let’s focus on the term ‘communication’ first. What does ‘communication’ mean? The word communication usually refers to talking, speaking, writing, or sending information to another person. The whole idea of communication is very complex and focuses on various aspects, many of which include: Ensuring the message has reached the target audience ensuring the receiver of the message understands and responds to it, if necessary ensuring, as the message sender, that you communicate with manners and with appropriate precision and clarity The role of communication in business Business communication entails every sort of communication that occurs within a particular business environment. Business communication contributes to the development of an ability to influence others, bringing about changes in the attitudes and views of people, driving motivation, as well as creating and maintaining professional relationships. Many scholars and business owners agree that it is the most important foundation skill for anyone in the world of work. Just think about your very first encounter with a company you are currently working at. Would you have gotten this job without professional communication? In these times of fast-progressing globalization and growing demand for teamwork, communication skills are absolutely crucial to the success of any business, regardless of its size. This helps streamline workflows and avoids overworking employees, which could lead to bad sleeping routines and poor decision-making. A rested employee is a productive worker! Now that we know what business communication is, as well as how important it is, let’s explore the different types of it and look at some examples of them.... book my class to know MORE!
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Trusted teacher: Dear Cambridge IGCSE Students & Parents,, I am Mr.Omar. The Cambridge Certified IGCSE Business Studies Instructor. There are some important points that i want you to have a detailed look at before booking the course with me. - Course Description: Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450/0986 (same course content & exam for both codes). - Total Course Load: About 50 Classes (ever class is 2 hours). Actual number of classes might increase or decrease little bit, based on the student's capabilities. - Weekly Load: Minimum 2 classes per week, maximum 4 classes per week (mutually decided between me & the student). - My Course Target: Enabling the student to get "Grade A*" or @ least "Grade A". - Should the student be taken any Business course before? Never at all. - My CV (in brief): * Graduated from Faculty of Management - German University in Cairo (GUC). * Certified from Cambridge International Examinations in Teaching Business Studies 0450/0986 Course. * Teaching IGCSE Business Studies 0450/0986 since 2013. - My Unique Points as a Teacher: * Practicing Past Papers Questions From First Class. * Heavy amount of assignments being given to the student. * Accumulated Quizes being provided. * One 2 One Focus {this means that i don't leave a point until i am 100% sure that the student got that point clearly}. * Weekly Parent Contact (through: e-mail &/or telephone &/or face 2 face). * Issuing "Grade Warning Reports" {These are reports that i issue to the student to tell him/her the expected grade that he/she can get based on his current positive/negative performance. These reports are considered as early warning alarms so the student can improve his weaknesses that i put his/her hands on}. Good Luck!!
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Pretty good explanation and use of examples to help me understand the concept i had problems with. The class was short but sufficient even being online.
Review by JASON
Microsoft Excel, Finance, Investments, Economics 🔥 🔥 🔥 (Prague)
Thanks to Boris, I was able to pass my exam in Asset Management. Excellent in explaining and very helpful so I highly recommend. Thank you again, Boris!
Review by STEPHEN
Calculus 1 for IGCSE, IB, DOSS (Canadian Sec. Certification) (Al Qurayn)
Amazing knowledge in Matt and great approach with student
Review by OLGICA