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Music is the best skill and tool for traveling to different times and places! Thus, I would like to invite you on an exquisite adventure. Oud and Tanbour are two prominent instruments from the family of stringed instruments that give you the ability to perform a type of music (Gahan music) that we know as Modal/ Maqam music to Dast-Gahi music from the past centuries until today. Our comprehensive approach to this music system, spanning from Central Asia to the Mediterranean, ensures that you will gain a deep understanding of this rich civilization. Through inspiring and amusing lessons, we will cover ear training, reading music scores, techniques, and music theory and history. And, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop your playing skills by making music together. - Old/Old To become a skilled oud player, it is essential to learn one of the oud playing styles. These lessons will focus on the Iranian oud playing style, which boasts a fixed repertoire from Maqam music to Dast-Gah music. Alongside ear training and reading music scores, we will excitingly elevate your playing technique, enabling you to perform a variety of pieces from the masters of this music style. While the oud has a long and diverse historical past, our approach will be thoroughly contemporary, ensuring that you can connect with this instrument in a modern and engaging way. -Tanbour Playing Tanbour is a journey into the heart of Sufi and mystical thought. This instrument demands a high level of technique, Sonority, and Musicality, allowing you to connect deeply with the music and touch your audience's soul. I will guide you through a contemporary approach to playing Tanbour, including improvisation and composition, through a series of classified pieces and exercises. Get ready to be inspired and to inspire others with the epic power of the Tanbour. - Music Theory Lessons (cognitive approach in the practice of Persian Music) Music appreciation is designed to teach students how to understand and describe the contexts and creative processes involved in music composition, recognize what is being heard and what to listen for, and understand sound and melody. What is the time signature? What instruments are being played? What are you feeling while listening to this piece, and why? The term "appreciation" has roots in philosophy, described in this context as the understanding of the value and merit of different styles of music. Our primary focus for this method is a cognitive approach to the practice of Iranian Cultural Civilization, known as Persian Music.
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Pablo is an experienced, award-winner music teacher, performer and composer based in London. He has earned a diploma in Contemporary Music from Newpark Music Centre, furthered his studies at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree with honours of the first class in composition, and is currently completing a Masters Degree at the Royal Academy of Music. Whether you are studying for a music test, taking the grade exams for piano, or music theory, writing and recording your own music, or just want to play for fun, he can help you achieve your goals through his holistic approach to music, covering all that is relevant for you to succeed. Pablo has been tutoring piano, music theory and composition both in schools and privately since 2016 in Ireland and Scotland, having experience teaching children and adults as they prepare for the ABRSM, Trinity, School of Rock and RIAM theory and piano performance exams across all grades, although he does not confine his teaching solely to the content of the exams and his students often find that preparing for them is a natural consequence of their studies. He has extensive experience as a music tutor, composer, accompanist and director having worked at Gordonstoun School as a musician in residence, and at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as a musicianship tutor. The lessons encompass a range of diverse methodologies and learning outcomes, always tailored to the specific pupil's needs. You will work together to build an appropriate path to your musical development, always considering performance as an important part of it. As an example, lessons could focus on performing Classical, Pop, Film, or Jazz music, or have a blended approach to reportoire covering a range of styles. They could also be more directed towards musicianship and theory, while he can offer guidance on composition and songwriting. For the younger pupils, he uses methods that will effectively elicit their best results by making the lessons enjoyable and fun, while nurturing their independent study habits. Pablo has a high level of proficiency on music notation and production softwares such as Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, Cubase, and protools and he often uses them as part of his teaching, as well as offering specific advice on learning to navigate them.
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Trusted teacher: 🎶 Elevate Your Musical Journey with Private Piano Lessons! 🎹 🌟 Personalized Learning for All Ages and Skill Levels! 🌟 Hello, fellow music lovers! I'm Tatiana, and I'm excited to share my passion for music with you through private piano lessons. 🎼 Your Musical Path, Your Way! 🎼 🎈 With a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Jazz Campus Basel and 7 years of teaching experience, I'm dedicated to nurturing your inner musician and helping you achieve your musical dreams. 🧡 🎵 Delve into Music Theory and Solfege! 🎵 📚 My background in jazz and classical music allows us to delve deep into music theory and solfege, unlocking the intricacies of melodies and harmonies that bring your playing to life. 🌸 🎹 Immerse Yourself in Expressive Improvisation! 🎹 🌈 Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of jazz or classical elegance, I'm here to guide you through the world of improvisation, igniting your creativity and fostering your unique musical voice. 🎶 🎯 Master Technique and Find Joy in Every Note! 🎯 🚀 With techniques honed through years of performance and instruction, I'll help you master the piano while ensuring every note is played with the joy and passion that music deserves. 🎉 🌟 Why Choose Private Piano Lessons with Me? 🌟 ✨ Personalized Learning: Your journey is unique, and I'm committed to creating a learning plan that aligns with your goals and pace. ✨ Nurturing Environment: Whether you're most comfortable at my place in Klein Basel, prefer lessons in the comfort of your own home, or would like to study via zoom, the choice is yours! ✨ Your Progress, Your Pace: Together, we'll move forward in a way that suits you best, ensuring you're always motivated and inspired. ✨ Lifelong Musical Love: My mission is to promote a lifelong appreciation for music that enriches your soul for years to come. 🎉 Ready to Begin Your Musical Exploration? 🎉 If you're eager to embrace the piano and your own musical journey, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 💬Lessons are taught in English, German or Russian 🎹 Let's Create Music That Resonates 🎹
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My name is Victor, and I am a professional musician with exceptional training at Berklee College of Music in Boston, United States. At the age of 21, I have had the privilege of studying with some of the best musical teachers in the world, which has given me a solid foundation in various areas of music. In my Film Scoring courses, I will guide you through the exciting world of musical composition for films, series and audiovisual media. You will learn to create music that enhances visual storytelling and develop technical skills in music production software. In music production, I'll teach you the secrets of creating music in the studio, from recording to mixing and mastering. With my experience in the music industry, I will show you how to take your musical ideas from conception to final realization. Interested in learning to play drums and percussion? You are in the right place! My classes are designed for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. You will learn rhythm, coordination and musical expression techniques that will help you stand out as a drummer or percussionist. Also, if you simply want to explore music in general, you are invited to my courses! From music theory to instrumental practice, I will provide you with the tools necessary to expand your musical knowledge and skills. With an excellent resume backed by my experience in the music industry, I can guarantee you a first-class educational experience that will prepare you to achieve your musical goals. Join me and discover the transformative power of music! For more information and to reserve your place on my courses, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to see you soon!
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FL studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that has been one of the most used software in the professional field as well as for pure hobbyists for years. For me, Daniël, it led to graduating from the Herman Brood Academy as a Pop/HipHop producer in 2015, as well as winning the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam in 2021. In the meantime, I have done (co)productions for artists including Topnotch (Universal), and my most recent tracks have been heard on BBC1Xtra Radio, for example. With my lessons I would like to help you from the basics in your development as a music producer. All lessons are tailor-made and practice-oriented, with the necessary theory being applied on site when this is essential. I know from experience that this is the best way to learn in combination with many repetitions of such actions. It is not only effective, but also very fun! The following topics are covered: - Drum programming - Different rhythms - Use of Samples - Basic theory (Volume, clipping, panning, BPM, MIDI notation) - FL Studio software essentials (Convert your own tune to .MP3 and .WAV, Shortcuts, audio and layout settings) - Use of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments - melodies - Structure of a song (composition) - Basic mixing and mastering techniques - Basic sound design Naturally, the topics are adapted to your level, but more importantly to your wishes. So do you have a specific genre that you would like to specialize in? Then we will do our best together to develop you into such a producer! Before we start, I think it's important to mention that fun really comes first. Music is a beautiful means through which we can express ourselves as we want and therefore we can also create what we want. Regardless of the guidelines, no mistakes can be made when it comes to creative expression. It is therefore extremely important to me that you feel comfortable! To ask? Reassure them, and otherwise see you soon!
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Private or group music lessons” are offered for students of all levels and ages including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Classes include: Solfége and Ear-Training Music Theory Piano (beginners, Intermediate) Harmony Practical Harmony Counterpoint Arrangement Orchestration Composition Music Analysis Notation Software (Sibelius) Type of course: Private lessons Semi-private lessons: two students in the same class Level: Private “piano classes” are offered to beginners and intermediate levels. The private “composition classes/music writing & music theory lessons” are held for students of all levels and ages including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. There are also lessons available that are suited for: Students who are preparing for an entrance exam to the conservatories. Music students who are in higher education systems (Bachelor or Master). Location: Music classes are held at the student's home in Brussels or online via webcam. Prices of music lessons in Brussels or online (TVA and social security contributions are included). Languages: The class is taught in English, Dutch and Persian. Course timetable: Daily time slots are flexible according to the student’s needs. With Flexible schedules in Brussels or online. Age limit & musical knowledge: Minimum age of 5 years old is required to attend the classes. For private classes such as solfeggios and piano lessons, no prior knowledge of music is required. Payment method & frequency of the lessons: Based on a period of 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, students will be asked to fulfill the payment prior to the beginning of the lessons. We suggest attendance on a weekly basis to benefit the most from these courses.
Music theory lessons · Music composition · Piano
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Ukulele lessons! Time to pick it up, so let’s bang out ♬ (Friedrichsfelde)
RYO SAN was very patient and had great skills in teaching ukulele from the start as I had no knowledge to play any musical instrument but this had been a dream. I recommend him as a great teacher. Thankyou RYO SAN
Learn Piano and Improvisation and practice other languages :) (A Coruña)
My experience right now with Gema is that she's an amazing teacher and she is good at spotting mistakes on your keys and helps me to play with confidence to get ready to pass my exam.
Review by JACOB
electric guitar, acoustic guitar, musical theory and harmony (León)
Juan Alfredo
Excellent teacher. Very knowledgeable about patient with the student.
Review by PAUL