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Trusted teacher: Do you often wonder why you can't progress? Because you are looking right to left for information, advice and books to read but you get scattered ... Taking private lessons will save you a lot of time because I went through all these steps, I know what works and what which does not work. So I can explain and quickly teach you the essential concepts and which books to study in order to be effective. Whether you want to compete, beat your grandfather, your little sister or if you want to beat the pretentious boys in your class: this announcement is for you! I started teaching chess professionally in 2003. I have had over 200 students of all ages (5 to 87) and all levels (from beginner to master candidate). I mainly give private lessons but I also give lessons in clubs. I coached several regions for the French youth championships for 4 years. I gave several simultaneous (about 25 players), I even had a chess stand in a shopping center for a whole weekend where I played free games against the public. Recent examples: in November 2019 I had 2 new students (29 and 30 years old) who were beginners. They were both 1150 and 1200 on Lichess. One decided to take 3 hours of lessons per week and the other 4 hours. 1 year later, they arrived at 2000 on the same site! Course of the course: If you compete or if you only play on the internet: We will analyze your games in order to assess your strengths, your weaknesses and see how you perceive the game in order to jointly define a progression plan according to your profile and your availability. I prepare my lessons with care: - A complete and efficient opening repertoire, adapted to your style, with whites as with blacks - Plan construction in the game environment with the study of classic games: dynamic game, positional game, prophylaxis, decision making, calculation of variants and how to win a winning game. - Many tactical exercises - And of course the study of the essential finals in order to master the endgames. When I teach children, my approach is above all fun. I advance at the pace of the student so that he learns the different rules and techniques while having fun! My lessons boil down to this: good humor and efficiency! Presentation : Hello everyone ! My name is Olivier, I learned chess at the age of 8 and I joined a club at 12. At 24 I became a Master of the International Chess Federation (Master FIDE) and at 25 (in 2006) I became an International Master (2400 elo). In France, I am around 200th French player out of 55,000 licensees. Competition level, I played in interclub in all existing divisions (from National 5 to top 12). I have also participated in more than 600 tournaments including many international tournaments. I have won over 40 tournaments whether they are blitz tournaments, rapids or classic paced tournaments. For the rest, I have a license in Psychology which allows me to give practical advice to my students to approach the parts and help them best to fight their problems. I also do tutoring so I am used to working with children with whom I have very good contact. So I understand very well their ways of reasoning. See you soon !
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Adrien - Paris, France79€
Trusted teacher: ♛ All skill levels are welcome, from the beginner eager to expand their knowledge, to more seasoned players looking to secure coveted chess titles. ● Progress in chess can be long and winding. And without a coach's guidance, bad decisions and the habit of "bad reflexes" become a drag that so many players have known. That's why when you want to ensure long-term progress, taking the advice of an experienced player will cut you short from others, and encourage you to keep going. ● The goal of the first session together will be to determine with you what is best suited to work. An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will therefore be made to allow yourself to plan a work program in the short and medium term. Having a clear idea of what we will be working together, and knowing what you can do on your own is essential. ● I can also prepare the study of any area that interests you. The goal being above all that your motivation and your pleasure remain intact. ➜ For the technical aspect, I use Skype to communicate, as well as the Lichess or chesscom interface (two completely free interfaces mainly intended for playing chess online) to share an analysis chessboard. It's very easy to use, and super practical! So don't hesitate to contact me, and we can directly discuss your situation and your goals :) MY JOURNEY Now 29 years old, I had a fairly classic chess apprenticeship with my father at the age of 7. Showing more skill and interest there than judo and tailoring, I pushed open a club door, and it never closed. I progressed throughout my youth, helped by successive coaches, International Masters or Grand Masters, until I became so in turn Chess coach for over 10 years. I decided to professionalize myself at the age of 24, once my studies were finished and my title of Grand Master reached. I am also coach of the young French teams, and preparer of the adult French team for several years. Also a writer, I have published two opening books (The Modernized Reti, and The Modernized Dutch, at Thinker's Publishing). I regularly do video series for Chess24, of which I leave you an extract! Despite my player soul which means that I will never stop, teaching has taken precedence over my practice of chess, and it is a choice that I do not really regret, as the progress of my students can be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
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Online chess lessons for beginner and intermediate level. Learn the basics and improve quickly! (Leiderdorp)
I am utterly delighted that I have met Ignacio. I have tried to learn Chess on several occasions with different instructors. For whatever reason I just haven’t been able to understand the game enough to actually enjoy it. However, within just a few lessons of working with Ignacio I have completely fallen in love with the game of chess. Ignacio has a certain skill in that he makes something quite complicated, seem very very easy. I have found that I have picked up techniques and I have a couple of simple openings that are already winning me games, and filling me full of confidence. I would strongly recommend Ignacio to anyone that wanted to learn Chess. I for one will be continually using him for a very very long time.
Review by CHARLIE
Teaching the fundamentals of chess in English, French or Dutch (Bruges)
Michael is an excellent chess teacher, I couldn't recommend him more! I've just had one lesson so far but hope to do more. He was extremely patient (I was really slow) and explained everything very clearly. He speaks perfect English and seems passionate about chess, as well as knowledgeable, so don't hesitate, choose Micheal :)
Review by SUSAN
Become a master in chess. Improve fast and start crushing your opponents!
Awesome introductory lesson! As a novice, I am hopeful I will improve my game with Arman teaching me as a wealth of knowledge on the game was shown in just the first lesson.
Review by MIGUEL