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5 chess teachers in Germany

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Leonardo - Mitte24€
Trusted teacher: Are you trying to level up quickly to beat your peers in chess? You just found recently the game exciting and wanna learn more about it? Or are you preparing for a company or informal/formal chess tournament? I've got your back. With my personalized training, you will be able to improve your game in a few weeks. I will provide you with the tactics, strategies, openings, material, and a training plan so you can study on your own and become a better player in no time. What is in the training lessons: - Measure of your current level - Finding your playing style - Personalized training plan (openings, middle game, end game, tactics, strategy, time management) - Level up your skill and depth of thought (being able to think many moves beyond your opponent) - If you want to improve your blitz/bullet level I can also help you with that! About me: As a seasoned chess player with over 15 years of experience, I have honed my skills and competed in various international tournaments, showcasing my love for the game. However, my passion for chess has transcended competition, and in 2018, I made the decision to transition into a career as a professional chess tutor. Now, I find great joy in sharing the intricacies and beauty of chess with my students, and helping them to develop their own strategies and techniques. It's incredibly fulfilling to see my students grow in their understanding of the game and to watch their progress over time. We can even try an online lesson if you don't want to spend time commuting. I know how difficult is to find the right mentor and therefore I offer you this option to help you. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your chess skills soon. Talk to you soon, Leo
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Be the best in Mathematics and English with personal assessment. (Lüneburg)
Lets just say i haven't been back to school in 10 years. Mayur was the best tutor i could ask for. He helped me get a clear understanding of all the math problems, after just one lesson i could already see improvement. Besides being a kind person he has great patience and all the skill required to help anyone succeed. Because of his great teaching i was able to integrate back into school easily and pass my test with no problem. He has given me the confidence to continue learning and pushing forward in my education. Thank you Again for being so great! He means it when he said all you need is you mind a paper and a pen to learn. I would recommend him to anyone.
Review by YARI
Chess lessons for all level players. English and Spanish. Chess Tutor (Mitte)
I bought a chess lesson with Leonardo for my friend's birthday present and this is what he said after their time together: "Leo was an absolute sweetie! After assessing my skill level (read: forking my king and rook in 6 moves) he took me through some theory and openings, then we focused on my endgame which is my biggest weakness." Thank you Leonardo :)
Review by CELIA