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Tutoring lessons in Toulouse.

Find your perfect private tutoring tutor in Toulouse. Learn tutoring with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Hello, I am a student at the University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, in first year of psychology. I offer support courses and homework help, from high school to elementary level, in all subjects up to the third level, and in SES (Economics), Mathematics, History-Geography and English (which I speak fluently) From the second level. I also did a lot of homework for my little cousins, ages 8 and 6. Having recently obtained my baccalauréat, I still have a fresh experience of the French school system, and I propose to the students to review and explain the course for so-called "literary" subjects (such as French or history), and to deepen Understanding through guided exercises. I like to explain through examples and diagrams, in order to highlight the important points of the course other than by a lecture. For English, I am a self-taught person, and for me, language learning goes through the oral language that is unfortunately too little used in the school system, rather than by learning by heart the rules of grammar and conjugation. Remain important of course). I am very open to the different modes of thought of the students, and I helped my comrades in high school and college, being a "head of class". I usually adapt my explanations to the student, and I have a lot of mnemonic and learning tips to give to my students, adapted to the way of thinking (some have a visual memory and prefer Schemes, for example). Finally, I am aware of the distractions of adolescent age, and I usually motivate students discouraged or distracted, having done so much for my classmates. Concerning "gifted" children (I do not like this term and prefer the word "precocious"), I am one myself (136 of IQ, tests done at CM1). I can talk to your child about both academic and extracurricular difficulties that he may encounter being early, having experienced these experiences myself.
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Arabe - Anglais - Français (Lecture, Écriture, Oral) ! (Toulouse)
Rami is a wonderful teacher. He is thorough, kind, and committed to helping his students get the most out of their lessons by working with them to develop a plan. I am taking Arabic lessons with Rami and I recommend him with enthusiasm!
Review by KATHRYN
Cours d'Anglais adaptés à vos besoins spécifiques-Toulouse (Toulouse)
J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Megan pour un cours d'anglais. La séance s'est très bien passée, Megan est très bien organisée pour ses cours, et me permet d'améliorer mon anglais. Je reprendrai sans hésiter d'autres cours avec elle !
Review by KÉVIN
Français Langue Etrangère, cours de français pour adultes (Toulouse)
She is a great teacher, I took a couple of classes in July while I was in Toulouse and I could learn a lot within the time. She was always very well prepared for class and I could improve my speaking skills a lot. Thanks!
Review by FABI