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Trusted teacher: How long did you spend studying Shakespeare's language, and how satisfied are you with how you express yourself in English? Have you retained and employed a sufficient number of Anglo-Saxon idioms? You self-correct yourself easily, or do you repeat, always, the same mistakes? Years of research and practice as a teacher and professional translator have shown me that these questions have touched on the most powerful barriers to learning English. The impossibility of overcoming the difficulties that everyone encounters fatally in learning a language results in a feeling of stagnation demotivating. This is what keeps most of us from moving forward, moving on to the next level, having the ability to communicate in English, but it's not inevitable! It is now recognized that, more than mathematics for example, learning a language primarily mobilizes a form of intelligence called emotional (it is called logical for math). One often speaks of "appropriating" a language, of making it a "personal expression", of expressing its "own style". This vocabulary clearly reflects the need for a positive relationship between the personality of the pupil and that of his teacher, the other pupils, and also with Anglophones and Anglo-Saxon culture in general. In parallel with the strictly linguistic study, the exploration of the deep and playful side of English, based on its great musicality, generates more satisfactions than frustrations. This work is at the heart of my method. Whether the courses take place in a formal or informal setting according to the wishes of the students, the aim is to cultivate the taste of the effort by having fun. I suggest two formulas to reverse the trend: come to improve your practice with an intensive course, a lunch in town (which will require you to communicate effectively, to assimilate common vocabulary, in particular) or else carry out background work with courses Individual or collective weekly. Each course presents new written, audio and video materials, a reactivation of the grammar and vocabulary discussed in the previous course, a follow-up by e-mail, possible interactions with other students face to face or by web site .... My experience proved that this form of learning, inspired by "blended learning", proved very effective that it mixes sources and supports. It is gaining more and more followers around the world. So please join us and become a real English speaker! I am looking forward to meeting you.
English for students · English as a second language (esl) · English for adults
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Cours de Français Langue Etrangère pour tous les âges (Mérignac)
Victoria is very conscientious and organised with her lessons. She tailors each session to my needs and understands where my strong and weaker areas are to focus on these. She has been a fantastic tutor and always prompt with replies and flexible. I have found her teaching to be very thorough and I understand things much better. Victoria was very well prepared and brought lots of resources, including files to take away and practice with. She explained topics in an easy to understand way. Victoria helped on a practical level but also helped to boost confidence - Definitely would recommend
Review by HANNAH
Madeira was an excellent tutor. She customized the lesson for me. I learned a tremendous amount from her and she gave me confidence in my own ability to speak as well as to listen. She was able to explain the nuances in French meaning that I had missed before and she carefully answered all my questions. She is very personable and I highly recommend her.
Review by SANDRA
Anglais avec prof expérimentée venant des Etats-Unis (Villenave-d'Ornon)
Le contact est facile avec Anne Marie et elle a de suite cherché et réussi à répondre à mes attentes.
Review by REMY