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Patricia - Lille24€
Trusted teacher: I am miss Patricia, I am native, French-speaking (🇫🇷) having as an activity outside of my studies tutoring. I teach the French language (FLE) and the English language (ESL). I also have skills to teach learners to repeat in math (📐📏✏🔢), chemistry (👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬🧪📗), biology 🫁🫀🦷🥼🔬 (and/or natural sciences 🌏🍀🪰🪱🦠 🥽), French (🇫🇷) and English (🇬🇧). If you are a parent and you are actively looking for a tutor to supervise your children (help with homework or rehearsals), I am at your disposal. Having a great experience that I acquired by babysitting and serving in youth groups, I was able to immerse myself in the psychology of young people and children and I have this ability to touch their difficulties. . Learning is not the army or a chore, in addition to being an excellent tutor for them, I can also be this benevolent company that will allow them to unleash their potential. My announcement concerns learners of the French-speaking system (French, Belgian, Canadian) and the bilingual system (French, English). Through the first course, I would highlight my skills mentioned above and if you are won over, we can continue together. Level concerned by my ad: - primary level (any subject) - college level (English, French, mathematics), biology (and/or natural sciences), chemistry - high school level (English, biology) If you are interested in this announcement, comment with a plus, or write me a message in private and together let's make your children better at school. Miss Patricia,
Math · Science · Tutoring
My classes are based on a variety of exercises that target grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, written and oral expression, but also comprehension. I offer students different types of media (videos, texts, audios, news articles, extracts from films or series) in order to make learning more fun. The main idea being to learn the language but also the English-speaking culture and possibly new notions on different themes that affect several areas of the English-speaking world. The courses are adapted from the primary level to the license. Each course unit is made up of several chapters which will give rise to an evaluation at the end of the unit programme. The objective being to evaluate the evolution of the student as the units studied progress. Classes can be provided face-to-face and/or remotely. The progress of the course as well as the personal work expected from the student vary according to the objectives and profiles of each student. To find out more about my background: Being in the first year of a master's degree in English studies, holder of an English Spanish LEA license with international label with honors, I also studied abroad for 6 months as part of my studies. During my studies, I obtained a CLES certification (Certificate of competence in languages of higher education) as well as the First Cambridge. In addition, over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to provide private lessons in English but also in Spanish (I can also help with homework from primary level to college if necessary). Thus, English takes a major place in my daily life and thanks to this course, I would now like to make these years of study useful by transmitting the knowledge that I have been able to accumulate up to this day. I will therefore be happy to help improve the language for those who want to develop their language skills.
Grammar · Tutoring · English
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