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Teacher for 10 years, trains more than 200 pupils per year collective lessons and several pupils in the year private individual course. Practicing martial arts for 30 years. Our most advanced students also became black belts and some even became professors in our club or founded other martial arts and energy arts associations. -ATT 3 in Wing Chun FFWUSHU -ATT 3 in Tai Chi Chuan FFWUSHU -CQP Fédération EPMM Sport for All -Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan Black Belt -Instructor in Chin Na Self Defense Yang Jwing Ming (YMAA International) - Several medals obtained in the cup of Ile de France, French Cup and French championship fight and technique in Kung Fu sanda and Wushu artistic. -Psychomotor and specialist in psychosomatic relaxation, working with health training organizations (contribution of martial arts in psychomotricity). - One-time seminar in company seminars for initiation workshops and also demonstrations of martial arts and wellness techniques. -Formed in chi kung and internal martial arts with masters Yang Jwing Ming (for 20 years) and Mantak Chia (for 10 years) Welcome to those who wish to learn one or more areas of martial arts that I teach and share with heart, passion, patience and determination. It takes time to learn a martial art but by regularly practicing directly with an experienced teacher your progress will be faster and more solid therefore more durable. I adapt to each student and to each specific request, for me there is no secret, and I will be proud that one of my students understands in a course what I sometimes took years to understand . Your personal efforts will also be key to your progress! My pedagogy is progressive and covers different aspects of art: Taos (forms), displacements, reaction work, work of strikes and specific blockages, study of keys, study of combinations, coordination , fundamental principles of each style, kicking, projection, ground work, energy aspect and internal martial arts). I teach and can give courses of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan Yang, Chin Na Self Defense, Silat, Chi Kung, Manipulation of traditional Asian weapons at short, medium and long range. - Individual or collective courses at all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Graduated with a CQP in EPMM, holder of ATT 3 in Wing Chun and ATT 3 Tai Chi Chuan FFWUSHU. - Professor and co-founder for 10 years of a Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Academy (AAMTC). - Aged student and assistant (courses adults and children) of Master Didier Beddard in Wing Chun Kung Fu. (10 years of learning, then 10 years teaching in a large martial arts academy Chinese AAMTC) . - Student of Master Yang Jwing ming and Pascal Plée in kung Fu Chan Chuan (Long Fist) and Bai He Quan (White Crane), as well as Tai Chi Chuan Yang style (Forms, Tuishous and Sanshous) and Chi Kung. years of teaching, 10 years of teaching). -Diplômé YMAA international instructor in Chin Na for 15 years. - Former student of Jean Paul N Guyen for 8 years (Kung Fu Sanda and modern Wushu), competitor in technique and combat (has obtained several titles in cup of Ile de France, French Cup and French Championship). -Initiative to the fundamentals of Chen style in Tai Chi Chuan -Passioned also in the martial arts of South East Asia: Kali, Silat (Penchak Silat) and currently intensive training with great masters such as Alvin Guinanao (Silat Buka Lingkaran) Maul Mornie Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD). - Appreciate and learn from all forms of martial arts! Your turn now!
Kung Fu · Qi gong (chi gong, chi kung) · Martial arts
Trusted teacher: While creating a repertoire, we will work the ear, the rhythm, the technique. I focus on practice, improvisation, and the relationship between you and your instrument in order to have fun on his bass. Okay, but what do we do? The basics: - the silence - harmony (ranges, chords, intervals) - rhythm (binary, ternary, swing, shuffle) - sound (technical, nuance) - the encryption of the English chords (A = la, E- = E minor, etc.) - musical culture and different ways of listening to music A choice: - improvisation (learning to play without score, being able to play with anyone, anytime) - group music in general (modern bass, the different roles of instruments in a group) - jazz (standards, swing, notions of harmony and improvisation) - rock, funk (notions of groove, rhythmic placement, search for sounds, pentatonic ranges) - musical games for children The instrument remains a tool for making music, so we will work to become a MUSICIAN (with the help of a bass guitar). Any age, any level (to be evaluated in the first course) I receive preferably at home, or strictly close to my home (Paris EST). Having a busy musical life the trips are to be avoided as far as possible. Do not hesitate to contact me for any information! Additional Information: It is important that your teacher matches you musically (unless you want to fill in gaps, or discover a new genre). That's why I introduce myself in a few lines, so that you get an idea of ​​the kind of bassist I am: I started bass more than ten years ago, first I discovered the instrument alone (self-taught training). I subsequently played in several Rock band. From rock I was interested in the Funk (style in which the bass plays a primordial role). I later became more and more interested in improvisation and therefore in Jazz music. I followed two years of courses at the conservatory of the 9th arrondissement in Paris before joining the IMEP (formerly American School of Modern Music). Currently, I play in several groups: a jazz / funk band and a jazz / rock band. My influences (in bulk): Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, George Duke, Miles Davis, Funkadélic / Parliament, James Brown, Prince George Benson, John Scofield, Hendrix, Zappa, Stanley Clarke, Al di meola, Paco de Lucia, Bob Marley, Marcus Miller, Kenny Garett, Bill Evans, Lettuce, The Brecker Brothers, Return to Forever, Mahavishnu, Led Zep, Dire Straits, The Who, Rolling Stones, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Munir Hossn , Hadrien Feraud, Ron Carter, Linley Marthe, Maceo Parker, Paul Chambers, Mike Stern, Bob Berg and many more!
Bass guitar
Mathematics · Art · Mechanics of structures · Mechanical Engineering (Higher Secondary Level) · Mechanical Engineering · Mechanical engineering · Math
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Thomas - Montreuil40€
Trusted teacher: I am an eclectic and curious musician, before all bassist.I am also composer and arranger. After a master's degree in sociology, I take the decision to train myself professionally; I returned simultaneously to the conservatory of Agen in jazz and the conservatory of Bordeaux in classical to learn the double bass. Then I validate in 2014 a Professional National Diploma of Musician at the Higher Pole Paris Boulogne Billancourt through training at the Music Center Didier Lockwood. I was trained retrospectively by Jean-Paul Macé, Kent Carter, Gilles Naturel, Marc-Michel Lebevillon, Cristian Diaz, Jean Michel Charbonel, Cristophe Dal-Sasso and Carine Bonnefoy. All these people have nourished my love and my passion for music, which remains for me a long way to explore in search of new knowledge. It is the diversity of cultures and the wealth of knowledge that drives me to continue to study all that is within my reach. I'm interested in jazz, classical music, Indian music, rock and electronic music ... I hate taboos and separations between the musical universes and I think that everyone gains to share his knowledge and its modes of operation. My way of thinking about learning music: I prefer to stay on a principle of pleasure and sharing specific to music. I find it important to adapt in order to nurture the motivation of the student, especially for young people with whom it is very important to have a playful approach. Too many students go unmotivated classes music schools or the conservatory; Which I practiced for 5 years (since despite my critics I still have a jazz conservatory prize and I followed the training to get the jazz DE which is a diploma of pedagogy). This implies learning the mechanisms based on improvisation, the understanding of chords, rhythm and melody. As far as the repertoire is concerned, I base myself on the culture of the students, after all they are the main concerned! So the choices of the pieces depend on the cravings and the tastes. The mode of learning therefore depends on the musical style tackled, for example I am not going to make music solfeggio to someone who wants to play AC / DC (unless he wishes) conversely a person who wants to tackle Jazz can hardly do without concepts about harmony. The aim of this approach is to develop the student's independence. The teacher is there to accompany the student at the beginning; He must not become a tutor who can sometimes transform himself over the years into a crutch! This is my way of seeing pedagogy!
Music theory · Double bass · Jazz music
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Cours particuliers - aide aux devoirs : primaire et secondaire (Pantin)
Himel is an excellent teacher and language guide! He has a true passion for both French and teaching, and this excitement is evident in his detailed approach and encouraging attitude. You won't be disappointed if you take classes with him.
Review by ARON
Cours particuliers en philosophie - français - culture générale (Bagnolet)
Professeur de haut niveau qui se mettre au niveau de l'élève et lui donner envie de progresser.
Review by ANNE
Contrebasse, harmonie, arrangement (Montreuil-sur-Mer)
Très bon professeur, ambiance décontractée avec quelqu'un de très à l'écoute.
Review by ROMAIN