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Anh - Paris83€
Trusted teacher: Are you facing challenges with your current engineering courses? Are you in a position where you need to resit an exam? Are you considering using professional tutoring/mentoring support to excel in the upcoming (resit) exams? If any of these topics resonate with you, these classes may be what you're looking for. In these special, tailored classes, we will uncover what is it that is potentially holding you back in your performance and understanding, and attack these issues head-on. With this, I will guide, mentor, and facilitate your growth and intuitive technical understanding further. I share my experiences with Aerospace/Aeronautical/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, helping you develop your skills and techniques to tackle any problem, whilst adapting our lessons to your natural method of learning. Contact me here to introduce yourself and tell me more about the topics that you would like additional support with. This could be, for example, Aero/ Flight Dynamics, Control Systems, Dynamic Structures, Business Data Analysis, or any other topics. Whatever university you are studying at, I am certain that you will leave our sessions fulfilled, inspired, and driven to take on any challenge that may come your way. Contact me now for my availability, so that we can organize your first session as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you! __________________________________________________________________________________ Previously supported students from top universities such as: UK: - Imperial College London (+ Business School) (ICL) - University College London (UCL) - King's College London (KCL) NL: - Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) - University of Amsterdam - University of Groningen SW - ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology AU - Queensland University of Technology - University of Queensland - Griffith University __________________________________________________________________________________ A little about myself: My name is Anh; I was born and raised in the U.K. and I have over 8 years of international experience, tutoring Middle School to University Level Maths, Sciences, and Engineering, with 4 years of working experience in the Aerospace and Maritime industry. I have a fun, ambitious, and outgoing personality with a passion for music, cooking, and trying new things. Whilst teaching and mentoring, I am patient and adaptable to the needs of each of my students. I am working as an Engineering Specialist/Consultant, holding: - a degree as a Master of Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, - A*A*A* A-Level Further Maths and Physics, with, - straight A*s in (GCSE) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Geography. I was also previously mentored and tutored myself and having been through the problems and achievements first-hand, I want to help others do so as well.
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Trusted teacher: L'objectif principal de cette matière est de familiariser les étudiants avec les principes fondamentaux de la mécanique automobile, y compris la compréhension du fonctionnement des composants clés des véhicules et des compétences de base en matière de maintenance et de réparation. Contenu de la matière : Introduction à l'automobile : Présentation de l'histoire de l'automobile, des évolutions technologiques et des tendances actuelles de l'industrie automobile. Fonctionnement du moteur : Étude des principes de base du moteur à combustion interne, y compris la gestion de l'air, du carburant et de l'allumage. Compréhension des différents types de moteurs (essence, diesel, électrique) et de leurs composants. Systèmes de transmission : Exploration des différents types de transmission (manuelle, automatique) et de leurs composants. Compréhension des principes de base de la transmission de puissance. Systèmes de freinage : Étude des systèmes de freinage, y compris les freins à disque et les freins à tambour. Apprentissage des techniques de maintenance et de réparation des freins. Systèmes de suspension et de direction : Compréhension des composants du système de suspension et de direction, et de leur rôle dans la tenue de route et le confort de conduite. Électricité et électronique automobile : Introduction aux systèmes électriques et électroniques des véhicules, y compris la batterie, le système de charge, le système d'allumage, et les systèmes de gestion du moteur. Maintenance préventive : Apprentissage des procédures de maintenance de base, telles que la vidange d'huile, le remplacement des filtres, et la vérification des fluides. Diagnostic et réparation : Développement de compétences de diagnostic pour identifier et résoudre les problèmes mécaniques courants. Utilisation d'outils et d'équipements de réparation automobile. Sécurité automobile : Discussion sur les normes de sécurité et les équipements de sécurité dans les véhicules, ainsi que les bonnes pratiques de conduite sécuritaire. Méthodes d'enseignement : Les cours d'introduction à la mécanique automobile combinent généralement des conférences théoriques en classe avec des travaux pratiques en atelier. Les étudiants ont l'opportunité de mettre en pratique leurs connaissances en effectuant des réparations simples sur des véhicules réels. Évaluation : L'évaluation des étudiants peut inclure des examens écrits, des travaux pratiques en atelier, des projets de recherche, et des évaluations de compétences pratiques. Conclusion : L'introduction à la mécanique automobile est une matière essentielle pour ceux qui souhaitent travailler dans l'industrie automobile, devenir mécanicien automobile, ou simplement comprendre le fonctionnement de leur propre véhicule. Elle offre une base solide pour l'apprentissage continu dans ce domaine en constante évolution.
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Trusted teacher: Training: Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering | INSA Lyon September 2019- January 2023 ➢ Design, analysis of mechanical systems and sizing of machine elements ➢ Manufacturing processes and shaping for the design ➢ Dynamics of Mechanical Systems ➢ Mechanics of deformable solids ➢ Fluid mechanics ➢ Science and Engineering of Structural Materials ➢ Mathematics and Finite Element Method Bachelor of Science for Engineers | University of Aix Marseille September 2017- June 2019 ➢ Mechanical Engineering Stream ➢ Very Good Mention, Major de Promo Master Degree in Engineering | FIGURE Network September 2017- June 2019 ➢ Business management ➢ Management ➢ Economy Computer and Internet Certificate | University of Aix Marseille September 2017- June 2018 SCIENTIFIC Baccalaureate Diploma July 2017 ➢ Mention Good Experiences: Project Manager Engineer in accidentology | Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Since February 2021 ➢ Use a test database (subsystem and with complete vehicle) in order to improve and standardize the specifications between Renault and Nissan ➢ Define and capitalize the transfer functions between subsystem tests (test catapult "on seat) and vehicle synthesis tests (ie crash test on car) Active Member | PromoGM Association Since September 2019 ➢ Presentation of the department in different universities Employee | Google USA October 2018 ➢ Reader and assistant for the GOOGLE CLOUD test in English Languages: ➢ French: Bilingual ➢ Arabic: Bilingual ➢ English: Fluent (B2) ➢ German: Beginner (A2) ➢ Spanish: Beginner (A1) Skills: ➢Mechanics: AutoCad: 2D drawing, design mechanics, technical drawings SolidWorks, Catia, NX, Adams: CAD Rdrm6: bending, torsion…. Use of: 3D printer, Micro-milling machine, Micro-lathe, Parallel lathe, Universal milling machine ➢Electronics: Mplab: integrated development Isis, KiCad: draw circuits, print them and do their simulation. Micropascal: programmable controller and control of automatons. ➢ Computing: Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...) MATLAB: Programming language and environment. Programming languages: Pascal, Arduino, C, html Photoshop: image processing
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Before describing the way I work, let me introduce myself: My name is Yoan I am 19 years old I have just finished my first year of bachelor's degree in chemistry, after a scientific baccalaureate option Engineering Sciences, mention fairly well. My studies allow me an adaptation for the organization, a great culture and a certain level in sciences. I would like to become a researcher in chemistry and maybe be a research teacher. Giving private lessons, doing homework help would allow me to have additional experience in teaching. Childcare will also give me experience in terms of pedagogy. I am responsible, serious, organized and educator. My plus is to practice tennis in competition for many years and to help my tennis teacher in teaching tennis to the youngest. It taught me the popularization of elements and complicated thermal baths as well as the desire to share with the youngest. The organization of my courses (same organization for 3 years): Everything will be organized as best as possible for the child, no problem. -Materials, chapters are targeted to allow me to work upstream on them. -Preparation of lessons, exercises and problems upstream (adapted to the child of course). -My coming, the course of what I agreed to do (1 hour or more). -At the end of the lesson, give an update on the session with the child and the referring adult, if necessary I would leave exercises and problems to be done for the next time. Per experience 2 hours minimum is recommended for efficient and in-depth work.
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Anh really knows what he’s doing, not only he is expert in math, but as well excellent in his teaching technique. My son told me that he understood better and much easier with the technique taught by Anh. My son is junior school level, but wanting to learn bit advanced math compared to the topics he’s learning at school. He’s looking forward to having more learning with Anh and we booked immediately for 10 lessons.
Review by SAKARIA