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Hey! Are you looking for a young, approachable yet meticulous tutor in Computer Science or Mathematics? Then I believe I might be the tutor for you! I offer lessons in the aforementioned subjects (English only) for high-school and bachelor students at the start of their studies. A little bit about me: My name is Bozhidar and I am a MSc Data Science student at ETH Zuerich. Last year, I completed my bachelor's in Computer Science at TU Delft (the #1 technical university in the Netherlands) with distinction. I was a teaching assistant for 10 courses during my stay at the university. Additionally, I have given private lessons to a few high school and bachelor's students, so I believe I have accumulated enough experience with guiding and tutoring students across different disciplines. I have found out that I enjoy teaching a lot, so that is why I am here - to help you and myself! My expertise: During my high school years, I won tens of awards and scholarships for achievements in Mathematics and Computer Science. I also won my high school's recognition award which is given to one student every year for distinctive results. I've helped high-school and university peers with exam preparation, taught whole courses privately, prepared sample exams, and reviewed and graded real ones. Regarding the university courses I have experience in, I have taught: - Object-Oriented Programming - Reasoning & Logic - Computer Organisation - Algorithms and Data Structures - Web and Database Technologies - Calculus - Information & Data Management - Automata, Computability and Complexity - Concepts of Programming Languages - Computational Intelligence Here are some of the reviews I have received as a teaching assistant: Overall: 4.97/5 (70 reviews) 5/5 - "Great job! Did far more than just explaining this example and went far deeper into the material, helping me to understand it." 5/5 - "Favourite TA. Always there for the difficult questions. Never leaves anything unanswered no matter how long it takes." 5/5 - "Delightful person with an insightful way of thought! Brilliant TA!" 5/5 - "Clear explanations and expert in the material" So, what are you waiting for? Write me a message and let's get the knowledge train running.
Math · Computer science
After two years of preparatory classes at the Hoche high school in Versailles in the "MP*" section (mathematics and physics), I joined the CentraleSupélec school (Paris) where I am now a second-year student, in parallel with which I give private lessons for students in high school, university and preparatory classes. I have 4 years of experience in this field and I have been able to support many students with very varied profiles and individual needs, from support and help with homework to further study or preparation for competitions. the most prestigious. As a student, I am able to build a real relationship of closeness and trust with the student. I think this is essential, because it allows me to focus on confidence and motivation, two essential ingredients for student progress and success. I joined my school after two years in a preparatory class of excellence, so I am able to answer all the questions of the student on the subject if he wishes to move in this direction. I am a student in the second best engineering school in France, my level in scientific subjects will allow me to best support the student, whether to remedy difficulties or achieve excellence. I sometimes detach myself from the rigid methodology of high school lessons and I give methods and tips that are not necessarily mentioned in class. Adaptability is one of the main assets of private lessons: I adapt entirely to the student's level and their objectives in order to build personalized support, so we can concentrate on understanding the course and the basic exercises, progress on your homework, do additional exercises, prepare a specific assignment or even deepen the program and work on more subtle and complex concepts. Why choose me rather than another? - Flexibility and availability: the course can overflow without problem, the timetable can be shifted and hours added during the week if specific needs are met - Pedagogy, patience and closeness with students, development of their self-confidence - Advice on orientation, the choice of options: I myself was in preparation and I know all the sectors very well - Free follow-up outside of class: I am responsive on the phone to answer any specific questions
Math · Physics
Trusted teacher: Hi! Welcome! I am a Master's student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I offer private tutoring (for high school and/or university-level students) so you can understand the fundamental concept and excel in your studies. I have teaching experience of 3+ years in Physics and Mathematics to high school and university-level students. This class aims to provide an overview of calculus and focuses on the fundamental mathematical tools and concepts such as limits, differentiation, and integration. Building on these basic concepts, we will review methods for solving problems related to their applications. Note that this course will be tailored to your specific needs and we could mainly focus on the topics you are struggling with. Furthermore, please feel free to contact me and suggest any other topics you would like me to cover and teach. Outline of the course: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Limits of functions 1.2 Evaluate the limits using L'hospital's rule (for 0/0, ∞/∞) 1.3 Continuity, types of discontinuities, intermediate value theorem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 Introduction to differentiation (or derivative) 1.5 Tangent line to a curve, slope, instantaneous velocity 1.6 Rules and theorems for differentiation: power rule, product rule, chain rule 1.7 Derivatives of exp, log, and trigonometric functions 1.8 Implicit function and implicit differentiation 1.9 Derivative of inverse functions 1.10 Second and higher-order derivatives 1.11 Application of derivatives 1.12Geometrical interpretation of the derivative of a function 1.13 Rolle's theorem, mean value theorem, critical point, maximum/minimum of a function 1.14 First and second derivative tests, inflection points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.15 Anti-derivative, indefinite integral 1.16 Techniques of integration: integration by substitution, integration by parts 1.17 Definite integral and its application (area between curves, application in physics) 1.18 Area as a definite integral 1.19 Areas between two curves and many more... *Note that the sessions will be held online (via Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams).
Math · High school entrance prep · Tutoring
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CCVX + James Boswell Entrance Exams Preparation (Physics) (Groningen)
I was preparing for CCVX and Boswell Beta physics exams and the lessons with Bibek helped a lot. They were very flexible, and suited for me, I received a lot of tips and the general atmosphere during the lessons was very good. I would definitely recommend Bibek to everyone looking for a person with great physics knowledge and also teaching skills, as he was able to explain everything in a way that I would definitely understand, by even giving some visual references.
Review by AISTE
Electrical Engineering I and II (Electrical Physics, Basics and Introduction, Electronics) (Wels)
Arianit was an excellent instructor for Engineering Mathematics. Topics included intermediate calculus, differential equations, mathematical series and other first-year engineering topics. Arianit was able to supplement UK first-year university engineering educational content to really answer questions and clarify difficult topics. All instruction was performed in English. For the topics above I would highly recommend Arianit.
Review by MARK
Give math lessons. Holder of a master's degree in math from the University of Geneva. 8 years of experience in private lessons. (Geneva)
Very impressed with Lucille’s skills and teaching abilities. She not only had an in-depth understanding of math concepts but also had the remarkable talent of simplifying complex ideas and making them accessible. What truly set Lucile apart was her dedication and patience. Lucile took the time to understand my daughter’s individual learning style and tailored her approach accordingly.
Review by TANYA