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Trusted teacher: Who are my classes for? These courses are aimed at high school students who are in difficulty, or who wish to deepen their courses for a demanding post-baccalaureate application (eg preparatory classes (where mathematics is often very important in the competitions they prepare) or medicine (even if I do not denigrate of course not the other sectors))., even students in prep or future prepared Techniques and teaching methods: The basis will of course be course learning (I can give mnemonic means), quick but necessary applications of the course, then the transition to serious things, ie the development of the reasoning of the student through methods, tips and more advanced exercises My pluses: - I favor reasoning with pure memory - I am one of the first nationals of the new high school reform that has severely reduced the level of knowledge and requirements in mathematics and physics. The gap between the scientific terminal and the scientific preparatory class continues to widen. However, the prep requirements have not decreased so much. I know the requirements of the prep and (much more important) those of the competitions and can therefore upgrade you so that you are not caught off guard when you begin your prep. Training level private lessons: I currently only give courses via the internet on forums (ilemath, math-forum mainly) and occasionally, I followed students by mail (about 5). Some are now in preparation, others in medicine (passing their first year at the first stroke). I loved helping friends review math the year I passed the baccalaureate. Direct contact with an underage student will be new to me. July 2013: baccalaureate S specialty mathematics European English mention very good (more than 18 average) 2013/2015: Preparatory class MPSI / MP with honors 2015/2018: ENSIIE
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