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139 math teachers in Amsterdam

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Trusted teacher: Welcome back to the new school year! I am currently in the process of finalizing my regular student schedule for the upcoming 22-23 year. Since several of my students have left the Netherlands, I will be accepting new student requests for this year. Please send me a message to find out more! After tutoring for over 5 years in the Amsterdam area, I am very familiar with the various school curriculums. Having moved around quite a bit, I understand the stress students undergo adapting to new schooling systems. I enjoy working privately with students to build their confidence. I previously was a primary school teacher of all subjects (Grades 1&2) for a private international school in Dubai. I am familiar with international school curriculum and challenges faced by students when moving to a new country. I have extensive experience with students of all learning levels. I have been privately tutoring for over 10 years now. English is my first language (I am American). I also have experience tutoring at a higher age (as well as university level). I am an excellent writer, editor, and researcher and work part time in UVA's graduate school in the sociology department. I completed my MSc at UVA and undergraduate at UCLA. Currently, the majority of my students are primary school students that attend the British school or ISA. However, I teach a large number of international school students or older students. I also tutor many students, of various ages, in the Dutch schooling system. I am very comfortable with international school curriculums, however I also have a good grasp on the Dutch schooling system. While I teach students of various ages and backgrounds, I would consider myself a specialist in primary school students whose second language is English. I also have years of experience with ESL and have taken multiple courses training myself in the best ways to tutor in ESL. I am happy to teach all ages. I currently teach several adults and numerous younger students. I specialize in students who have recently moved to the Netherlands and have little to no experience with English. I apply a hybrid method of ESL and school curriculum. Please feel free to message me and find out more! **All rates include KVK sales tax **Additional fee charged for students over 20 minutes by bike
English · Writing · Math
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Math Tutoring (Boswell-Beta/CCVX (VWO) Math A/B/C /IB/GCSE A-levels/ SAT) (Amsterdam)
I fully recommend Kollol as a tutor. I had to prepare for the advanced Maths exam in 2 months and it was very challenging for me because I haven't done Maths for 3 years and also I haven't done it in English and also advanced. Kollol helped me with all subjects that I struggled with, explained to me everything very properly, was very patient and helpful, and was sending me additional exercises when I asked him to. Moreover, he was always available to help me outside the class which I appreciate a lot. He was a great teacher for me and I again I really recommend him as a tutor! :)
Review by KLAUDIA
Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (The Hague)
David really helped me prepare for my university exam (mainly calculus) despite the limited amount of time I had. He cleared some crucial doubts and considering I did not take calculus in high school, taught me quite a few concepts from 0. After our 5 sessions, I now feel a lot more confident in my abilities to succeed in the exam and in calculus overall. He is always very kind, and makes sure to create a positive and fun learning environment. Aside from learning so much from him, I really enjoyed and looked forward to the lessons. I will definitely be contacting him again!
Review by BEATRICE
Former Teacher. Primary/Secondary School Tutoring / ESL, Essay editing, etc. (Amsterdam)
We had our first session a few days ago, with Alessandra tutoring my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter, developing their reading and writing in English and their mathematics. Alessandra's previous experience as a teacher certainly shines through, as she definitely seems to know how children of this age learn. She provided original and exciting activities for the kids and they found it great fun; they are looking forward to seeing her again next week. Alessandra was professional to work with and I can definitely recommend her.
Review by MARK