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15 humanities teachers in France

I am able to give courses in the subjects described in title according to the level of the pupil. I did 1 year of prepa political science in double history course. 2 years at the university in anthropology and political science. 1 year and a half of specialized educator training. By level: -The French and the philosophy until terminal. -History until late college, early high school. 1st and final possible depending on the level. -Human Sciences and Political Science, for people entering university courses or high school students wishing to cultivate these disciplines. Assisted homework can be done up to a high school level, mainly in the ES stream. S and L die depending on the material to be worked. I rather rely on a regular accompaniment, for the quality of the learning and a better evolution of the pupil. I know how to adapt the accompaniment and the pedagogy, according to the personality and the difficulties, facilities of the pupil. I was able to work with young people in great difficulty (handicap), as part of a training of specialized educator. The courses are adapted of course, according to the curriculum, the programs, and the wishes of the pupil, as well as the parents. I like to enhance learning: images, documents, news, books, cultural links and activities, so that knowledge takes on a deeper meaning and is truly alive. In terms of education and learning, my conception is close to the Montessori school. I also propose artistic and sports activities to complete the accompaniment. I did 10 years of circus school and I can provide bases in gym. Singing and writing are part of my daily pleasures.
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Jerome - Alfortville115€
Trusted teacher: Doctor in cognitive psychology graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 of research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I propose courses of statistics (descriptive and inferential, theoretical and applied it is according to your requests) with a pedagogy and methodologies rigorous and personalized according to your needs and your potentialities. My courses are divided into 3 possible approaches: 1 / Theoretical courses / methods and practice 2 / Help with data analysis 3 / Through a scientific popularization approach and a rigorous and effective method (references available) to answer to the expectations of the students and to reach or exceed the objectives set, my courses are easy to understand and appropriate. I propose in addition a training on varied and targeted exercises as well as annals of examination to optimize your preparation. Thus, what seems complex, abstract and incomprehensible to you will become concrete, and you will be able to answer questions without hesitation. I also integrate a coaching method to optimize the learning and training necessary to pass the university exams in statistics. My courses are aimed at students in psychology but also from other courses (university, medicine, engineering schools, BTS, MBA, Business School, business school, international finance etc) wishing to optimize their performance and exam and contest scores. Teacher and trainer at the Universities of Strasbourg and Paris 8, ESSEC Business School, ISTH, IONIS Education Group, EEEA, Acadomia etc. I receive many requests from students at Paris 8 University (IED or not) Paris 5 and Nanterre because I am very familiar with the program and the expectations of the exam jury.
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We will start from the texts and themes of the program in question (high school program or courses taken at the university). From there, it will be a question of developing a deep and conceptually rigorous reading capacity of the text. This work will be done together between the student and the professor, trying to identify the key points through dialogue - issues, thesis, argumentative path, etc. - the author in question. Following this, it is essential to move on to personal work where the student will be confronted with the writing and production of a philosophical thought. This precise exercise will obviously depend on the time that the student will want to invest in the course as well as his strengths and what he needs to improve. It will therefore be a question of writing short introductions of text or essay commentary, short dialogues, detailed plans, short essays, etc. I am in fact convinced that philosophy, like any other skill, is also and above all learned through concrete practice and confrontation with specific exercises. I hope that through this methodology we will reach the precise objectives that the student sets out for himself, by means of a living philosophy and active teaching. The method is obviously open to change, which means that the main driving force of the whole course will be the dialogue and continuous exchange between the student and the teacher. Only in this way, I hope, we really learn to philosophize and we can therefore understand what philosophy is about.
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Professeur d'histoire géographie depuis 8 ans, j'ai enseigné dans tous les niveaux, du collège et du lycée. Je propose de l'aide aux devoirs, des cours de méthodologie, des cours de renforcement, de préparation au Brevet des Collèges et au BAC. Je peux également intervenir dans le Supérieur en Histoire spécialité Antique, domaine pour lequel je prépare une Thèse. J'enseigne en utilisant les intelligences multiples afin de permettre aux élèves de développer et d'appréhender les diverses compétences évaluées, cela permettant à l'élève de mobiliser différents outils d'apprentissage. Avant de commencer, je propose un rendez-vous pédagogique d’une heure avec l’élève et ses parents afin de cibler les besoins de ce dernier en vue d’appréhender au mieux les méthodes à mettre en place et les compétences et savoirs à consolider. Pendant les cours, nous travaillerons en fonction des besoins de l’élève, mais généralement ce sont les notions et les compétences à consolider, soit en reprenant les différentes étapes de la leçon ou en essayant à travers d’autres moyens pédagogiques d’appréhender ceux-ci, le tout étayé à l’aide de différents exemples. L’objectif est certes d’apprendre mais surtout de comprendre ce qui est demandé et attendu à travers le cours, en faisant le lien avec la méthodologie. Enfin, l’élève doit s’entraîner et ce de manière progressive afin de consolider les divers acquis qui vont se complexifier au fur et à mesure du déroulement de l’année scolaire. Je considère que la notion et la/les compétences sont acquises lorsque l’élève n’a plus besoin de mon aide et est autonome dans sa réussite.
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