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18 hip hop dance teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Problem: you're the one who stays in his chair ... And if I told you that I've been there too. You have already found yourself in a situation where everyone dances around you but shyness prevents you from being able to feel comfortable and have fun like everyone else? Me, the same: / And even worse. I thought I did not have the right "moves" or know the "trendy" steps. And even when I was learning a step or two, it did not really make me feel good. I tried to take classes where I was taught steps and choreography that I was never really able to use in real life (parties, weddings, parties ...) because you had to have music "Exactly" and of course I did not see myself asking the DJ to pass it so that I could perform for ONE song and return to my chair for the rest of the evening: / And then I met a person who made me understand some things including THE MOST IMPORTANT: the habits and the manners that I do everyday (ex: shrug your shoulders, pull up my pants, scratch me when itches it .. are already very good, and they are NATURAL !! They are ME! Woa, but what does that mean? Well, that means that: You already have movements that you do naturally, then what if I told you that the simple secret was to use the same movements accurately and exactly in rhythm? In general, most dance classes are taught in the same way: choreography, counting and learning to step ... We copy a movement from the outside and we try to appropriate it. But without having mastered the keys of the interior (musicality, imagination, expression) and well it's like when you have someone who wears a super expensive suit, very classy, but that was given to him. The rendering is different and in general the person himself does not feel comfortable wearing this costume. If you ever learned a choreography, did you feel that it was not really you? In the end, were you more comfortable with "dancing" on music? Or only comfortable to "choreograph" ..? I have been there, but what I would like to teach you is: - 1) Initiation to the rhythm: you will learn to feel the rhythm on any music, with as a bonus 5 not simple and tendency that one will see again frequently - 2) Initiation to the listening: you will realize all that you can do on a music and to refine your ears to hear what can of people can hear - 2) Rhythm level 2: this time we will learn the changes of rhythm, and how to move and not to stay planted like a tree in the middle of the room, so that it does not become quickly boring to die - 3) Imagination and expression: now that you hear a little better and have a few pace steps, we forget the steps and leave room for what you feel on a small part of the music - 4) Composition of your choregraphy: I put you to the challenge and together we create a choreography project on a music that you like - 5) Freestyle: we dance as if no one was watching, you apply all that you have learned so far and I make a video for you to see your progress. I can not condense everything that I have learned over 5 years, in any class here and there; but what I can offer you is a base and an extremely solid "skill" which in the long run will allow you to get out all there is in you, because you have something SPECIAL, it does not there is no doubt about that! And I can put you in the right direction so that you can discover it yourself. - You will never listen to and feel music again the way you have done so far. - You will finally be able to hold on any music and CREATE your own "steps". - People will smile at you as you dance and start to gravitate around you. - You will feel comfortable on almost any music. So in the end, what would you choose: learn 50 steps and 20 choreographies, or learn and develop an awakening that allows you to become the creator? I'm waiting for you to discuss how can I help you. See you soon!
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Hip Hop Breakdance Dance Lesson (Paris)
I was a nervous beginner but Tony made me relax and enjoy the music og the moves. I am hooked, Hip Hop is my thing, I am 55 years old, no problem. Tony has good teaching skills, he is proffesional and he is a great dancer himself. I definitivly come back soon. 5 star from me!
Review by TINE
Private dance classes at home. (Paris)
David was unable to make it due to sickness and in his place I had a class with Romix - he made it fun - especially for someone like me who has zero dance experience. I had been nervous about the class but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.
Review by RONAN
Dance class with a graduate teacher - English speaking (Bagneux)
She was nice and excellent teacher!
Review by KIM