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Abdallah - Rabat42€
Trusted teacher: By being an engineer who has experienced all the possibilities of stress that a student can encounter when understanding it, a teacher who has encumbered an experience for years, I have developed teaching and efficient methods in order to better explain to my students. For me, a student needs a logical explanation of things and a personalized follow-up in order to be able to better advance and develop their own skills. Distance courses: ----------------------------------- I can give distance lessons perfectly since I have a tablet on which I can work in the same way as if it were a notebook. The student can see everything I do live through screen sharing, and all they need is to use a computer. At the end of the course, I send him a copy of all the work done, which allows me to make sure that he has kept a clean record of the course spent together. Domains : -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ * Analog electronic: ------------------------------------------- - Semiconductor and PNP Junction - Diodes and transistors - Bipolar transistors and JFET (Static and dynamic analysis) - Operational amplifier in linear and non-linear mode - Frequency analysis (Bode, Nichols, Nyquist diagram ...) - Analog filtering - Analog Oscillator - Converters: CAN and CNA - Modulation - Differential amplifier - ... * Electrical engineering: -------------------------------- - Single-phase network - Three-phase network - Coil and magnetic circuit - Single-phase and three-phase transformers - Direct current machine (MCC) - Asynchronous Machine (MAS) - Synchronous Machine (MS) - Speed variators -.... * Power electronics: ---------------------------------------------- - Choppers - Rectifiers - Inverters - Dimmers - Speed variator -.... * Digital Electronics: ------------------------------------------- - Boolean algebra - Combinatorial systems - Sequential systems - Counters and decounters - Registers and memories - .... * Industrial Automation: ---------------------------------------- - Grafcet and GEMMA - State graph / state diagram - Programmable controllers (Siemens, Schnieder ...) - Programmable circuits (Microcontrollers, arduino ...) -.... * Linear automatic - Servo-control and regulation: -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- - Laplace transformation - Transfer function - Functional diagrams - Dynamic performance of linear systems: Speed, Precision and Stability - The correctors: P, PI, PID, phase advance, phase delay, ... - Regulation and servoing - Digital servo -.... -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Additional Information Zoom or Google meet Whiteboard Anyway, I'll be there to help you move forward and love this area more. Are you ready to experience this learning adventure with me?
Electronic circuits · Electrical engineering · Electrical circuits
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Trusted teacher: Hello, I am an engineer and doctor in electrical engineering and professor of higher education in engineering sciences, experienced in the field of electrical engineering, I offer for graduate students support courses and training in the subjects engineering sciences, in particular in electrical circuits and electricity. My methodology is based on the acquisition of knowledge and course concepts in a very simple way and also on practice using the most widely used software on the market. The "electrical circuits" course is an essential element of the "engineering sciences" module, or industrial engineering sciences, which brings together scientific disciplines related to the engineering profession, particularly in the field of electrical engineering. . It deals with the basics of electricity: from the notion of a circuit, to the various existing electrical components, to the resolution of problems and exercises using general theorems. At the end of this course, the student must be able to: Analyze in continuous mode and in sinusoidal mode the electrical circuits based on passive components; Use the theoretical knowledge necessary for solving electrical problems; Use the theoretical knowledge necessary for the proper conduct of practical work; Carry out and analyze electrical circuits on design and simulation software used by engineers; I also give courses and training in: Electrical and electronic circuits Automatic Industrial regulation Signal processing C / c ++ programming, Assembler, PIC, Arduino Matlab LabVIEW PIC microcontroller Microprocessor
Electrical circuits · Electronic circuits
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Pr YSF - Paris, France26€
Network infrastructure · Telecommunications · Electrical circuits
Trusted teacher: I graduated in Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications at the University of Science and Technology(AGH). I will give tutoring in the theory of electrical circuits, electrical engineering and analog and digital systems. I provide additional materials. Welcome. Scope of assistance: - Electronic semiconductor components - Bipolar transistor - working point setting, small signal description, common collector, common emitter, common base - Differential amplifier - transition zone, polarization methods - Operational amplifier - circuits with an operational amplifier, negative feedback, non-linear amplifier application - Linear and pulse stabilizers - Analog electronic circuits - Digital electronic circuits - ADC / DAC converters - Current, voltage and magnetism issues - Non-isolated converters (boost, buck and buck-boost, SEPIC) - Non-isolated converters (flyback, forward, full-bridge, half-bridge, Push-Pull, Ćuk) - Resonant and ferroresonant converters - selective amplifiers - power amplifiers -stabilizers with continuous work - PLL phase coupling loop - network rectifiers - switching power supplies -high frequency technique and fast switching - Kirchoff's laws, delta-star / star-delta transform - Thevenin's theorem - loop potential method - the method of nodal potentials - methods of solving DC and sinusoidal current circuits, - crosses and filters - circuits containing magnetically coupled coils - operational amplifiers - transmission properties of linear systems - three-phase, - the phenomenon of resonance, - vector (phasor) charts of currents and voltages, - transient states - classical method I also provide assistance in the field of: - matlaba / simulinka, scilab, LTSpice, PSpice, Spice, Tina-TI, Falstad Simulator - Interfaces: CAN, I2C, SPI, UART - ADC converter - designing electronic diagrams in EAGLE, Altium. If you have any questions, write to me - I will answer up to 24 hours To facilitate cooperation, please include in the e-mail: - topics that I am supposed to help with, if you have tasks, you can attach them in the e-mail - since when you need help and for how long
Electrical engineering · Electrical circuits · Electronic circuits
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