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Trusted teacher: Hello parents! My name is Sandra. I am a native English speaker from New York State. I have a USA teaching license and a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities) from the State University of New York at Fredonia. My experiences include teaching at primary international schools in Belgrade, Serbia for 2 years and 3 years at international schools in The Hague, Netherlands. I have worked at two IB primary schools. Alongside teaching at international schools, I have 8 years of experience teaching English. I also have experience teaching grade 1 and 3 in elementary schools in New York State. I have taught children from 2-17 years old and adults. My students range in levels from beginners who are new to learning English, to fluent English speakers that need support or would like to further excel or maintain their fluency. Based on my experiences, I have learned to adjust my teaching style based on different students' needs, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities. Lessons are provided to children and teenagers. Lessons are customized to the learning needs of your child. Whether that be learning English for the first time or practicing improvement of speaking, reading, comprehension, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar, etc. Lessons can be aimed towards learning a topic such as food, animals, sports, emotions, and more. For children who are fluent English speakers, tutoring can be given to further excel in particular areas. Subjects that interest the student such as science, history or world topics can be incorporated into the lesson to broaden their knowledge. Support can also be provided in learning organizational skills, research, and mini projects for older children. I am available to help with studying, homework, or school projects. For online learning, I use a variety of platforms, websites, educational games, and e-books to reach the learning goals of my students. Additional homework can be provided if requested. Depending on the students age, lesson duration is adjusted. If you are looking for lessons for siblings, please reach out to me to discuss the best schedule for your children. My aim is to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all my students. I hope you can join my English lessons! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I can provide my resume or reference letters if requested. Looking forward to hearing from you.
English · Elementary school level · Tutoring
Title: Elementary Education Specialist for 3rd and 4th Graders (NYC) Description: What Your Child Will Learn: 1. **Customized Learning Plans:** Crafted to align with NYC Department of Education standards, ensuring your child receives a comprehensive education. 2. **Individualized Teaching Styles:** Techniques to adapt instruction for various learning styles and abilities, ensuring every child reaches their full potential. 3. **Progress Tracking and Tailored Instruction:** Using assessments to monitor growth and deliver targeted lessons based on your child's unique learning journey. 4. **Reading Mastery:** Proven approaches to enhance reading comprehension, with a focus on close reading, effective questioning, and expanding vocabulary. 5. **Mathematical Problem Solving:** Strategies to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematical reasoning skills. 6. **Technology-Enhanced Learning:** Integrating technology to create engaging, interactive learning experiences. 7. **Creating a Positive Learning Environment:** Techniques for building a nurturing, inclusive experience that encourages growth and self-confidence. 8. **Test Readiness and Confidence Building:** Equipping students with effective test-taking strategies and techniques to reduce anxiety and boost confidence. By the end of this program, your child will be equipped with a diverse range of skills and strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of 3rd and 4th-grade test readiness. My goal is to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment that leads to improved performance on state exams in both math and reading, ultimately setting your child up for success.
Math · Reading · Elementary school level
Hello, I am a biology teacher and I would like to share with you some information about my experience and qualifications as a biology teacher. I have spent more than 8 years teaching and learning biology in Arabic and English in local and international schools. This experience has contributed to developing my abilities to deliver information in effective and interactive ways to students. In addition to my work as a teacher, I also worked as a teaching assistant at Zewail University of Science and Technology. This work gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into scientific concepts and simplify them for students at the university level. We have adopted the latest learning and teaching methods to provide an appropriate and encouraging learning environment for students. Also, I completed my Master's degree in Science and Medicine, which gave me a deep understanding of the basic concepts in biology and recent developments in this field. I also completed teaching courses at international universities, which added to my skills in developing curricula and applying innovative teaching methods. I am committed to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable educational experience for students, integrating theoretical concepts with hands-on science experiments and interactive activities to enhance their understanding and science skills. I always strive to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment for students' academic and personal growth. I follow the method of review and assignments in order to evaluate the level of my students and I also conduct periodic exams. I look forward to sharing my experience and skills with you and motivating students to explore the world of biology in a fun and interesting way.
High school entrance prep · Elementary school level · Biomaterial science
I teach all kinds of subjects, I teach children to be constant and responsible. Clear! Here are some ideas to attract more students to your classes: 1. **Innovation and Creativity:** Incorporate innovative teaching methods and creative activities that make your classes interesting and fun for students. 2. **Feedback and Communication:** Maintain open communication with parents and give regular feedback on student progress. This builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to your children's education. 3. **Personalization of Learning:** Tailor your teaching to meet the individual needs of each student. This may include differentiated tasks or optional activities for those who need an additional challenge. 4. **Cozy Environment:** Create a classroom environment that is welcoming, safe and stimulating. Students should feel comfortable participating and expressing themselves. 5. **Technology Integration:** Uses technology effectively to enrich the learning experience. You can use educational applications, interactive games and multimedia resources. 6. **Relevant and Current Topics:** Address topics that are relevant to your students' lives and relate the content to their interests and experiences. 7. **Practical and Experiential Activities:** Organize practical activities that allow students to apply what they are learning in real situations. 8. **Promoting Active Participation:** Encourages students to actively participate in class through questions, discussions, and interactive activities. 9. **Events and Celebrations:** Organize events or celebrations related to learning to maintain students' enthusiasm and interest. 10. **Feedback and Continuous Improvement:** Listen to your students and be receptive to their comments. This will allow you to adjust your teaching approach to meet their needs and expectations.
Methodology course · English · Elementary school level
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American Native English Teacher - English Lessons for Children and Teenagers (Amsterdam)
I recently enrolled my daughter (Dutch native) in English lessons with this teacher and I must say, the experience has been fantastic. My daughter has learned so much in the past few weeks and it's all thanks to the teacher's fun and engaging approach to teaching. The lessons are always interactive and my daughter loves them. She looks forward to her English class every week and I can see a noticeable improvement in her language skills. The teacher has a talent for making the lessons enjoyable and my daughter has a great time while learning. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective way to learn English!!!
Review by ZAINAB
Back To school , Let's learn Math in a unique attractive way.🤩 (Cairo)
Dr. Dr. Ebrahim is an excellent instructor. His methods of teaching and explaining things are well thought out and given at a level that my son can understand. He is very patient and takes his time and answer all questions to help my son Yousif with any problems he may have. He is extremely helpful and very enthusiastic and calm at the same time in class which helped my son understand and enjoy the class. my son’s grades improved a lot after working with Dr.Ebrahim
Review by ALAA
private english tutoring course for beginners, advance levels, pre-schoolers, young adults, adults
Samin is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher. I explained beforehand what I wished to learn from lessons in Farsi and she introduced me in the best possible way ensuring that I became engaged by the lesson. The homework was exactly what I needed to continue my interest in learning.
Review by JOHN