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95 biology teachers in Spain

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Monika - Barcelona29€
Biology · Chemistry
(1 review)
Jiyan Baran - Getafe20€
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Science · Physics · Biology
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Daniel - Madrid25€
Biology · Math · Economics for students
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IB Biology and Chemistry SL/HL Tutoring for IB Students (San Juan de Alicante)
Miss Constanza was a true lifesaver for me during a challenging time in my academic journey. As a new student in a different country with a completely unfamiliar education system, I found myself a month behind in the term and struggling in both Chemistry and Math. The first semester was a struggle, but thanks to her dedicated help, I not only caught up but also excelled. One of the things that sets Ms. Constanza apart is her ability to make every lesson enjoyable. Learning with her is never dull, and she effortlessly weaves engaging stories from her own experiences in the chemistry lab, connecting complex topics to real-life situations. Her adaptability is truly impressive. Right from the first lesson, she takes the time to understand your preferred learning style. Whether it's through visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, or traditional book-based learning, she tailors her teaching to your needs. She is also incredibly organized, and after each lesson, she ensures you apply what you've learned through exercises and practical applications. Her support and understanding create a comfortable learning environment, making it easier to grasp challenging concepts. Additionally, her knowledge of the subjects is extensive, and her dedication to her students' success is remarkable. Miss Constanza went above and beyond, helping me not only pass my Year 10 IGCSEs in Chemistry and Math but also instilling in me a deep understanding of these subjects. Her kindness, care, and unwavering support were invaluable throughout our lessons. She was always willing to go the extra mile, even dedicating her weekend evenings to help me review a topic. I am extremely grateful to have had Miss Constanza as my tutor for Chemistry and Math. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I genuinely look forward to having lessons with her again this year. If you've ever struggled with Math or Chemistry, Ms. Constanza can absolutely transform your perspective on the subject and help you excel.
Review by MANIJ
Experienced Science Tutor: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics (KS, GCSE, A-Level and Degree) (Barcelona)
Our 12th grade IB student daughter has only had one one-on-one and one online lesson so far and we can say that Maria has gone above and beyond in providing reliable feedback on an IA in HL chem. We are going to continue throughout the pre-exams of IB and see how Maria can help IB revision in SL math, HL bio and perhaps HL physics. Very happy to have met Maria via this platform.
Bioprocessing/Biochemical Engineering/Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Design, Operation and Scaling of Bioreactors and Unit Operations) (Barcelona)
Monica is an excellent tutor. She is always prepared and knows how to make everything seem easy. She is also making notes with the basic questions and answers that she sends after the class, which is so helpful! I highly recommend her!
Review by GEORGIA