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Sanam - Pakistan14€
Urdu · English · Social studies
Discover the secrets of the past with our exciting world history course for children and adults Have you ever wondered what life was like in ancient Egypt or what happened during the Industrial Revolution? Now you have the opportunity to explore the most fascinating events in history in our online course! Our world history course is a unique educational experience designed to spark your curiosity and immerse you in the exciting stories that have shaped our world. Whether you are a child explorer or an adult interested in expanding your knowledge, this course will take you on a fascinating journey through the centuries. Through a combination of interactive lessons, engaging multimedia, and hands-on activities, you'll discover key moments in history in a fun and accessible way. From the mysteries of ancient civilizations to the great transformations of the modern era, you will explore relevant historical events and their consequences on today's society. Our expert teachers will guide you through the lessons, answering all your questions and making sure you understand every important detail. In addition, you will have access to an online community of course mates with whom you can share ideas, debate and deepen your knowledge. Don't miss your chance to travel back in time and unravel the mysteries of the past! Enroll in our world history course today and prepare for an exciting journey through the centuries! If you have any questions or need more information, I will be happy to help you.
World history · Social studies · Political science
Trusted teacher: In these neuro-divergent times, the binary division of "one language or two" in bilinguals is perhaps due some contestation, which students are capable of providing. I have always found bilingual production models (and the ubiquitous Powerpoint slide) that university teachers provide a hindrance because of their lack of explicitness and discussion - they are just not relatable as presented nor do they provide much information or examples for monolingual students. Code-switching, a by-product of bilingualism, is now a term that is even found in minority-ethnic neighbourhood grafitti ("can white people code-switch" a found example). My personal position is that there is no such thing as bilingualism: there is always a language that suffers attrition, and one language that prevails, mostly because of its prestigious standing over the other language. On the other hand, a child exposed to more than one language cannot be truly monolingual. For this course (very popular at universities around Europe both at undergraduate and postgraduate level) we shall go through the terms used to discuss bilingualism, in detail, and then discuss, with the help of published books and articles, who can be considered bilingual (or are we all, one other language lying dormant?). Can bilingualism be defined by the speaker, instead of the "community"? Can it be imposed by the State? Does a bilingual brain function in the same manner as a monolingual brain? These are research questions that emerge as dissertation or thesis topics both at undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Grammar · Social studies · Child development
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General Knowledge for a lifelong learning education (Brussels)
Lidia is an amazing tutor. She is well-prepared, with solid knowledge in many areas, enthusiastic, patient and full of energy. My son, who is 18, enjoys his History classes very much.
Review by LILIANA
Professional Cover Letter and Resume Writing Services
Excellent service and interaction, Marisa was helpful and she was very quick and efficient. Very responsive to questions .Thx you !
Review by OANA
I am delighted to welcome you to learn the Urdu and English (language and subjects) and Islamic Studies, Social Studies (as subjects).
Sanam is very kind and professional
Review by FREDERIC