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Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Santiago and I am offering individual and personalized virtual Spanish classes to improve both your oral and written communication. The main focus of my classes is focused on developing fluent and structured communication of the Spanish language either to prepare international exams, to be able to communicate properly in the professional field or to reinforce and maintain prior knowledge of this language. I am a native Spanish speaker from Uruguay, graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in the USA, and studied communication arts for a year and a half in Thailand. While studying communication arts, I had several public speaking classes, learning techniques of how to speak better using not only our words but also our body to help us speak more naturally, calmly, and without getting nervous if we get stuck or forget what we wanted to say. During my career in the US, I was constantly writing essays for my classes, in addition to having to present projects in front of my teachers and classmates. At the same time, I was working at university and after graduation I worked for a year, mainly having long phone conversations with people from all over the country. These past years I gained invaluable experience in living abroad and communicating using my second language. Now, I help others who are looking to do the same. I help people of all around the world with their Spanish so they can meet their goals. It could be studying abroad, going to live in a Spanish-speaking country, improving your communication in the professional field, or keep practicing so as not to lose your previously acquired level. If what you are looking for is to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language, I will help you. My methodology is simple. Each person is different and I adapt the content of my classes to the needs and interests of my students. We all learn in different ways and at different times. That's why I design my classes individually, focusing more on conversation, speaking, listening, while also helping with reading and grammar. This way we can keep classes entertaining, covering all angles of Spanish learning, and learning this language as a whole.
Spanish · Public speaking · Writing
Hi Hi :-) I am Marta, a Spanish student doing a Master's degree at University of Potsdam, and that's the reason why I am living here. I come from Valencia and I studied my BA in Humanities in Barcelona, specializing in Linguistics and Literature and finishing it in Puebla, Mexico, after having been awarded with a Santander Scholarship to study in Mexico for 6 months. I am very curious about Linguistics and understanding the basis of different languages and the differences between them, as I think each language reflects a way of seing the world for their speakers. I speak Catalan (native, C2) , Spanish (native), Italian (B1), English (C1), can translate Latin and Ancient Greek and I am looking forward to learn some German! While my time in Barcelona, I taught Latin for high school students and Spanish and Catalan for foreign people. I had a great time doing so and could learn about the difficulties non-Spanish speakers face when it comes to grammar or memorizing some vocabulary related to their field of interest and adapt to that. After having happily adapted to my new life in Potsdam, I decided it's time to get back to work and offer language classes to: - those that are curious and want to start to learn some Spanish (or Catalan!!) -to those that want to improve it or need some help to pass a certificate level -to those who just look for someone to talk with and have a tea while practicing their Spanish. Also we can talk about specific cases, like if you want your kids to be familiar with the language or need some tutoring. For those who would be more interested in improving their conversational skills, my interests are arts, cultural topics, sociology, music, sports, psychology and I am a nerd of history. My master's in International War Studies so I love to talk about current issues. I also enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures and people. Otherwise, I am a very curious while respectful person and I am always willing to learn and talk about new things and acquire new interests. The only thing you should take into account before contacting me is that I don't speak German, so if your Spanish level is not sufficient so we can communicate properly, it would be convenient that you can speak English or Italian so we can understand each other. Except that, you can contact me when you feel ready to ask me any question or let me know about your needs and preferences so we can arrange a first meeting! Bye Bye :-) Martha
Spanish · Vocabulary · Grammar
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