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9 self defense teachers in Switzerland

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Alberto - Vernier64Fr
Trusted teacher: Krav Maga: Modern Art It all starts with a choice: Refuse violence, refuse to be dominated by violence and even the fear of violence, be it verbal, emotional and especially physical. One of the means to achieve this goal: the art of Krav Maga Created in the late 1960s in Israel by Master Imi Lichtenfeld (1910-1998), Krav Maga was designed and forged especially to respond to any form of physical aggression. The basis on which Krav Maga is based is REALITY: it is unpredictable, multiform, brutal and forgives only very few errors. From this observation, it is easier to understand the characteristics of Krav Maga and especially what distinguishes it from traditional martial arts that also offer a module "self-defense". Krav Maga is indeed: -ambitious: he aspires to treat any situation of physical aggression be it against a aggressor without weapon, with weapon (knife, ax, machete, long stick, short, bat of baseball, rope, gun ... ), from any position (standing in the front, back, left, right, sitting on a chair, sitting on the floor, kneeling, lying on the back ...), regardless of the nature of the terrain, regardless of the brightness, whatever the weather. Humility: Reality imposes its conditions as the presence of STRESS whose effects must be recognized and never be neglected. -realistic: the fear, the nervousness, the anxiety felt by the individual in a situation of aggression do not allow him complicated gestures that he can not remember and that he can not even perform physically! -simple: short gestures, direct, linear most often, that go "straight to the point", easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to perform under ... stress! -Logic: it is the Principles that make Krav Maga and not the techniques that are only tools in the service of an Art that analyzes, reflects and provides the most accurate and efficient answer to the problem. -polyvalent: thanks to logic and pragmatism, Krav Maga gives itself the potential to resolve in a decisive way an incalculable number of problems because it can go towards "the unknown" by means of "known". -Educator: Through a pedagogy based on the pressure of the student, it gradually learns to manage his emotions, his mind, his body and gradually acquires greater self-control. -human: according to Imi Lichtenfeld's teaching, one must demand of oneself the highest level of competence so as not to have to take a life or even to hurt - as far as possible - his or her aggressors. I try to pass on the philosophy of the creator of Krav Maga, Master Imi Lichtenfeld, who saw his art as much more than a "defensive weapon" formidable for its efficiency. Indeed, Krav Maga is before a whole a vehicle to reach the blooming of the individual by the control of oneself thanks to the conscience of having adapted tools - because realistic - to manage and even to neutralize the violence under all its forms. The Art created by Imi Lichtenfeld is, as the experience of teaching proves, very flexible and endowed with a very great faculty of adaptation because each student shows different expectations. The greatest satisfaction is to see how the individual reveals himself to himself through Krav Maga which, by its simplicity and intensity, allows everyone, with sincere practice, to get to the bottom of his doubts and his doubts. fears. In a particular class, I am an instructor who asks the student of the intensity and physical and mental, curiosity, sense of observation, the spirit of synthesis, the ability to constantly search for the "common denominator In their practice of Krav Maga and ... good mood!
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Self defense · Jujitsu
Trusted teacher: Please check my page for my background, my qualifications, and why I'm such a passionate boxer. Class description: I will match the intensity you are willing to learn and train at, always encouraging you to take your skills to the next level, as I do with myself. It's a great way to get into shape (or better shape) and learn a useful sport. In my first training session, I can evaluate your level of fitness and boxing. As I hopefully continue training with you, you will then gradually moving up in levels and I guarantee vast results. My sessions always consist of about half boxing and half body conditioning and exercise for boxing so two-hour sessions are recommended. For BEGINNERS you can expect a plan (gradually increasing in difficulty) consisting of: - An introduction to boxing including how to prepare yourself using gear (wraps and gloves) - To learn how to correctly throw punches as well as the kinds of punches - Learn the different stances and the one that's best for you - Train like a boxer with ab exercises, jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other aerobic exercises (I will make this as tiring as you would like me to) - Pad work - Basics of good head movement for dodging, pivoting your feet, blocking, countering punches, and punch combinations For INTERMEDIATES you can expect a plan consisting of: - Learning long punch combinations - Introduction to light sparring - Intermediate head movement and punching while moving back - Switching stances at optimal times - A lot of pad work - Body conditioning against punches - Punch flurries, and movement against the ropes - Intermediate level of body exercise including ab exercises, jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other aerobic exercises (I will make this as tiring as you would like me to) - Shadowboxing for 6 rounds timed For ADVANCED boxers you can expect: - ALL aspects from the INTERMEDIATE plan but at a much higher level - Vigorous pad work - Very vigorous aerobic exercise for fight conditioning - Shadowboxing for 12 rounds timed - Sparring You can always expect the best tips and corrections from me as I am experienced and I will always use visual learning techniques to help. I might sometimes also ask you (only if you'd like) to watch certain parts of boxing fights to help your training and for visual aid.
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Krav Maga - Personal Defense Go Right to the Goal: Body-Mind-Krav Maga (Vernier)
Alberto is a very easygoing master. This is my first self defense session ever, and he has been very patient with my unharmonized moves. Looking forward to my next sessions.
Review by GANAT
__Introduction to SELF-DEFENSE #SECURITY MONTH ___ (Geneva)
Great instructor with super feedback for her from the team
Review by ALEX

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