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12 violin teachers in Graz

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Trusted teacher: I kindly and passionately lead you to: · minimize practice time and maximize progress · effectively cope with stage fright · alleviate playing-related pain Greetings! I'm Maja, a seasoned violin instructor with a decade of teaching experience. Holding a Master's degree from the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg, I am dedicated to crafting personalized lessons tailored to your unique needs and talents. Over the past 10 years, I've honed my teaching approach to foster an analytical, conscious method of violin playing. My emphasis on kind correspondence ensures a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. By employing a relaxed, step-by-step problem-solving technique, we delve into understanding how the brain learns, paving the way for your musical growth. In addition to classical music, I specialize in various genres, including world music, and offer guidance in improvisation, providing you with a diverse and well-rounded musical experience. Moreover, I can assist you in overcoming stage fright, empowering you to shine confidently in your musical performances. Having earned my MA in Salzburg, a city renowned for its musical legacy, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every lesson. My ultimate goal is to equip you with the skills to independently overcome any challenges in your violin journey, making you your best teacher. Embark on this musical adventure with me, and let's create beautiful melodies together! I'm here to guide you towards self-sufficiency in your violin playing. Book your first lesson now and unlock the full potential of your musical journey!
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Trusted teacher: As a violin teacher, my goal is to create a positive learning environment while cultivating the student’s love for music. I believe in developing music-reading as well as ear-training skills in my student’s music education. I work hard to tailor each lesson to meet the individual student’s musical goals, level and learning style. I have experience teaching students from age 3 to adult and from absolute beginner to college-level students. As a conservatory trained violinist, I teach a solid foundation in violin technique, theory and repertoire. I currently maintain a private violin studio in Yokohama and one in my home in Kawasaki. I can teach in both English and Japanese. Learning to play the violin is a lifelong process. Music can lead us to new opportunities, meet interesting people and travel to unique places. Everyone can learn to play the violin. It is never too late to start! I look forward to being a part of you or your child’s musical journey. Formal Education: - California State University, Long Beach – Bachelor of Music - San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Master of Music - San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Professional Studies Diploma Pedagogy Training: - Suzuki Book 1 – Liz Arbus - Suzuki Book 2 – Kathleen Spring - Suzuki Book 3 – Joseph Kaminsky - Suzuki Book 4 & Revisiting Book 1 Teacher Development – James Hutchins - Suzuki Book 5 – Rolando Freitag - Suzuki Book 6 – Rolando Freitag - Mark O’Connor Method – Book 1 & 2 – Mark O’Connor - Music Mind Games (One Day Workshop) 日本語 - Kana Nakamura & Maiko Horise - Pedagogy Workshop(s) – with Elizabeth Faidley - Violin Breakfast: Technical Warmups Pedagogy Workshop -- Amy Beth Horman - Wee Violins - Pre-Twinkle Pedagogy Workshop -- Crystal Boyack Language Study: - ARC Academy: Japanese Language School -- 2015 - 2016 - Japanese Language Proficiency Test - N3 (2018) - Coto Japanese Language Academy -- 2022 - Present I am available for virtual lessons globally via Zoom! Your time zone will be carefully taken into account when scheduling your lesson. I am available for one time coaching or long term study. Please let me know your preference.
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I studied the violin for about 2 months with Fermin and I have grown much in my knowledge of not just how to play but how to think when playing. Fermin has also helped a lot with technical struggles allowing me to break through some of the challenges that were bothering me for a long time. He is a very patient teacher but he will not hesitate to stop you and correct you (as any good teacher would) if you are not playing correctly. I personally requested that he gives me honest feedback which really helped me play better tecnically and musically. I believe he will be open to adapting his strictness upon specific requests. The time difference (Fermin being in Spain and I being in the US) has not been easy but Fermin was very willing to bend his schedule and provided several time slots to accommodate my availability. To sum up, if you are looking for a teacher that is patient in character yet unrelenting toward the goal of fully tapping your potential both musically and tecnically, I would recommend you take a lesson with Fermin.
Private violin lessons, Music Theory, Technical and Musical Skills (Paris)
My private violin lesson with Ester was absolutely perfect. I had a privilege to hear Ester play her violin and she is so good- it is crazy to think I was able to learn from her. She is also such a good teacher. Full of knowlege and patience- which is, in my opinion, a rare combination. I had no prior musical education and this was my first real music lesson. Ester managed to teach me basic note reading, correct violin holding and even playing my first tunes. Her explainations are very clear and easy to understand. And her approach is very friendly. She is also a very nice person and easy to talk to. I wish we lived in the same city so I could keep studying playing violin with Ester- that's how good she is. Lidia
Review by HRVOJE
Violin Lessons, Music Theory, effectively cope with stage fright
Maja is a wonderful violin teacher. She is an experienced, intelligent and gifted music instructor. Her enthusiastic, intuitive approach to students challenges makes learning a most delightful and rewarding experience. I highly recommend Maja for music study.
Review by LARI