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Programming is fun. It allows you to create algorithms to make life easier. These can range from mobile applications to web pages or video games. However, there is a way to go to get to this result, and this is where I come in. In my classes, I will give you the basic and essential knowledge to have a very solid base. You can expect me to explain the subject, give you some examples related to the concepts explained, give you some exercises in order to improve your skills and even give you the specific knowledge you need to prepare for an exam or do a project, but you can't expect me to solve your projects or exams. The languages I can teach you are .Net, Java and JavaScript (especially React). I don't care if you are looking for an Android application, a desktop application in Visual Studio, a web application with Visual Studio Code or simple programs using Netbeans.
My Spanish classes are open to everyone who is interested in learning this wonderful language, from children to adults. The lessons are always adapted to the needs of the learner. I always dedicate a few minutes to having a conversation about topics that interest the student, in order to be able to practise, at the same time, oral comprehension and expression, as well as to be able to touch on vocabulary. I also usually use text content with a topic appropriate to the student's level to work on reading comprehension. And, if the student agrees, I suggest that they write texts as homework so that they can apply the knowledge they have acquired.

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Great teacher. Our seven year old son enjoys each class with him.

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