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13 thermodynamics teachers in United States

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Abdullah - Madrid$16
Trusted teacher: A distinguished private tutor with extensive experience in teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry, and science subjects according to the British and American curricula. This teacher has exceptional teaching skills and an advanced educational vision that helps students achieve their maximum potential and excel in scientific subjects. With his strong background in scientific subjects and his constant knowledge of the latest developments in the field of education, he is able to simplify difficult and complex concepts and explain them clearly to students. His interactive teaching method is enhanced and maximum use of class time is encouraged, as he encourages students to ask questions and actively participate in lessons. A symbol of commitment and professionalism, this teacher takes the time to assess the needs of each individual student and develop a customized learning plan to help them enhance their skills and overcome challenges they may face. With a deep understanding of different learning styles, he guides students in ways that suit their thinking style and needs. This teacher encourages students to develop their scientific and analytical thinking skills by solving practical exercises and applied problems. It also promotes independence and excellence by providing additional learning resources and directing students to trusted sources to continue their learning outside of class. With a strong interest in providing an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, this teacher builds a strong relationship of trust with students and motivates them to achieve outstanding results. It works hard to provide a supportive and stimulating environment that contributes to maximizing the use of classes and ensuring the success of students in their academic and scientific careers. Experienced over 5 years, I give private lessons in Mathematics - Analysis - Matrices - Statistics - Algebra - Geometry - Physics, either at home or by internet online by a method of virtual class following a link that serves as a table plus Skype (a very modern and effective method) with results all mentioned since 2015 by this method or by the face-to-face method since 2002. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me, guaranteed response in a few minutes up to 5-8 hours maximum.
Physics · Electrical circuits · Thermodynamics
Trusted teacher: Do not hesitate: try and see, support your teaching. Save your time learning and achieve better results. Invest in yourself! Satisfaction guaranteed! === I Offer: 1. Primary school, high school: - Help with current physics lessons, preparation for tests, cards, exams, matura/high school graduation test, - Extending the knowledge acquired at school and the student's interests, - Lessons are conducted based on the current needs of the student and teacher at school, - When learning physics, we often make up for the necessary elements in mathematics, if the student requires it, - If the student has no arrears (or we have caught up with it), we make the material forward. As a result, the students do not have a problem in the lessons, and they receive positive marks for their activity - my observations show that with such lessons, students do the best in the class. 2. Studies: - Classical Physics: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics; - Solid state physics - Physics of the nucleus, atom and elementary particles, - Quantum mechanics, - Condensed phase physics, Low temperature physics; - Physical chemistry, Reports, analisys, physical laboratories 1, 2 === How does the online lesson looks like? I connect with the student via Skype. We work on an interactive board on which both me and the student can write on. I have a graphic tablet, so my notes are like on paper. I paste photos / scans of tasks directly on the board (photos attached). After the lesson, I send the entire lesson to the student in PDF format. The student can write with the mouse, can write on a regular piece of paper, can write via tablet, you can also purchase a graphic tablet, it is not necessary but highly recommended in longer cooperation. === See u!
Mechanical engineering · Thermodynamics · Physics
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Math for elementary to university students / Wiskunde voor studenten in de lagere school, middelbaar en universiteit (Ghent)
Yas is a great teacher, open to every question and able to answer them all. She really helped me to understand mathematics in a way no teacher has ever done before, going back to the roots of the problem and taking her time to explain to me everything from the beginning :))
Review by CARLOTTA
Swimming: Basic techniques and refinement, all ages (private lesson) (Antwerp)
Kind, friendly, professional and with a lot of patience! I did a lot of progress within the first lesson! I highly recommend it!
Review by IONELA
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry courses for gymnasium and college. (Écublens)
I really understand the work after André has explained it.
Review by LORNA