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4 teaching teachers in Houten

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Salve a tutti, My name is Vittoria Wafa and I come from Venezia, Italia. I graduated in English linguistics at Università Ca' Foscari, I am currently studying for my master's degree in the same uni, same major to become an English teacher, hopefully soon! I have many years of experience as a private tutor to kids from elementary to college. I love what I do and I am competent enough to offer you the tools necessary to explore and navigate the Italian language, from pronounciation to grammar i will be here for you providing all the material you need to improve day by day. My teaching methods depend on the student and their level. For each student I make a program tailored around the goals we want to achieve together. Please don't be shy and contact me even if you're only curious. Enjoy your day, peace:) E... per i miei amici italiani che vogliono imparare bene la lingua inglese: Sono laureata in linguistica inglese presso l'Università Ca' Foscari e tramite la magistrale sempre in linguistica inglese sto studiando per poter accedere al concorso statale per diventare insegnante di inglese. Ho anni di esperienza come tutor privato, oltre che anni di esperienza nel settore turistico (soprattutto con clienti americani) quindi: da pronuncia da manuale a grammatica funzionale, sono qui per voi per preparvi a verifiche, esami, colloqui, un viaggio in USA, UK, Dubai dove volete, fornendovi un progamma su misura e tutto il materiale necessario per padroneggiare questa magnifica lingua. Vi aiuterò quanto più possibile, non esitate a contattarmi! Un saluto a tutti, Vittoria Wafa
Teaching · Italian · English
English has often been described as the 'language of the world', and for good reason! It is a language that allows many people from a multitude of countries to build new lives, pursue new careers, build new friendships and strengthen existing relationships. Many classes and course focus predominantly on the more advanced side of the English language, and whilst this is a very important part of learning English to a fluent level, for the majority of everyday people, the ability to converse and communicate with other English-speaking people is the most important skill they wish to develop. That is what we will work on predominantly in my classes, before proceeding to the more advanced and technical skills and knowledge required to reach English fluency. When we begin learning how to ride a bike, none of us want 10 hours worth of technical knowledge thrown at us about how a bike works or the history of the bicycle......we want to get on the bike and have fun! We will begin learning AND using these conversational English skills straight away, whilst also learning about the English culture too, which will play a key part in being able to understand English people at times. All of these will be conducted in a friendly, informative and fun environment, with interactive tasks and exercises designed to get you using and practising the language. Extra help and advice alongside these lessons will also be offered at no extra cost! Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would be interested in booking a lesson!
English · Tutoring · Teaching
Trusted teacher: Salut a tous ! Je me prénomme Mouad, je suis passioné par le savoir et j'adore le transmettre ! Je suis titulaire d'un Master en Recherche Opérationnelle (Mathématiques Appliqués) et j'enseignes depuis plus de 2 ans en cours particuliers, principalement les mathématiques pour les niveaux College, Lycee, Université. J'ai enseigné a des élèves de l'école publique, Privée, Programme Francais (Mission), Belge, Suisse , Programme espagnol (les élèves de l'école espagnole qui sont francophone ou anglophone), Programme américain ... En bref, tous les programmes francophone ou anglophone. J'enseigne aussi la physique-chimie ainsi que les matieres scientifiques en general (sauf la SVT) Les scéances se déroulent généralement comme suit:: 1) les premieres scéances ont principalement pour but de jauger le niveau de l'élève afin de faire ressortir les lacunes constatées 2) Puis vient l'établissement d'un plan afin de combler les lacunes: Nombre d'heures de travail requis, Les parties des lecons sur lesquels se concentrer, Plusieurs exercices d'entrainement et de perfectionnement... 3) Nous veillons a faire tout cela en restant a Jour avec le professeur de classe de l'élève. 4) Je fournis enssuite des examens similares a ce qui est susceptible d'etre posé en classe. 5) J'établi a la demande un rapport, généralement mensuel afin de tenir au courant les parents sur le niveau de leur enfant tout au long du cursus. J'adapte aussi ma méthodologie en fonction des besoins de chaque élève, chacun a donc une méthode de travaille personalisée et adapté a ses besoins ! Je fais aussi des cours accéléré pour ceux qui se préparent a la rentrée afin qu'ils rentrent forts et bien préparé. N'hesitez pas a me contacter ;)
Math · Physics · Teaching
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I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Excellence: Maths - Physics - Chemistry - Technology courses for College - High School - University levels (Montreal)
Mouad is a fantastic teacher. He has a very professional approach to what he is doing. He knows how to work with younger students. He can quickly position student's knowledge and has the flexibility to follow the required curriculum. He also knows how to build the confidence of the student himself what is extremely important in case of students who had bad experience with the subject in the past. Mouad communicates fluently in French and English. He is always on time and well prepared for classes. He also gives feedback after the lessons. We will definately continue classes with him. My son is making good progress in Mathematics while working with Mouad.
Review by ANNA
English lessons with a CELTA-qualified native English speaking teacher / Engelse lessen met een ervaren CELTA-gecertificeerde docent (Amsterdam)
Tom is very enjoyable and professional teacher. He asks the right questions regarding what exactly you are seeking to improve and which area(s). He gives the proper feedback and with his background and knowledge, searching for a good teacher you shouldn't look any further. Thank you Tom, looking forward to my next classes and improving the language.
Review by AMNA