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2 tarot teachers in Canada

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I have worked all over the world in many professional settings and industries as a reader. I work in broadcast news, media, fashion, film, consulting, and counseling backgrounds - and have had the humbling experience and privilege of being able to help guide public and respected individuals of all kinds. I am not only a birthed, Natural Psychic medium, clairvoyant, and clairsentience reader I am also able to work in the fields of science, psychology, and philosophy. As I view the logical and spiritual realms are interconnected. So any questions regarding logical, scientific, philosophical, and historical backing are greatly welcomed in this class. I will teach you to not only be a Professional, Empowered, and Personally Enlightened Tarot Reader but also access and help you find a way to completely rely and trust your own Intuition as well as connect with your own Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors as a tool (if you see it fit to be a part of your life and want for yourself). What people do not know about Psychics, Tarot Readers: Each Reader is different. All possess a different style, shuffle, and "card language" that is all their own. This is the power of the divine being able to respect your identity as an individual. And this class will help you to see that. I will teach you the following: 1. symbol (and what they can all mean to your own individual reading style, energy, and identity when you conduct a reading for your own customers) 2. number (numerology, angel numbers, etc) 3. clarification decks and supplementary cards (tarot decks and readings are not all the same. So it's important to understand how to use clarification decks - a 2nd tarot deck - or oracle cards to supplement the reading. 4. history of tarot and misconceptions in religion and spirituality. This will talk about how it relates in the modern world and society. Just because one accesses the esoteric realm or Guides, Angels, and Spirit world to help them does not mean one cannot be spiritual, belief in God, have a normal life, and can associate in circles where Tarot may not be easily talked about but can work in all personalized settings. 5. confidence in your Tarot Reading abilities, identity, and spiritual strength of intuition.
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Initiation to the Tarot of Marseille, assimilation, assembly (Lattes)
Very interesting. Florence did an amazing job during our lesson. I recommend. Merci!
Review by FILIPA
Tarot Card Reading and also Learn to be become a professional Tarot Card Reader (Chandigarh)
Very professional and connected
Review by LUELLA

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