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Trusted teacher: *** To get treatment / therapy, contact me Reiki I - to treat oneself and others DURATION In private (1 person) - around 6 hours (contact me directly by message to obtain the prices of private lessons) Small group (2-3 people) - around 6 hours Large group (4 people and more) - about 8h Is done in several blocks at your convenience ABOUT MY TRAINING I was trained in India by Master Reiki Shanti Ji. I am the eighth degree of my lineage - what we consider is "short lineage" therefore traditional and undiluted of the original teaching. My master, Shanti Ji has been practicing Reiki for 35 years. She lived for a long time in the community of Osho. And she had the chance to authenticate all symbols with Phyllis Lei Furumoto. ABOUT THE COURSE In the first place this course is for everyone (even children!). It teaches you the basics of self-treatment in Reiki as well as the basic understanding of energy in the 7 main chakras and in your body. This course introduces you to the concrete contact with energy then the deepening of the basic techniques for the practice of self-treatment. Emphasis will be placed on developing receptive skills and then transmitting the universal energy of life as well as listening to your own energy in your body. It is important to develop this listening to nurture an intimate relationship with energy. Also on the program are the origins of Reiki, its philosophy, its five principles of life and the importance of intention in each treatment. As a result of this course, you will be able to better understand and feel your own energy and treat yourself as soon as you feel the need. The 4 initiations open and intensify your receptive capacity to the energy of life to facilitate its transmission. This learning will allow you to know you better at all levels and to participate more actively and actively in your healing. It will help you to become aware of the consequences of your mechanisms on your vital energy. So you can begin to change your reflexes consciously in an ever greater concern to take care of yourself. You will discover more the value of your Being and your ability to act for your well-being. This course is also ideal for continuing to take care of yourself even when you are followed by a therapist. It can also be useful to practice as a family. CONTENT Introduction What is Reiki First Initiation Self-healing practice Second initiation Practice positions - front Third initiation Practice positions - rear Fourth initiation Balance of chakras Group treatment Conclusion *** Obtain your certificate and you will have course notes Reiki is a holistic therapy, a gentle energy work method that helps to heal the physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki means "Universal Life Force". This system allows a practitioner to easily channel this love energy and to pour it by a touch of light on the body. The practice of this technique allows to apply a natural vital energy in a systematic treatment that covers all organs of the body. Reiki is a therapy that helps relieve pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It calms the effects of all types of both acute and chronic diseases. A treatment can reload the body's energies and restore mental and emotional clarity as well as concentration. Reiki not only works to rid the body and mind of the symptoms of the disease, it also treats the root of the ailments. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body. The result is a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Reiki is a healing art developed in Japan in 1922 by a man named Mikao Usui. After practicing Zen for three years, Usui Sensei - who was searching for enlightenment - performed a 21-day fast on Mount Kurama Yama. It is at the end of this fast that he received enlightenment by receiving a very powerful spiritual energy. The techniques of initiation (Reiju) set up by Usui awaken and reopen the healing channel inside the practitioner allowing him to transmit the life force of life.
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Trusted teacher: The minimum contents of the REIKI 1 course - What is Reiki? - The history of Reiki - The five principles of Reiki - Reiki I harmonization. - Hand positions to treat the individual - Hand position to treat others - Energy analysis or diagnosis The minimum contents of the REIKI 2 course - Revision of Reiki I - Introduction to Reiki II - The first three symbols of Reiki and how to use them - Reiki level II harmonization (s) - Mental healing and distance healing - Other possibilities of Reiki II - A Reiki level I and II Manual and course completion certificate. The minimum contents of the REIKI 3 Master Course Introduction Reiki master symbol Meanings of Dai, Ko, and Myo and the 21-Day Cleansing Process Preparation for harmonization HAND POSTITIONS for the receiver Harmonization procedures General information Summary of some important things to remember minimum course content: Reiki I Reiki II Reiki III Teaching guidelines For students who have completed the gaps between levels Four important topics Become a Reiki Master. REIKI LEVEL 1 Workshop: Open for ALL Introduction to Reiki History of Reiki The Five Reiki Principles Energy Basics Healing and the Principle of Healing Full Body Self Treatment Full Body Treatment of Others Sensastions on the palms and SCANNING Reiki I Attunements (s) CERTIFICATE of Completion Reiki I Manual REIKI LEVEL 2 Workshop: Only for Reiki I practitioner Revision of Reiki I Introduction to Reiki II Reiki Symbols How and when to use Symbols in Healing? Reiki II Attunement (s) How to perform Distance Treatment How to perform Mental Healing Other things you can do with Reiki Symbols Setting up your Reiki practice CERTIFICATE of completion Reiki I and II Manuals REIKI LEVEL 3 or Reiki Master Workshop: Only for Reiki II practitioners Revision of Reiki I and II Introduction to Reiki III Who and what is a Reiki Master? Reiki Master Symbol and its uses Reiki III Attunement (s) How to teach each Reiki level Attunement / Initiation Procedures for all Reiki Levels CERTIFICATE of Completion Reiki I, II and III Manuals for future practice. * The Reiki certificate can be used to register yourself as a Reiki Practitioner or Master in Reiki Associations wherever you practice. You can choose to do only one level or you can do the 2 first levels back to back. You need a long practice and many real healing experience. IT IS A COMMON BELIEF AMONG ENERGY WORKERS THAT THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HEALERS IN THE WORLD !!!
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