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    Classical guitar - technique and repertoire - beginners and advanced

    I specialize in classical guitar repertoire.
    I am currently doing a Master's in Lute at ZHDK.

    -Repertoire and interpretation.
    -Preparation for concerts and admissions to institutions.
    -Amateurs and advanced students.
    -Also musical reading and renaissance tablature.
    -Also Jazz, bossa nova and tango for beginners.


    At student's location: Around Zurich, Switzerland

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    General info



    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Spanish

    About Me

    Classical guitarist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    He is Founder and Artistic Director of the Camerata Argentina de Guitarras.
    In 2014 he released his first solo CD "Morro de Saudade".
    In the last ten years he gave concerts regularly as a soloist and with different formations in the main halls of Buenos Aires such as CCK, Usina del Arte and Centro Nacional de la Música. He has also performed in Paraguay and Italy.
    He made national and international premieres of works by Leo Brouwer in ensemble and as soloist.
    He studied in Buenos Aires Conservatories with Marcela Sfriso and Eduardo Isaac. As part of his training, he also took several courses and seminars with renowned guitarists, such as Eduardo Fernández, Walter Ujaldón, Pablo Márquez and Miguel de Olaso (Early music).
    He has recently been accepted for a Master in Early Plucked String Instruments at the University of the Arts in Zurich (Switzerland) under the guidance of Maestro Eduardo Egüez.


    Currently Master at ZHDK

    Musical Education

    -1999-2006 Juan José Castro Conservatory. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
    Degree: Guitar Professor.
    -2008-2011 Luis Gianneo Conservatory. Mar del Plata. Argentina.
    Degree: Senior Guitar Professor.

    Masterclass-Seminars (Argentina)

    -2008. Musicampus, by the Professors: Pablo Márquez, Isabel Siewers, Eduardo
    Castañeras and Carlos Groisman. (Córdoba)
    -2008. Musicarte XXI, by the Professors: Eduardo Fernández, Walter Ujaldón and Norman Baroni. (CABA)
    -2009. Galas del Río, by Professor Pablo Márquez. (Entre Ríos)
    -2010. Galas del Río, by Professor Pablo Márquez. (Entre Ríos)
    -2010. Masterclass with Eduardo Fernández. Grassi Conservatory. (CABA)
    -2012. 1º International Guitar Conference of School of Music of the Humanities and Arts University of Rosario. Professors: Víctor Villadangos and Eduardo Fernández. (Rosario)
    -2014. 3º International Meeting of Musical Interpretation (EIDIM). University Adventista Del Plata, Eduardo Isaac. (Entre Ríos)
    -2017. Masterclass at the CCK with Leo Brouwer (CABA)
    -2017. Private classes in interpretation in early music with Professor Miguel de Olaso.
    - 2018. Course at the National University of the Arts (UNA) Renaissance music.
    Miguel de Olaso (CABA)
    -2018. Course at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Renaissance and Baroque music. Miguel de Olaso (CABA)

    Experience / Qualifications

    More than 10 years of experience in teaching guitar and music.

    Teaching experience:

    -2015-2019. Guitar Professor: Carlos Morel Municipal School of Fine Arts,(Quilmes, Buenos Aires)
    -2011 to 2014. Guitar Professor and chamber music: Musicarte XXI (Private School of Music in Buenos Aires)
    -2006-2018. Music Teacher. San Cayetano School. (Buenos Aires)
    Native Professor from Argentina. More than 10 years of experience in education. Conversation Pronunciation Grammar If you are going to travel to Latin America and want to be better prepared. This is a good opportunity to improve your Spanish.

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    Availability of a typical week

    10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00    Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00  Saturday at 10:00  
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    18      Wednesday at 18:00        
    from $37.39At student's home

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.



    Piano lessons / Klavierunterricht, Der Klavierunterricht für Ihre Ziele und Fähigkeiten individuell designt
    Beginners and advanced, children and adults Didactics: I am a piano teacher, accredited teacher at the Kalaidos University of Music Switzerland, majoring in piano (since 2016) with a master's degree in music education at the conservatory in Lugano (2010). Over the past 20 years, I have successfully employed my teaching experience at various major music institutes and conservatory. Teacher activity: Since 2017, Accredited Teacher in Piano at Kalaidos Swiss College. 2016, Conservatory Zurich, Vicariate for piano. 2012-2016, private lessons with Jecklin Musikräume, Zurich. My various activities in the music sector have allowed me to work with students from 5 to 85 years and to perform various functions as a teacher, chamber music and course organizer. Thanks to these experiences, I was able to develop my communicative and educational skills. Listening and perception make up my personal quality in the design of my lessons. Enthusiastic and intuitive, I react in a differentiated way to my students. I would be glad if you would give me the opportunity to personally introduce myself to a trial lesson.

    Saxophone learning lessons for everyone! Sharing music together!
    Hello My name is Kay and I specialise in Saxophone and music learning for any level - from learning foundations and fundamentals of music. My goal is to motivate and encourage anyone who has an interest in learning and playing the saxophone through different styles! These sessions are for people who want to gain some different skills and perhaps unleash an unknown talent for music and the saxophone! You will learn a variety of saxophone techniques which will be suited for your learning and be provided a comprehensive music learning experience. If there are additional requirements that would like to be explored, there are always possibilities for these situations! I am happy to assist with any questions and preferences in music styles and genres.

    Violin Lessons & Solfege Lessons for all levels and age.
    Graduate teacher offers violin races for children and adults. If you are passionate about music I can help you learn to play on one of the most beautiful musical instruments. It is also a good activity for your child, it will allow him to know the classical music, spent pleasant moments and surely it will help him in the future life, because the music in general is an integral part of our life.

    Private Clarinet Lesson to all students who want to learn quickly
    CV / Curriculum Vitae JESUS ​​DAVID Nationality: Venezuela Date of birth: 12.12.1997 Musical experiences 2003: Musical debut with the orchestra Vicente Emilio Sojo, conducted by Mrs. Johanna Ayala 2004: Choir lessons, as well as concerts, under the direction of Mr. Guadalupe Léon 2004-2006: Beginners lessons with the teachers: Jedary Ramos and Edwin Rojas 2006: clarinet lessons with Mrs. Daniela Toro 2007: clarinet lessons with Mr. Anthoy Diaz 2008: Orchestra project under the direction of Mr. Ron Davis 2009: clarinet lessons with Mr. Samuel Aparicio 2010: clarinet lessons with Mr. Carlos Escalona 2010: clarinet lessons with Mrs. Carmen Borregales 2010: Orchestra project with dme orchestra Francisco de Miranda, conducted by Mr. Andrés Gonzalez 2010: Orchestra tour with the orchestra Sinfonica Francisco de Miranda 2011: clarinet lessons with Mr. Valdemar Rodriguez 2011: Final concert at the 9th festival of the young clarinetists, with the Mendelsohn duo 2011: Masterclasses with international teachers such as: Michael Arringon, Luis Rossi, Luis Mora, Ricardo Do Freites, Antonio Saiote, etc. 2012: Music camp in Spain with the teacher Yehuda Gilad 2012: Invitation to the orchestra Simon Bolivar 2012: Orchestra tour to the USA with the orchestra Simon Bolivar 2013: Invitation to the Simon Bolivar Band 2013: Europe tour with the Simon Bolivar Band 2013: Masterclasses with international teachers like: Aude Richard Camus, Paul Meyer, etc. 2014-2015: Clarinet Concert by Guarenas-Guatire 2014-2015: Solo Concerto with pieces by Aron Copland 2016: Semifinalist at the YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION, in Lawrence Kansas 2016: Masterclasses with Ricardo Morales and Richie Hawley 2017: Sound recordings with orchestra by Pastorale Beethoven 6th, Danza of Galante (Kodaly), etc 2017: Jury member for the entrance exams of the youth orchestra Francisco de Miranda Education: 2001-2003: Level 1 and 2 preschool in the Madre Enriqueta 2003-2013: Preschool to high school UE Santa Maria Goretti 2014-2015: Bachelor of Science, San Jose School

    Joan Jordi
    Saxophone / music theory lessons for everyone in Zürich!
    Hi there! Do you have interest in learning saxophone or do you like music and would like to discover its fundamentals? My name is Joan Jordi, I'm from Spain and have been living and studying in Zurich for two years. My main specialization is the saxophone, which I have been studying in Spain and completing a Master Degrees at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. During my studies in Spain I have been teaching in a music school, specially children in between 7 and 16 years old, and some adults privately. I have experience in pedagogy and some official methods to follow in order to help you understanding how to play the instrument and feel and discover the secrets of the music you like. Give it a try! See you soon!

    Piano lessons in English and German for children and adults. At your home or in one of the teacher’s locations in central Zurich
    Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Piano Instructor - someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher who focuses on developing your talents and skills step by step. As an experienced and passionate Piano Instructor, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.

    Piano Class, Music Theory, Musical Interpretation.
    I teach individual piano lessons that incorporates elements of theory, as well as instrumental technique and interpretation. With 9 years of experience in teaching piano, a Master Degree in Chamber Music, a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Interpretation- Piano and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I am interested to offer my training skills and knowledge to students. My style of teaching is highly collaborative with unique focus on meeting the needs of each student.

    Piano and solfege lessons by professor graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris
    Hello good evening apprentice musician apprentice musician, I live in Lausanne but it's probably not what interests you the most, I'm 22 years old and it's been 8 years since I play piano, 2 years that I teach. I was at the Conservatoire de Lausanne and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris where I graduated. I'm used to very different profiles, and I adapt to the wishes of each student (technical work, choice of songs ...), the practice of music must remain a pleasure, in my opinion, even if the we want to reach a certain level! I would be delighted to teach the novice step by step the piano and solfeggio at the request of the student. I am open to any style! I am attentive and patient, my schedules are for the moment rather flexible, if it must change I will do it you anyway know. Work well but most of all have fun!

    Learn how to advance in Clssical and Acoustic guitar playing
    Purpose of these classes is to advance your guitar playing using the best techniques and easiest ways to move forward quickly.You will enjoy classes but still face with challneges and learn how to overcome them and that way become skillful guitar player. Classes are completely suitable for begginers and already advanced guitar players!

    Celtic and Pedal Harp lessons for each level and all ages.
    Currently a graduate student at ETH Zürich, but recently graduated at the Royal Conservatory Ghent in Performing Music, Classical Harp with a specialisation in Music Education where I studied with Arielle Valibouse. Teaching for all ages. In this class the harp lessons will be individualized and adapted to the expectations of the student.

    Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar Private Courses
    ENGLISH -> About me: I am a master physics student at the ETH Zürich and I am 22 years old. I am passionate about music in general. I started playing intensively the electric guitar at 13 years old. I quickly stared playing the acoustic guitar in parallel. I played the guitar in several band from pop to metalcore. I recorded an EP with my metalcore band in which I composed and played the lead guitar. Nowadays I also produce electronic music on computer (Techno and trap beats) -> What I can teach you: I can teach both electric and acoustic guitar for beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar player in french and english. We can practice together every genre of music (Pop, Folk, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Metalcore). The goal is to be defined with you but the main thing is that at the end you have fun playing the guitar! For beginners, we can start right away with or without learning about music theory; learning how to read music sheets which isn't actually mandatory to learn how to play the guitar. In the case where you directly want to play you favorite songs I will teach you how to read tabs and chords. I can provide you drum tracks of your favorite song if you want to practice efficiently outside of the dedicated lectures. FRENCH -> À propos: Je suis étudiant en physics à ETH Zürich au niveau master et j'ai 22 ans. J'ai toujours été un passionné de musique en général. J'ai commencé à faire de la guitare électrique à l'âge de 13 ans. J'ai rapidement aussi commencé la guitare acoustique en parallèle. J'ai joué de la guitare dans plusieurs groupes de musique dont le genre va de la pop jusqu'au metalcore. En ce moment, en plus de jouer de la guitare, je produis aussi de la musique électronique sur ordinateur (Techno et des instrumentales type Trap). -> Ce que je peux vous enseigner: Je peux vous enseigner autant la guitare électrique que la guitare acoustique pour les débutant, les niveaux intermédiaires et avancés. Je peux enseigner en anglais ou en francais. Nous pouvons pratiquer et apprendre ensemble n'importe quel style de musique (Pop, Folk, Blues, Rock Heavy Metal, Metalcore). L'objectif sera à définir au préalable avec vous mais le but reste que vous vous amusiez à faire de la guitare. Si apprendre à lire une partition ne vous intéresse pas, nous pouvons directement apprendre à lire une tablature ce qui vous premettera d'apprendre plus rapidement vos morceaux préférés. Je peux éventuellement vous fournir des pistes audio la batterie et la basse des morceaux pour que vous puissiez progresser même en dehors des heures de cours.

    Violin and solfege lessons in Switzerland, online, by Skype
    Master student at the HEM in Geneva, currently in Erasmus Exchange in Berlin, Bachelor of Music, member of orchestra of young Europeans, gives online courses for students of all levels and all ages. I adapt my teaching according to the expectations and objectives of the student. The technical work to acquire greater ease with the instrument will always be oriented towards a musical research and the pleasure of playing music. I can also give some basics of music theory, included in a violin class. These courses can be part of a regular learning plan or one-off sessions (preparation of an exam, help with the personal work of a pupil of a musical institution, etc.).

    Unterrichte Geige Bratsche Musiktheorie in Zürich.
    Seit 6 Jahren unterrichte ich mit Spass Violine, Viola und Musiktheorie mit dem Ziel einer individuellen Unterstützung der Schüler im Rahmen von Kursen in Konservatorien, aber auch im Rahmen eines einzigartigen und angepassten Lernens für alle Stufen Meine Lektionen richten sich an al. Die Kurse können in der Regel 1 Stunde dauern und kann man i nach Bedarf anpassen. Ich unterrichte Violin, Viola and Musikthreorie auf Deutsch, English, and Französich Julie Le Gac ist eine leidenschaftliche, stets neugierige Violenspielerin mit hoher künstlerischer Sensibilität, die sich durch eine Reihe von Kollektivprojekten mit innovativem und bildendem Charakter einen Namen macht. Sie studierte Bratsche bei David Gaillard and Nicolas Bone am Pariser Konservatorium (CNSMDP), wo sit im Juni 2016 ihr Bachelor-Studium abgeschlossen hat. Jetzt entwickelt sie weiter ihre musikalische Kompetenz mit einem Master in der Klasse from Lawrence Power in the Zürcher Hochschule Der Künste (ZHDK) Julie Le Gac hat als Solistin bereits mehrere Auszeichnungen und Preise erhalten (L.- Bellan-Wettbewerb 2010, Wettbewerb für junge Bratschisten 2011), ist inzwischen jedoch hauptsächlich an Kollektivprojekten beteiligt. Sie hat auf vielen internationalen Festivals und in OrchesterAkademien gespielt (französisches Jugendorchester, Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival usw.) Und war Mitglied der Akademie des Opernhauses Zürich. Zudem arbeitet sie mit mehreren professionellen Orchestern zusammen (Pariser Oper, National Orchestra of France, Orchestra of Paris, Opernhaus Zürich, usw.). Julie Le Gac and Kammermusik und die damit zusammenhängende Ensemble- Arbeit: Sie war Gründungsmitglied des Trios Desdemona (Bratsche, Klarinette, Klavier), mit dem sie an mehreren Festivals teilnahm, und begeisterte bei der Veranstaltung Zermatt Music Festival & Academy (Kammermusik und Kammerorchester ) gemeinsam mit Musikern der Berliner Philharmonie. Julie Le Gac experimentiert mit unterschiedlichen Formation und und künstlerischen Genres (Jazz, improvisierte Musik usw.) Und spielt regelmässig in verschiedenen Ensembles. Auch zukünftig möchte sie sich künstlerisch weiterentwickeln, aber auch andere unterrichten und mit ihrer Leidenschaft anstecken. Zudem sind Projekte mit dem Ziel der Kulturmittlung und der Steigerung musikalischen Bewusstseins geplant. Unterrichtsort: Bei der Lehrperson zu Hause in Zurich, Musikschule in Zurich or beim Schüler zu Hause im Kanton Zürich Level: Kinder, Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene, Profis Form: Einzelunterricht, Gruppenunterricht Unterrichtsdauer: 30 Minuten, 45 Minuten or 60 Minuten Preis: CHF 70/100 Bevorzugte Unterrichtszeit: Morgens, Mittags, Nachmittags, Abends, Wochenende Passionate about the pedagogy and the transmission of my passion, my lessons of Violin, Viola and solfege address and adapt to all. Usually of 1 hour duration, the courses can be articulated in different ways according to the need of each one. For 6 years I give courses of Music Training, violin and viola at the same time with the aim of a personalized support of the students following courses in conservatories but also within the framework of a unique and adapted learning and for all levels . Passionate, curious, and endowed with an artistic sensibility, the violist Julie is involved in many projects, both collective, innovative and educational. After having studied viola with Michel Michalakakos, then in the class of David Gaillard and Nicolas Bone at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSMDP) where she obtained in June 2016 her Bachelor's degree, she perfected herself today. Master's degree in the class of Lawrence POWER at the Zurich Hochschule (ZHDK). She has already won several awards and prizes as a solo performer (Competition L. Bellan 2010, Contest Young Altistes 2011) but it is for the moment especially in collective experiences that it flourishes. She has, in fact, participated in numerous Festivals and Orchestral Academies of international dimension (French Youth Orchestra, Gustav Mahler Joung Orchestra, Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, ...) and was a member of the Academy of the orchestra of the Zürich Opera. She collaborates today with several professional orchestras (Paris Opera, National Orchestra of France, Orchestra of Paris, Opera of Zürich, ...). This pleasure of artistic sharing is also part of her practice of chamber music: member of the trio Desdémone (Alto, Clarinet, Piano) with which she participated in several festivals, she also participated in Zermatt Music Festival Academy, (music of chamber and chamber orchestra) with musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic. She explores different formations and regularly performs in sets with different geometries, and in various artistic worlds (Jazz, improvised music, ...) It is in this common artistic vibration that Julie wants to pursue her career, she also wishes to transmit her passion through pedagogy and hopes to develop projects of cultural mediation and musical awareness.

    Apprendre à jouer à la guitare acoustique/électrique
    Guitar lessons are always useful for all levels of guitar playing. the course content will depend on the level of the student and is entirely open to any preferences in songs or techniques the student wishes to learn. My course is designed in such a way that it focuses on the student's creativity with the guitar and works towards fine tuning what will eventually become the student's original song or composition. I encourage my students to tap into their creativity, since in my experience, I have found that this is where the pleasure and beauty of music tends to surface, when there are the least amount of boundaries possible. All styles of music are welcome!

    GUITAR AND / OR ZANGLES - Antwerp and surroundings - private
    GUITAR and ZANGLES: For beginners and advanced, young and old. Everyone receives a personal lesson plan and objectives. You don't have to know any nuts. The lessons take place in a pleasant demo room. At your own pace I will get to know you the guitar and its possibilities so that you can quickly play your favorite songs. If you come to sing, I will lift you to unprecedented heights through my knowledge and years of experience. I like to coach motivated people who can make time to develop musically. I expect commitment and then it can go quickly. Several students of mine are now enjoying some success in the music bizz. Partly because of their perseverance but also because of the training they received. I am a music coach and guide you in a pleasant, successful way through an educational period. If you want more details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Musical greetings, Danny