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VBA (Excel, Word, Outlook) training with Practical Sessions

VBA is a tool which is easily within People's reach and can take productivity, accuracy to levels beyond imagination. When data and complexity of projects are not very huge to get into fancy IT applications, VBA comes into picture to get things done efficiently with satisfactory results.

Some of the projects (VBA based) that I have personally undertaken in the past include Building financial and deal models to simulate best/worst case scenarios, Automated Legal contract generation with appropriate wordings and clauses based on specific inputs, Outlook/Mail automation to handle data through attachments or within body of mail, automated market analysis or financial analysis, data consolidation etc...

Based on the level, the training is designed to help and understand VBA and Macros and the power of building custom modules. To reinforce what is taught, there will be a few hands on sessions with a problem statement or example data/files.

Extra information

A discussion would be needed before beginning the session to understand the level and to adapt the training. A hands on session is absolutely recommended to test the learning and reinforce what is learnt


At teacher's location: Meilaan, 1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Belgium
At student's location: Around Brussels, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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60 minutes

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English, French

About Me

Enterprising, tech savvy person, with proven experience in Financial Modelling and who is also a motivated & fast learner; Open to opportunities which present immense potential to learn, grow and make an impact with people and processes.

I am undertaking involves tasks such as automating workflows to save time, improve processes by building custom Windows applications with VBA on Microsoft Office platform. I would like to offer training to share my knowledge and reach more people.


EDHEC Business School
Master of Science, Strategy and Organization Consultancy
2014 – 2015

EDHEC Business School
Masters in Management, Business Administration and Management, General
2012 – 2013

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2007 – 2011

Experience / Qualifications

DS Smith
Financial Business Analyst
September 2017 – Present (11 months)Brussels Area, Belgium
☛ Coordination of KPI Data Collection, Consolidation, Understanding Key business drivers and Challenge where relevant, trend analysis
☛ Analysis and Support the presentation of Sales and Business Development reports to Sales Organisation and Management
☛ Support Process/Methodology enhancement, tool maintenance and data testing
☛ Dashboard and Report building including profitability reports for Market Segmentation project

Analyst, Deal Management (Business Development, Finance)
September 2015 – September 2017 (2 years 1 month)Belgium
☛ Assisting with analysis to support Customer Account Managers
☛ Supporting operational functions and recommending solutions for problem resolution & process improvement
☛ Identification of opportunities to improve the quality and success rate of proposals
☛ Building and maintaining financial models and business cases - Part of implementation of standard models across Europe and Asia Pacific regions
☛ Addition of features to the financial models and business case based on Regulatory and/or business requirements
☛ Building and maintaining custom made tools for internal control process involved with contract review and signature process
☛ Management and executive reporting

Undertook various initiatives in areas related to Internal controls, compliance, legal/contract management and process improvements.

Entrepreneurs That SOAR!
Business Development Coordinator
December 2014 – August 2015 (9 months)
Virtual Internship - New Media marketing

☛ Collaborated with the president of the group to Create Products and Service Plans to leverage on Video Capabilities for Marketing efforts. (B2B Solutions)
☛ Creation of Online Community offering learning materials on subjects such as benefiting from the tools of new media marketing and use of Webcasts, Webinars and Virtual events to boost business

Toyota Motor Europe
Pricing, Sales & Marketing
June 2013 – July 2014 (1 year 2 months)Brussels Area, Belgium
Principle responsibility was to support the Lexus pricing team to handle pricing process in the Pan-European market, and Price Lexus models expected to be launched in 2014.
Key assignments or Projects included

☛ Price scheduling - A monthly process involving finalizing the pricing structure throughout the value chain and its impact on either side of the chain.
☛ Net price positioning - A quarterly process involving selection of competitor basket, comparing the prices in a normalized platform and providing all the necessary information for taking a pricing decision.
☛ Value table revision - A price table used for net price positing in order to compare Similar cars. The values are used to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages among the models chosen based on standard equipment on each of those models.
☛ New model pricing - Analysis and price structure for the introduction of the Lexus RC and the RC F in 13 countries of Europe.
☛ Assisting the Product division in creating a new safety strategy across all models of Toyota and Lexus in Europe.
☛ On demand / on request study of taxation, products and specifications offered in various countries under jurisdiction.

ABB India Ltd.
Engineer/Management trainee, Sales and Marketing, Low Voltage Systems & Process Automation
June 2011 – July 2012 (1 year 2 months)Bengaluru Area, India
☛ Participated and drove the definition and preparation of marketing tools customized for local needs: Technical clarifications, Solution description, technical consulting.
☛Assisted in planning for production with feeder listing and standard specification
☛ Interfacing with the front-end office for understanding the requirements and assembling them for further processing as every product was custom made.
☛ Involved in costing
☛ Trained in general commercial aspects and Project Management
☛ Worked for standardizing the offers made for stackers-reclaimers in process Automation Division as an individual project

Reviews (3)

Pavan is a great teacher and straight forward.
Very competent and very clear! It was an extremely useful lesson
Pavan est un excellent pédagogue, il sait très bien relier la théorie à la pratique . Je vous le recommande

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Microsoft Excel and VBA. From beginner to advanced level with experienced corporate trainer.
Excel is one of the most desirable skills by employers. If you want to increase your Excel of knowledge or you are going to begin your adventure with this software I can offer you a lessons. Your are going to go trough most basic comads in excel to advanced programming. As a corporate Excel trainer I can train you to pass Excel tests during recruitment process for job. Welcome to my class.

Excel Goal Seek - Linear Programming Supply Chain LP MIP
How do I know which is the best solution to optimize the transport between my different distribution routes? Where do I produce my products between my different production locations to minimize my total production and transportation costs based on my customers' demand and my production capacity? Using linear programming (LP) applied to Excel (Mixed Integer Programming and Goal Seek), I help you formulate mathematically a problem of Supply Chain (logistics) with its constraints, its decision variables and its objective function. Minimize transportation costs by choosing the cheapest combination of production and transportation, delivering the right product from the point of production to the point of sale, and maximizing truck utilization. You too can build your custom mathematical model for your business, small or large. We will learn how to decipher your business model to minimize the number of decision variables, prepare the data, and create our linear optimization program in Excel.

computer course (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Winbooks)
As a private tutor, my goal is to help students master Microsofts software. I can give the basics but also the more in-depth notions. My method of work is to give the theory (showing examples) and to give exercises so that the student can practice.

Excel class for FP&A, sales, supply chain managers
I am the one and only Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013 Expert in the Austin area. I teach Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 (as well as older versions) and Mac versions of Excel. I cater primarily to business professionals; I enjoy helping businesses solving problems, saving time and costs by creating customized dashboards and reports your C-level will love. I have helped companies reduce their accounting month-end closing times by over 95%, reduce budget timelines by over 80%, create operating reports they would never have imagined before.

Syed Abdul
Tutoring (Math, CAD, Excel, Primavera), Experience Pakistani and Indian foods
I have an experience in teaching maths and other subjects for about 10 years. I have professional experience of 5 years also in Production Manufacturing and Project Management sector. I know how to cook Indian and Pakistani dishes. I can give you a company also.

English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Studies, Microsoft Office
I am an Australian engineer currently completing my Masters of Electrical Engineering at Grenoble INP. I have a passion for education and have taught a wide variety of subjects at many different levels and institutions. My roles have included tutoring soil mechanics at the University of Sydney, teaching the engineering studies class at my former high school, and private tutoring in high school mathematics and physics. I keep my classes fun and relaxed. I set homework every week, and provide continuous feedback.

Learn to master Excel and VBA, and gain value in the market.
Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software in business, so it must be mastered. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, the courses that I propose you will improve your profile and thus sell you more expensive in the job market. With two years of experience during which I trained the employees of a company to the optimal use of this software, I propose you a pedagogy focused on the game in order to master all the facets of this software. Finished with galley crosstalk capricious, error messages coming out of nowhere, # N / A whose provenance is unknown. Become a master, and increase your value!

Excel functions for both the classroom and business
The class involves my demonstrating how to execute many Excel special functions. Such as linking information from one spreadsheet tab to another tab; creating V-Look ups, H-Look ups, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Nested If's, Sumif's, "If/Then", “If/And” scenarios among many others. Included in the lesson is an interactive spreadsheet which contains actual working formulas with step-by-step instructions for easy implementation. You will see working, functioning examples of all the Excel functions I teach & explain during the lecture. Excel is one of my specialties. As an experienced CPA who has had both individual and corporate clients, I have constructed both simple to very complex spreadsheets – plus I was always ready to explain how they functioned to my employer, my co-workers, my tax clients, and even auditors!

Leaen Micosoft Excel, VBA, Word, Powerpoint. Lectures can be delivered online (e.g. Skype)
I am specialized in Financial accounting and management. I am currently completing my PhD degree in the field of Finance from University d'Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand. I also have a masters degree in Business Administration. Furthermore, I have a two years experience in Audit in a bank. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after lesson and provide periodic progress reports. Please note that I will teach in English.

Microsoft Office lessons (Excel, Power point, word) Homework help
I am an Adobe certificated tutor, the class is focus on learning basics skills for all the Microsoft office programs. I will provide you with a guide, exercise and a final test to measure your level at the end. Also you will have after 10 lessons , consulting service online for any questions or help require!

Marketing, Projects,
In my classes you will learn all about marketing strategy, controlling projects and advanced excell

Microsoft Excel Course, Pivot Tables, V & H Research. Office, outlook.
Here are the courses that I propose for individual or professional: Setting up formulas (VLOOKUP, VLOOKUP etc.) Microsoft Excel, in French or in English. Very suitable for monthly reports and accounting. I can create dynamic, pre-fillable and customized Excel spreadsheets for your type of business.

EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT etc - ALL LEVELS: they will have no secrets for you!
Modulables, my courses adapt entirely to your level and especially to your profile. After having discussed with you and understanding your needs and objectives as well as the environment in which you operate and the knowledge you wish to acquire, I set up targeted exercises as well as short theoretical presentations. Guaranteed results in no time, you will not be disappointed! Do not hesitate to call me to have a first contact and at the same time get an answer to all your questions!

Microsoft Excel Course - All Levels - Brussels - FR / EN
With more than 10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Logistics and Banking consulting; I propose to improve quickly on the essential Office tools that are most of the time under / misused in companies. Learning Excel basic formulas, vlookup, pivot table, creation of dynamic table, report, use of layouts, file protection, ... Introduction to the VBA if needed. The Office suite is a very powerful and often underutilized tool. I will help you understand its use and facilitate its everyday use.

Learn English online so quickly at home online very easy steps
English Language Class and Course Descriptions. English language courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, reading and writing in English, Basic English Module 1 is a course for non-native speakers of English which focuses on developing your speaking, pronunciation, basic grammar, listening & reading skills. Ask for and give basic personal information about your home, your belongings and the people you know.