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English with experienced teacher from the United States

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Graduate and experienced English teacher in the United States (over 20 years) offers English classes, conversation, culture and pedagogy Anglo-Saxon all levels: secondary, higher and pro.
CV and references on request.
My goal is to make you progress without overburdening you.

Extra information

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You can bring your materials or we can decide on a course book if necessary.


At teacher's location: Chemin des Orphelins, 33140 Villenave-d'Ornon, France
At student's location: Around Bordeaux, France
Online via webcam

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General info


English as a second language (esl), English for adults, School


Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English

About Me

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I am Franco-American; half of my life in France and the other in the United States. I did all my undergraduate studies in San Francisco and Washington. I taught English in Cali and Washington for nearly 20 years in public high schools. Finally, I embarked on teacher training. I am now an English teacher in France and I still love what I do. I am really all audiences with a preference for adols and adults.


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o 1996 - Bachelor in French and English (California State University, Hayward)
o 2010 - Masters in Education (The Evergreen State College - Olympia, Washington, USA)

Experience / Qualifications

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2002 - 2016 - Teacher of English Second Language - Primary in Secondary
North Thurston High School. Lacey, Washington.
1997 - 2001 - Teacher of French as a Foreign Language - Primary and Secondary
Andrew Hill High School, San Jose, California
• Speaker and lecturer in education science = 12 years of experience
• 25 years of experience in the United States on the west coast (California and Washington State)

Reviews (3)

La manière d'être et de faire d'Anne-Marie est vraiment agréable et humaine, ce qui la rend inévitablement efficace. De par la diversité de son expérience, Anne-Marie sait que l'apprentissage passe par la relation avec l'apprenant et c'est exactement ce que je cherchais pour ma fille. Merci !!
Le contact est facile avec Anne Marie et elle a de suite cherché et réussi à répondre à mes attentes.
I can help pupils and students in many areas in English, whether for homework help, preparation for travel or expatriation in English-speaking countries or exam preparation (Cambridge tests etc .. .) My goal is for students to feel comfortable and progress in comprehension and conversation but also in writing or reading.
This course is designed to prepare bachelors for prepas classes in English. My goal is to make you progress orally and / or in writing and to prepare you for the competitions. Possibility of doing classes in groups.

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Availability of a typical week

11  Monday at 11:00    Wednesday at 11:00    Friday at 11:00  Saturday at 11:00  
12  Monday at 12:00    Wednesday at 12:00      Saturday at 12:00  
13  Monday at 13:00    Wednesday at 13:00      Saturday at 13:00  
14  Monday at 14:00    Wednesday at 14:00        
15  Monday at 15:00    Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00      
16  Monday at 16:00    Wednesday at 16:00  Thursday at 16:00      
17  Monday at 17:00    Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00      
18  Monday at 18:00    Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00      
19        Thursday at 19:00      
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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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I teach English and American English at many levels: - Primary, - Middle School High School, - University (License, Master 1 and Master 2), - Adult (professional or not). I offer English and English-language tutoring aimed at linguistics, spelling, pronunciation and conversation. Ability to work in a field of your choice according to your requirements in order to develop or improve a technical vocabulary adapted to your sector of activity. I work with children, transforming language learning into play, with students of all levels and adults. In addition I do language certification preparation courses and tutoring. I teach English and English-language courses at all levels. I trained students from kindergarten to adulthood. I also took English-language courses at the university level. Multi-year experience in teaching foreign languages (French-English). I adapt to the needs of my students. These courses are for anyone interested in learning or deepening English and British-American culture in addition to the language. If you learn the language for your work, we will focus on specific vocabulary. If you are looking for a particular teacher for your child, I will create activities and exercises by transforming learning language into play. Custom programs. Tutoring.

English and/or Spanish Language Courses (business, academical, classical, slang, stereotypes)
Dear friends, My goal is to keep natural language environment. Involvement is everything, right? This class is for all. I am a 26 years professional from Moscow. My native languages are Russian and Chuvash. I speak also English. And I am learning Spanish, French, German, Turkish and Chinese (Mandarin). BA & MA in Sociology at Lomonosov Moscow State University. MA in Marketing at Higher School of Economics (Moscow). I lived in Brussels (Belgium) for half a year (exchange program at KU Leuven). And also university program in Thailand (Walailak University) and Turkey (Maltepe University). I specialize in tutoring project management, human resources, public relations, branding, IT specializations, common slang, clear business and classical language, jokes, small talks, business communications.

Learning the English language is within everyone's reach!
English has become essential in everyday life. Whether you want to better understand your favorite series in VO, improve your grades, or make yourself understood abroad, I can help you! I am now a student of science in Bordeaux, but I had the chance to do almost all my education in English institutions through many expatriations abroad. I propose English classes for all levels. I can offer a follow-up of the student, for example by proposing a book to read or movies to watch. My ultimate goal is to make students understand that English is within the reach of all of us.

English Course - Math - Physics - Chemistry -
Student at the university, graduated from a Bac S at Gustave Eiffel High School in Bordeaux, I offer courses in math, physics chemistry, and English for college or second level students. Available every afternoon and even the weekend. I move to the student's home.

Written English course and / or conversation
As a business school student, I lived in New Zealand for one year and enjoy communicating in English. I teach courses that may have the objective of improving school performance or improving one's level of language more generally.

English tutoring
English is a language that has become indispensable, whether in everyday life, in professional life, but also in school. English, it is written, but especially it is spoken! The principle of communication, is to understand and to be understood, and for that we must DARE! This is the main purpose of these courses, to gain self-confidence and speak English. For this, we will work on various activities that allow progress while leaving a too academic setting that does not necessarily succeed to the student.

English course (school, adults), homework help
I am a former student in LEA, English-Spanish. I also tested a LLCE license. I hold a Bac L. I am ready to learn and / or revise the basics of the English language, vocabulary, grammar, conjugation. From CE1, to adulthood.

English language course in Bordeaux (with american accent)
English to private tuition, tutoring or for students and adults. Level of beginner to intermediate. English courses adapted to the student, his level, his personality and his objectives, focused on the oral expression, the oral comprehension and grammar. Student in Marketing Master, bilingual in French and English (with a good American accent). Serious, kind and smiling. Not smoky.

English Spanish Mathematics
I offer help to all college students in foreign languages and mathematics, subjects in which they would be in difficulty. I will do my best to help them understand, succeed and get better grades.

Private lessons in math, german, english, physics-chemistry or SVT
Currently in the third year of International Management in Bordeaux, I would be delighted to help you or your children in French, living languages, mathematics, physics chemistry or science of life and Earth. I also speak 3 languages (German, English and Spanish) and have obtained my baccalaureate with honors. Feel free to contact me for more information !

Private tuition and tutoring for college students
Student at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, and student from a preparatory class scientific option (ECS), I offer private lessons and tutoring for college students, and in any type of subject.

Tutoring, spanish tutoring, english, math
Student in first year of business school after three years of preparation ECE, I acquired a method of work that allows me now to transmit my knowledge in languages and mathematics. You will learn the basics of Spanish and English, that is conjugation, vocabulary, essential grammar course and you will work oral comprehension. In mathematics I will put my knowledge at your service; I will help you in the difficulties that you meet, I will help you to have a method of work in this matter which requires rigor.

Particular course Historier-Geography, Literature and English
Hello! I am currently studying at one of the Bordeaux Business Schools (Kedge Business School). I did before that three years of preparatory literary class (History and Geography specialty) within the House of Education of the Legion of Honor, cumulated with a degree in History at Paris IV-Sorbonne. In addition, I obtained a bachelor's degree with honors. I also made many trips that allowed me to acquire new knowledge in history and geography, but also to access my current level in languages. For example, I studied several months in Australia during my high school years as at the University of Complutense in Madrid two years ago. I am passionate about the subjects for which I propose myself. My intention is above all to give my students the desire to know and the ability to succeed with the help of courses based on dynamic participation, and especially in languages! From the first class we will focus on the difficulties experienced in the subject in order to develop a real objective (through a help with homework and complementary lessons or even in anticipation) which will be emphasized at each beginning and end of the course by a reminder important points that have been or have just been seen. The pupil is the one who has to progress and to do this he will not have to adopt a passive attitude! Of course, I am not a torturer and all this will be based on volunteering and good humor!

ang - arb - ccna - java
young computer science student gives courses in English, Arabic, computer network, and java

Language course
My name is Camille, I am 19 years old, I am in first year of business school in Bordeaux. I hold a bachelor's degree in Physics Chemistry option and I did two years of Preparation ECS. I propose to give courses in English to solidify the basics of grammar, if necessary, to enrich the vocabulary. I often mix with Anglo-Saxon countries. I spent 1 month in Boston in the United States. I also propose to give German lessons because I know it is not a language easy to learn. I adapt my course according to the needs of the student and according to the difficulties he encounters. After each class, depending on the student's difficulties, if he is instructed or not, I give exercises for the next time. I can move several times a week if needed. I do not mind traveling on holidays and Sundays. As said before I am in business school and my schedule changes every week but I know my availability in advance. The following availability is for the week of 24/11 to 30/11. I can move on Bordeaux only Tram. I'm at your service.