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    Private lessons in English (grammar, vocabulary, conversation ..)

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    Bachelor student in English / Italian / Russian at the University of Toulouse II The Mirail, having lived a year in Ireland offers courses for beginners (small and large) or just those who want to improve their English.
    Difficulties with grammar, lack of vocabulary, a problem of pronunciation, a problem with writing a homework assignment: my goal is to share the passion I have for this language step by step according to the needs of my student, at rhythm he wishes!


    At student's location: Around Toulouse, France

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    General info


    English for adults, School


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, Italian

    About Me

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    Language student who would love to help you!


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    Literary bachelor
    Currently in LLCE English

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    • Instructor since May 2013

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    English and/or Spanish Language Courses (business, academical, classical, slang, stereotypes)
    Dear friends, My goal is to keep natural language environment. Involvement is everything, right? This class is for all. I am a 26 years professional from Moscow. My native languages are Russian and Chuvash. I speak also English. And I am learning Spanish, French, German, Turkish and Chinese (Mandarin). BA & MA in Sociology at Lomonosov Moscow State University. MA in Marketing at Higher School of Economics (Moscow). I lived in Brussels (Belgium) for half a year (exchange program at KU Leuven). And also university program in Thailand (Walailak University) and Turkey (Maltepe University). I specialize in tutoring project management, human resources, public relations, branding, IT specializations, common slang, clear business and classical language, jokes, small talks, business communications.

    Learn how to speak English like an English person / Apprenez à parler anglais comme un anglais
    Do you want to learn English in a fun environment with a British native? These classes are for everyone: absolute beginners, intermediate or advanced learners; all ages and any background. There is a strong emphasis on your pronunciation and I tailor every lesson for your needs. I'll send you homework to support your learning! I have a TEFL qualification and am available to teach you immediately. Please see my profile for availability. I speak basic French but the class will be mainly in English.

    English course (college, high school, adults). All levels.
    Graduate of a literary baccalaureate with honors, English European section, I am currently a student in first year of law. Many students think that just learning and working to get there. I myself was part of this lot a few years ago. But over time, I learned that hard work and perseverance were not enough. Indeed, the attitude of the student, his time management, regularity, etc ... are all important. Once the student has acquired a good command of the personal work method, academic success will no longer be a secret. I have never given paid tutoring, but I have always been happy to help others in English. I have always allowed many students to adopt work habits that will serve them for all their lives! Finally, I met an American with whom I always keep in touch. Methodology Rigor, regularity, perseverance are the key to success! At first, I like to submit tests to my students in order to identify, on the one hand, their type of memory, and thus enable them to work more quickly and more efficiently; on the other hand, their weak points and their strengths, and thus focus on their difficulties. Generally, grammar, conjugation and vocabulary often come back. Regarding the courses themselves, dictations, readings, written expressions, conjugation, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and written comprehension will return systematically.

    English lessons for all levels with a native speaker
    My lessons focus mostly on helping students gain the confidence and independence to speak English. This will be achieved through various engaging activities, role-plays and discussions. The lessons may also include elements of reading and writing in English to practice using English grammar and vocabulary. The contents and structure of each lesson will be adapted to the needs, objectives and interests of the student. In most cases each lesson will be centred on a particular grammar point. I can help students prepare for English exams, such as the BULATS and TOEIC. I can also help with specific tasks, such as preparing for a presentation or job interview. I encourage students to complete homework if this is something they are willing to do.

    English Tutoring from Native English speaker (England). All levels
    I am an English native speaker from England. Qualfied TEFL with experience teaching all levels, children and adults. My goal is to make lessons enjoyable, with logical explanations, and to increase your confidence with conversational english.

    Learn the English language (Written expression and oral communication)
    Foreign student (level confirmed in English) offers private English language courses (beginner and intermediate level). This course will focus on grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, as well as oral communication. I also offer homework help for students in difficulty.

    Learn How To Speak English Confidently And Comfortably
    English is a powerful language to learn. Today English is spoken by up to 700 million people on our planet and is one of the main languages used for business and leisure. Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn English, I can help! I am a native speaker having been born in England and lived/worked there until the age of 25. I am also a TEFL-certified teacher. I currently teach English to children as a profession but it is my aim to gain experience teaching to people of all ages. I will go at whichever pace you prefer and what you would like to learn is your choice in a relaxed and non-pressured environment.

    English course and or English to French translation in Toulouse
    Hello, Born in London, holder of a British license, I propose you my services of translation of the contents French to English and conversely if you miss the time or the language experience for all media: - Website - Official documents - Presentations - Memories - Novels - Autobiographies - Word text - CV / motivation letter - Power point - Article - Book - Legal contracts - School work - Blog Articles - Translation of articles (literature, press, medicine, Internet). - Translation of correspondence from abroad. - Letters - Manuscripts - Dissertations - Theses - Tests ... I help the student, if possible in English, to specify where he / she wants to arrive in English and for what purpose precisely I offer classes in English for tutoring or other after studying, working and living in London and Canterbury. I have also been to the USA several times in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacremento, Phoenix, Tuscon and other English-speaking countries such as Zimbabwe, Malta, Scotland or Ireland. I am able to teach English to people of all levels and ages. The fear of speaking another language is a frequent psychological phenomenon for many people. This fear is causing blockages that prevent talking. Making mistakes is completely normal and the sooner you begin to speak, the faster you will gain fluency. Translations will be processed as quickly as possible, depending on the number of orders, the size and type of vocabulary (specific, technical etc) the deadlines can vary. I also propose writing, if you want to write a text or you have trouble with yours I can do it for you. I am a fairly perfectionist, and methodical, wanting efficiency. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information on Apprentus.

    Practice of English for young and adults, beginners and intermediates
    English is one of the most important and complicated subjects. In France, their learning is often too little linked to practicing it in these languages, but to become bilingual and to become familiar with the language, you first have to speak it! Of course you will learn grammar rules, but you could speak French before knowing the rules of conjugation. Moreover in the professional world the important and understand and be understood, not know by heart the irregular verbs. I therefore propose as bilinguals (I come from an Irish family) courses where the practice of language will be the pillar. Through readings, songs and other stimulating materials, I would make sure that my students are truly and personally motivated to learn the language. I will be helped by my father (English teachers in business schools) to prepare my courses that can obviously be adapted to what the student learns in English class at school, to improve its results. The main goal being the discovery and the real practice of the language, my classes will be conducted entirely in English and always through a stimulating and concrete support. The first course will know where the student is in his practice and determine which method and which support will be most appropriate. Obviously English can only be learned correctly in just 1 hour per week. As a result, I will give fun and challenging exercise exercises (not homework) to my students.

    Private lessons in Life and Earth Sciences and English
    Hello, My name is Willy-Anne and I am a recent graduate of a master's degree in environmental ecology and biosciences (ENSAT). I propose to carry out school support in life sciences and Earth for young people from primary school to high school. I also propose to support students in faculty in the areas of ecology (animal and plant), conservation biology and hydrology. As a first step, I assess the student's needs and gaps and then establish a program: -Upgrade (if needed) and mastery of the basics - Deepening on the last courses and studied notions -Help and organization for the success of the evaluations Other subjects: For primary school students, I also offer my help for the various scientific subjects as well as in English (European English degree course).

    English lessons from a TEFL Certified native speaker
    Do you want to practice English with a native speaker who has the TEFL Cert for English teaching We can meet and have a coffee and do English (Oral / written / grammer) I will teach English through interaction and reallife situations like going to a park, preparing for an interview. Videos, articles and songs are also used for a better understanding. Call to discuss. Amy

    English course, private or group. Irish Prof
    My name is Miranda and I am an English teacher (Irish). I offer English classes for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Courses adapted to your school program or needs. I have 4 years of experience as a teacher. I have a certificate- CELTA (Cambridge teaching English as a foreign language). I was an English teacher at High School for nine months and in Ireland at International House. Dynamic and motivated I will help you improve your English by working on speaking, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary. I can also help you prepare your resume and cover letter in English, and prepare for any job interviews. I live in the center of Toulouse, so I can give the races here or I can move.

    private lessons in English language
    English is now the language used in all areas, scientific; medical; cultural; the world of work ... etc. I want to transmit my knowledge of the language of Shakespeare to others, being students I will opt for a simple and clear method so that my students have the maximum of knowledge.

    Preparation for science contests po
    Graduate of Sciences Po, I offer a preparation to any student wishing to pass the entrance exams to the IEP of Paris and province (joint competition + Bordeaux and Grenoble). If solid knowledge is required, the methodology is not to be neglected. I offer a whole range of tools for optimal preparation: intensive courses, white competition ... everything is possible, just discuss it. My goal, however, is not to overburden the student's schedule, which also follows his schooling. I adapt according to the student.

    english, arabic
    a streamlined course for beginners who want to improve their English.