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    Personalised English Lessons by a Qualified English Teacher

    As a native English speaker with a Bachelor of Education and a Cambridge CELTA, I have 10 years of experience teaching English in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K and a wealth of experience teaching English to foreigners in whole class, small group and one-to-one settings.

    I have taught children as young as 5, through to teenagers, adults and seniors. In any case, I adjust my teaching and learning to ensure my approach suits your needs and preferences. I am able to strike a balance between challenging you to grow and supporting you through your mistakes.

    I specialise in personalised English programmes, which means I work out exactly where you are, where you want to go and how you like to learn and then I tailor a program to suit your specific learning needs.

    I am able to teach English speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling, phonics, punctuation and grammar. I will tailor all of the lessons to suit your interests e.g If you like art, I will help you to learn English through the topic of art and if you like sport, I will help you to learn English through the topic of sport.

    I will assist you to improve your pronunciation of spoken English and I can assist you with audio and video recordings of each sessions, so you can review the class at your own leisure.

    I will help you to develop your understanding of spoken English in authentic ways by listening to film, television, radio and podcasts, as well as engaging in conversation between the two of us.

    I will support you to develop your reading, writing and speaking skills through supported practise and lots of opportunities to build on your existing vocabulary.

    I will aid your spelling, punctuation and grammar through shared and independent writing activities, which will be both interesting and relevant.

    Following each session, I can provide at home learning tasks and progress calls, or emails between sessions if you would like, plus I have a range of online services that can assist you to develop your English at home at your own pace.

    **As I conduct tailored lessons for each individual student, I only have a limited availability each week. As a result, I must prioritise my ongoing students who require one-to-one sessions weekly, or twice weekly. If you are interested in developing your English rapidly in an engaging and fun way learning from a committed teacher with a high success rate, please contact me to see if I have an available slot for you.**

    Extra information

    Laptops and smartphones are useful, but not essential.
    Pen and paper is essential.
    A willingness to learn and develop is key.


    At student's location: Around Talloires, France
    At student's location: Around Albertville, France
    At student's location: Around Annecy, France
    Online via webcam

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    60 minutes

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    About Me

    My name is Miss Thalia and I have been an English teacher for 10 years in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

    I enjoy teaching and learning, so I love to share my enthusiasm for education and languages with students who are eager to learn.

    I am a committed teacher and I am happy to go above and beyond to ensure my students get the best results.

    When I am not teaching, I love cooking, cycling, hiking, reading, writing and creating. I really adore the English language and there is not a day that goes by where I don't use it.


    Bachelor of Education and Second Language Acquisition from Otago University College of Education, Dunedin, New Zealand (2006 - 2008)
    Cambridge CELTA - Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from International House London (2017)

    Experience / Qualifications

    English Teacher - International House London 2017
    English Intervention Specialist - Department of Education, London 2016 - 2017
    Part time one-to-one English tutor 2016 - 2017
    English Teacher and Community Engagement Leader - Department of Education and Training, Melbourne, Australia 2013 - 2016
    English Teacher and Leader of Additional Language Integration - Department of Education, New Zealand 2008 - 2012

    Ask a question

    Send a message explaining your needs and Thalia will reply soon:
    The more detail, the better.
    Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

    Availability of a typical week

    7  Monday at 7:00  Tuesday at 7:00  Wednesday at 7:00  Thursday at 7:00  Friday at 7:00  Saturday at 7:00  Sunday at 7:00
    8  Monday at 8:00  Tuesday at 8:00  Wednesday at 8:00  Thursday at 8:00  Friday at 8:00  Saturday at 8:00  Sunday at 8:00
    9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00  Saturday at 9:00  Sunday at 9:00
    10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00  Saturday at 10:00  Sunday at 10:00
    11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00  Saturday at 11:00  Sunday at 11:00
    12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00  Wednesday at 12:00  Thursday at 12:00  Friday at 12:00  Saturday at 12:00  Sunday at 12:00
    13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00  Wednesday at 13:00  Thursday at 13:00  Friday at 13:00  Saturday at 13:00  Sunday at 13:00
    14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00  Saturday at 14:00  Sunday at 14:00
    15  Monday at 15:00  Tuesday at 15:00  Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00  Saturday at 15:00  Sunday at 15:00
    16  Monday at 16:00  Tuesday at 16:00  Wednesday at 16:00  Thursday at 16:00  Friday at 16:00  Saturday at 16:00  Sunday at 16:00
    17  Monday at 17:00  Tuesday at 17:00  Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00  Friday at 17:00  Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
    18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
    19  Monday at 19:00  Tuesday at 19:00  Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00  Friday at 19:00  Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
    20  Monday at 20:00  Tuesday at 20:00  Wednesday at 20:00  Thursday at 20:00  Friday at 20:00  Saturday at 20:00  Sunday at 20:00
    21  Monday at 21:00  Tuesday at 21:00  Wednesday at 21:00  Thursday at 21:00  Friday at 21:00  Saturday at 21:00  Sunday at 21:00
    22  Monday at 22:00  Tuesday at 22:00  Wednesday at 22:00  Thursday at 22:00  Friday at 22:00  Saturday at 22:00  Sunday at 22:00
    23  Monday at 23:00  Tuesday at 23:00  Wednesday at 23:00  Thursday at 23:00  Friday at 23:00  Saturday at 23:00  Sunday at 23:00
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    from $68.05At student's home

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    • Instructor since July 2017
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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Cours particuliers en anglais: apprendre la langue ou améliorer
    Je suis une étudiante de doctorat italienne. Cette année je vais passer les vacances à Annecy. Je serai heureux de aider tous ceux qui veulent apprendre ou améliorer leur anglais.. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour de plus amples informations.

    cours d'anglais / cours de marketing
    - étudiante en école de commerce - apprends l'anglais depuis que j'ai 2 ans et demi - j'apprends l'anglais "business" - je fonctionne selon les désirs des clients, je m'adapte à leurs besoins selon ce qu'ils veulent apprendre ou si ils ont des examens à préparer

    Cours en anglais from a native English speaker with CELT
    I am a native English speaker and have a Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT). I have previous experience of tutoring English and work using the Communicative Approach. I can plan lessons around what you want to work on - vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading or writing. I can teach you Business English or general English. I can work with students or adults and can work around your schedule. I can first meet you in a café, library or other public place in Annecy or nearby. I will be available to tutor in Annecy from mid June to mid September 2017. I am unavailable before this time. I prefer to teach using the communicative approach, but I have a good level of French if you are a beginner.

    Micol Elizabeth
    Italian and English classes by a Master's Degree student
    Learning how to speak a new language opens your mind and provides you with a more flexible state of mind. That's why you should take the opportunity to learn English or Italian with a Master's degree student that is now attending a highly qualified program in four different European universities. I come from Italy and studied for more than 10 years English and French, which I can speak fluently, since I'm attending an international programme in a group composed by students from all over the world. I have a good knowledge of Italian, English and French grammar and I would like to help students or adults needing any type of help or support with these languages. I'm just 22 and I'm used to work with kids and students.

    Cours d'Anglais (Américain, Britannique)
    Bonjour, Je vous propose des cours d'Anglais, oral ou écrit. Les cours seront taillés sur mesure en fonction de vos besoins. Que vous ayez des difficultés vis-à-vis de la grammaire, du vocabulaire, de l'expression écrite, etc. Ou que ce soit vis-à-vis de l'expression orale, de la prononciation des mots, etc. En ce qui concerne l'oral, je peux vous enseigner un anglais britannique, ou un anglais américain. Comme vous le souhaitez. Cela peut se faire sous forme de dialogue, ou sous forme de cours plus traditionnel. Étant bilingue (pièces justificatives à l'appui), les possibilités de mes cours sont illimitées. A très vite je l'espère =) Cordialement,

    Aide aux devoirs
    Prendre de son temps pour aider des enfants en difficulté afin de répondre au mieux à leurs attentes

    Progressez rapidement en anglais.
    rofesseur canadien de langue maternelle anglaise avec plus de dix ans d'expérience donne des cours privés aux enfants, jeunes adultes ou professionnels. J'utilise la méthode d'immersion totale lorsqu'il s'agit d'améliorer rapidement le compétences orales. Ma méthode est flexible et basée sur l’atteinte de vos objectifs. Quand il s'agit, en revanche, d'approfondir les connaissances générales de l'anglais, on travaillera sur les quatre compétences (écrire, lire, parler, écouter) en utilisant des documents authentiques. C'est à dire; extraits de films, articles sur des sujets divers, musique, mise en scène, et bien sûr la grammaire. Objectifs précis que je vous aiderai à atteindre rapidement : * Améliorer la prononciation (en se concentrant sur les petits détails qui vous permettront de vous approcher de l'accent d'un locuteur natif) * Enrichir votre vocabulaire (en utilisant efficacement un dictionnaire unilingue et un "collocations dictionary") * Améliorer votre compréhension de l'anglais parlé et écrit. * Pratiquer l'anglais parlé dans des situations authentiques (appels téléphoniques ou par Skype à des hotels, restos, etc.).

    French and English teacher
    Hi everyone, My name is Emma, I'm a certified FRENCH and ENGLISH teacher. I offer online classes. Every class comes with PERSONALIZED recordings, videos, textbooks and workbooks. I've developed my own method that will help you become fairly fluent in about 4 months (if you are serious and focused of course). Testimonies: 1. Sirva la presente para reconocer y recomendar ampliamente a Emmanuelle como una excelente Docente de Inglés y Francés. He estado tomando las clases con Emma por 1 año y mi avance ha sido excelente, empecé con un nivel básico y con el método de Emma aprendí el idioma rápidamente y en menos de un año ya era posible mantener conversaciones, en la actualidad me he dedicado a perfeccionarlo gracias a los audios que ella manda y el resumen de su clase. Estoy muy contento con sus clases y creo que ha sido una de mis mejores inversiones ya que me ha dado la oportunidad de obtener mejores trabajos, viajar y ver los resultados de este curso que no absorbe mi tiempo ya que es muy práctico y fácil. Emma también da clases de Francés y he empezado a tomar estas clases y de igual forma estoy avanzando rápidamente por lo que mi inversión se verá en pocos meses de práctica y clases con ella. Recomiendo ampliamente a la Profesora Emma ya que sus clases no solo permiten conocer un nuevo idioma sino que Emma te permite conocer la cultura y diferentes detalles que con otros Profesores no he obtenido, Emma se asegura de que entienda y plantea sus clases adecuadas a lo que necesito. Sus clases son como un traje hecho a la medida. Ella es muy profesional, siempre está atenta a mis preguntas y siempre me hace sentir que da más de lo que pago por la clase. Si necesita contactarme para cualquier aclaración por favor no dude en hacerlo, siempre estaré dispuesto a dar una buena retroalimentación de la Profesora Emma si así se requiere. Ing. Iván Aguilar 2. I am writing to provide my recommendation of Emmanuelle as a professor of language. I have been a French student of Emmanuelle for the last two months and I have already began to notice significant strides in my fluency. She immediately recognized where my primary struggles with French have been, and has now refocused her lessons to better tailor them to my needs. Emmanuelle tutoring sessions are efficient, well-planned, and very enjoyable. She has a strong command of several languages, making it easy for her to identify the needs of each student. However, most importantly, she has a natural ability to effectively engage her students in their learning process. I highly recommend Emmanuelle as a professor of language. Sincerely, B.C. May 13th, 2015 3. Emma is a wonderful teacher who is enthusiastic, funny and eager to teach French the way students simply love. Not only she is knowledgeable, but also has excellent teaching methods. She would go over the difficult concepts to make sure you fully understand and share simple steps to memorize grammar rules and vocabulary. By far Emma is the best French teacher that my daughter has had so far. She has helped her immensely. Not only during her lessons, but also Emma has helped her with any other questions or further clarifications after her lessons. She is very prompt and replies back in a very quick manner. Emma sends recordings of the summarized lessons. She explains in detail what the grammar rules are and teaches patterns that make it easier to remember. My high school child had a difficult time understanding French grammar, but after working with Emma for few months, she is making great progress, and seems to really enjoy learning French. Her pronunciation has remarkably improved as well. Also, Emma provides additional material: eBooks, recordings, and more. She is punctual, highly organized and carefully plans her lessons according to the student needs. We are very fortunate to have found her. Emma genuinely cares about your learning, and is quite helpful. From time to, time she would do revision, just to make sure you still remember the rules from previous chapters. My daughter has been working with Emma for close to a year now. All of her experiences are very positive. I would highly recommend her to be your French Tutor. You will see immediate results after few lessons. ~ GR from San Francisco Bay Area ~

    English tutoring
    Learning English can be challenging and be time consuming. It is also a very valuable language to learn as it can also create many opportunities. This is why I'am offering a one to one private tutoring course to teach you English at a speed that suits you. As native English speaker, I will also help you improve in areas with regards to accent and word pronunciation.

    Cours particuliers en français - anglais - expression écrite/orale
    Etudiante en information et communication, j'ai acquis de très bonnes compétences aussi bien à l'écrit comme à l'oral et je maîtrise également l'anglais et l'espagnol. Mon but est de faire en sorte que les enfants et adolescents progressent le plus possible, tout cela dans une bonne ambiance.