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Let's speak chinese together (for all levels)

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Looking to improve your Chinese? Nothing like to practice with the Chinese.
I offer Chinese lessons for children or adults of all levels, beginner and advanced. The courses will be organized according to your requests. Whether you want to learn to speak or write, to discover Chinese culture or to learn specific vocabularies of a certain area, I will adapt to your needs.
I can also enrich teaching language courses on Chinese civilization.


At teacher's location: Paris, France
Online via webcam

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General info


Chinese for adults, School


Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, French, Chinese

About Me

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Hello, everyone,
I am from China, and now based in Paris. I have been in Paris for 3 years. I am a native Chinese speaker. I also speak French, English. I would like to help someone who already has some basic knowledge in Mandarin and would like to focus on certain aspects (i.e speaking, grammar, writing), or you just need someone to practice speaking with or you want to learn more Chinese culture.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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ISC Paris, France, master of Audit and controlling
Study French in Amiens France for one year
the Agricultural University Of Tianjin, China, bachelor of Accounting

Experience / Qualifications

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I was born in China. I was schooled in China for 25 years before coming to Paris, therefore I have a very good understanding of Chinese culture as well as the language.

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Meng is very nice and friendly. My kids like her.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Chinese course for everyone - all age and all level
hey guys, I set up this course basically is to help you practice your Chinese by talking, reading or writing. The easy part of Chinese language is that it doesn't have much complicates grammar or tense. However everything else is quite difficult until you have build up a Chinese language system in your mind. We can use any textbook if you want or if you want mainly practice speaking we can pick up a topic each time and talk at the level you are comfortable with. Or if you just want to have help with your report or homework, it's also fine with me.

Learn Chinese and English
This course is for students who want to start learning Chinese (or who have already started but with difficulty), or those who want to learn or improve their English. Being myself at the C1 / C2 level in English and A2 / B1 in Chinese, I can help a large audience in English, but I prefer to restrict myself to a college or high school student lv3 for Chinese. My course is mainly based on oral practice for both languages, because I consider that a language is primarily learned to be spoken.

Mandarin Chinese, Chinese speaking, Taiwanese Culture
I had been a magazine editor in Taiwan for over 4 years, currently living in Paris and would like to teach people who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. I have a MBA degree at the University of Rennes 1 (France) and a bachelor degree in Linguistics at National Chiayi University (Taiwan).

Daily Mandarin Espresso, learning with native speaker 每日一杯中文咖啡
Interested in learning Mandarin? Take a Daily Mandarin Espresso with me, we can start from basic level - greetings, ordering food, the changing of weather, and gradually to advanced level - culture differences, current issues, business terms...etc. Let me know your interests and I can do a tailor-made lesson for you. Practicing with native and you will speak like a native!

Mandarin for all levels / Writing (Traditional and Simplified Characters) / Oral / Vocabulary / Text Study / Chinese Culture
Hi there ! Wanna learn Chinese or you're intrested in chinese culture ? I’m YiNi. I purpose Chinese class for all levels, children and adults. I give Chinese lesson for over a year. Furthermore, I have experience in teaching at kindergarten which has 20 kids in one class. I've had experiences with students of different ages and different mandarin levels. I enjoy communicating and sharing experiences with others. So, 讓我們一起說中文! 一起学习中文吧!Don't hesitate to contact me ! :)

Chinese classes at home
In recent years, one language seems to be more and more successful: Chinese. Indeed, I like to convey my taste for languages and thanks to my experiences abroad, I know that the beginnings are difficult but that there are methods to progress quickly. On the program, a lot of conversation, some exercises, a little grammar and a good mood. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Learn the Chinese language, do you like it? Let's go!
Would you like to start learning Chinese? You fall right! I can help you learn the basics of this wonderful language. This language has attracted me since my youngest age, and that's understandable. Who would not be attracted by differences with the French language? The characters, the tones, the absence of conjugation! Everything is intriguing, in Chinese! In this course, you will discover the basics of Chinese, namely: - the most frequent characters, - sentences and basic structures, - the tones (very important!). If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me :)

English, Traditional Chinese and Exams Prep Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring English and Traditional Chinese for school and the Cambridge and TOEIC exams. My goal is to let my students know learning a foreign language can be easy and can be a part of life. I can modify the classes according to my student.

Ya Chih
Chinese Class, Chinese oral, Business Chinese, Basic Chinese
Except for English, do you know Chinese now is getting popular and popular? And you speak none of them? Then you never trade/ work with Chinese people. I am an encouraging and patient, experienced in tutoring English and Mandarin for students and adults, helped them achieve their goals process by process. I offer customized lessons (Depends on which fields you want to learn about) There will be assignments after every lessons to make sure you have absorbed everything during the class. It's time for you to think differently, and get actions!

Traditional or Simplified Chinese Course
Yes, the Chinese language may seem complicated at first glance, but I can help you discover it or make you progress. I propose courses adapted to your desires and needs. You just want to communicate? So, no need to learn writing. If you want to better understand this language then, I will add reading and writing characters. You can choose simplified writing (used in China) or traditional writing (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong). Do not hesitate and let yourself be tempted!

Chinese Language Teaching - for Beginners & Intermediate Level
Native Chinese speaker with TCSOL qualification recognised worldwide. Also qualified to Teaching Chinese as Second Language program by National Taiwan Normal University. Experienced in teaching children with no foundation in Chinese language at all, as well as working adults in Business Chinese. If you found yourself interested in speaking/writing/reading Chinese.

Learn Chinese language and culture (all levels)
"It's Chinese"!? Maybe, but he is very mysterious and logical. With me, you will learn how this logic works, and you will also discover, the beauty of its originality. I give tutoring since 2010 and my students are all ages. (they are teenagers, adults, or retired) My classes are written and spoken, and I hope to be able to talk to you in Chinese. The goal is of course to be able to speak it. I base my texts on dialogues, stories, great moments of China, but also poems, songs, culture, etc. I personalize all my documents, so the level adapts to the interest of all. I have also created a "WhatsApp" group to make day-to-day learning easier, as it is important to keep it entertaining. I am really passionate about my work, and will be happy to teach you my native language.

Mandarin/ Chinese Class (Online or In person) for kids and adults
Experienced tutor for Chinese / Mandarin class. Professional teacher in TESOL and Chinese as a foreign language. I can design the class according to students' different level and needs for the language and I offer online sessions or classes in person in Amsterdam. I specialising in teaching kids and adults of different levels and got positive feedbacks from the students I have been teaching. You can have Comprehensive Mandarin courses which includes Pinyin, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking and Writing or you can have conversational courses on specific theme.

Chinese language and culture class in Nice in French or English WITH Chinese traveler
A lot of experience to give courses in French or English for students of different national and age. In general I make a study plan for each student according to their situations and goals, then gives the courses systematically.

A Chinese girl gives Chinese classes, and Math for all the ages.
Dear all, I am a Chinese girl, had 2 years study in European University for my Master degree and 4 years study for my Bachelor in Chinese Literature filed at Beijing Normal University. since 2016 I have been teaching Chinese in the school of The Language Center at Ferney Voltaire , I also had experience to teach maths for High school students. If you need any help on chinese and maths , please contact me. Thanks a lot for your attention.