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    Language: Chinese language(taught in English and Chinese)

    Dear all,
    I'm a Chinese working in NGO in Geneva and offering Chinese classes on aside. i'm a native mandarin speaker and studied my master in Barcelona, working in Geneva. Please contact me if you want to practice and improve your Chinese.
    Best regards,


    Online via webcam

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    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    45 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Chinese

    About Me

    Self-motivated personality with a collaborative work style. Team player willing to support the success of an international function with various internal stakeholders.
    - In-depth internal and external communications skills as well as knowledge of international media landscape.
    - Written and verbal communication Skills; ability to turn program strategy into media project.
    - Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to work collaboratively across organizations and regions.
    - Capability to lead complex projects in a culturally and geographically diverse environment.



    Experience / Qualifications

    During my study and thanks to my work experience in different countries between Europe
    and China, I have been familiarized with aspects of international affairs like security,
    development, the environment or also new power structures resulting from the emergence
    of the European Union, China as influential global actors, especially in areas like trade,
    politics, energy and security. All this exposure and related international experiences make
    me eager to move further in this field and build my professional career around the
    international works.

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    from $32.33Online via webcam

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    • Instructor since May 2017

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    A Chinese girl gives Chinese classes for all the ages.
    Dear all, I am a Chinese girl, had 2 years study in European University for my Master degree and 4 years study for my Bachelor in Chinese Literature filed at Beijing Normal University. since 2016 I have been teaching Chinese in the school of The Language Center at Ferney Voltaire , I also had experience to teach maths for High school students. If you need any help on chinese and maths , please contact me. Thanks a lot for your attention.

    Professional Chinese lecture/Chinesisch, Ancient Chinese text/Klassisches Chinesisch, Chinese literature, philosophy and culture
    The class will be designed according to your expectation (speaking or writing, language or culture), level and learning experience. We will combine textbook learning and special training sections. The class will be rigid but enjoyable. Students must accomplish before-class preparation and after-class homework. I was a lecturer of high-level Chinese language course at Asien-Orient-Institut University of Zurich.

    Jenny Yc
    Class for Mandarin Chinese, English, biology, math
    - This class is for students looking for tutoring in any of the following disciplines: Mandarin Chinese, English, sciences (especially biology), math - I am a native speaker in both English and Mandarin Chinese - I have worked as a language tutor, teaching both Chinese and English to kids aged 2-6 - I have worked as tutor for high school English, math and sciences; and a tutor for university-level biology

    Mandarin 1-1 private class in Zurich region for all ages (in English)
    As China's Economy grows, Mandarin learning is becoming a trend now- for both personal interests and career developments. I am a patient and responsible Mandarin tutor from Tianjin, China with 2 years of tutoring experiences. With my many language-learning tricks, my lessons are going to be productive and interesting. I will make personalized learning plans for you according to your expected level and time allowance. With enough practice, you will find the charm of the language and will progress fast with my help. I am flexible with the time and location.

    Chinese reading, speaking, listening and writing; AP & IB Chinese test prep tutoring; Culture & etiquette introduction
    I specialize in tutoring Chinese, as well as the test prep for IB Chinese, AP Chinese, HSK and YCT exams. I also provide special lessons for business meeting and/or visiting, introduce some daily using sentences and culture, etiquette information. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.

    Zhou Karl
    Class of Chinese Language and culture(Simplified type)
    If you interested in Chinese language and the culture behind, maybe have a try to know it detailed. Or if you already started learning Chinese, wanna continue it, I could also help you. My bachelor major was Teaching Chinese as a second language, also with many Chinese Culture study. For those who interested, I can show you Chinese both generally and specifically.

    Chinese(Mandarin), Chinese HSK, Chinese cooking, Chinese Calligraphy
    It depends on students' need. I offer pretty good tailor make lessons I can offer language acqusision at pronuncisation, vacabulary, grammar and writing. Most of time I will make powerpoint to go with my lessons. If you are expecting to pass HSK, I can help as well.

    8 weeks Chinese language and culture courses in Montpellier
    Hello! I'm Defu, 22 years old university student from China. I'm sincerely proposing these Chinese language and culture courses for you. No matter if you're only interested in the language or culture, or you're travelling to China for expatriation or study, the specific designed 8 weeks courses will provide you the most needed knowledge. Chinese language courses are open to all levels of students. You'll take your class with the students that are in the same level with you (if you start your courses from the same week). Language courses will take 5 hours a week. The timetable is negotiable. Chinese culture courses are the introduction to the colourful Chinese culture. From the ancient Chinese history to the mordern custom evolution, you'll gain the useful knowledge that are not covered by Wikipedia. Culture courses will take 2 hours a week. The timetable is also negotiable. All the courses will be taken in English.

    Chinese turor for Chinese/ Mandarin (simplified and traditional )
    Giving my background in Foreign Languages and Literature as my bachelor study, and Adult and Continuing Education as my master degree, I gain great professional abilities in languages and education. Since I was 18 years old, I've been offering language teaching to the students, who are from 5-70 years old. I possess a wide range of Mandarin teaching experiences that I've given one-to-one and group classes before, and even online classes to people all over the world, through which I gained all the experiences teaching people with all the different culture and also all levels from A1-C2, and even with the clients who need to prepare for Mandarin verification exams( HSK, Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì). When it comes to the most forgettable teaching experience I've ever had, I think it was my former job that I gave language and culture class in a community university for 3.5 years. There, I merged language teaching, diversified culture, with European and South-East Asian cooking, and it was certainly a great fun. With more than 10 years of working in the Mandarin as well as English tutor/ teaching field, I believe my qualifications will match your learning requirements.

    Tutor, private or group class in Chinese
    I specialize in tutoring Chinese. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I will work together with my students for their study goals and help them to learn Chinese as effective as possible and as much as I could. Nomatter your aim is oral Chinese or writing Chinese or even exams of Chinese, I am so confident to be your qualified tutor. I had students from U.S.A, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Latin Americans, France and so on. I teach Chinese for more than 6 years and still teaching now. Even if you are an absolute beginner, don't worry. Maybe you are a shy person, no problem. Perhaps you are just a little kid, no hesitation please. You will get confidence and harvest from my class.

    Mandarin for Beginners
    I specialise in Mandarin tutoring, I was born in Hong Kong (my parents are Australian) and have studied Chinese for over 9 years. I have recently completed my High School Certificate and have received a band 6 (The highest band) In Chinese extension. This class is for anyone that wants to learn the basics of Mandarin and wants a bit of fun doing so. I will teach you the pure basics and how to get around so you can go on that holiday to China you've been eyeing out!

    cours de chinois (débutant, intermédiaire, avancé)
    Bonjour ! 您好! Je m’appelle Isabelle Can. Je suis chinoise. Ma langue maternelle est le mandarin. J'ai fait mes études en Histoire générale à l'Université Normale de la Capitale à Pékin. Je parle couramment l'anglais et le français. J'ai plus de 3 ans d'expérience d'enseignement en chinois. Etant chinoise, je voudrais aider les personnes qui veulent apprendre la langue et la culture chinoises. J'habite à la Servette. J'accepte de faire le cours à domicile, chez l'élève, ou sur Internet. Nous pourrions discuter de vos envies et faire des projets de cours ensemble. J'ai différents programmes de cours. Si vous êtes intéressé, n'hésitez pas à me contacter ! 欢迎喜欢中国文化的朋友与我交流。希望与您相识。 Isabelle Can

    Mandarin/ Chinese
    I am a native speaker of Mandarin from PRC with high level teaching certification. I'm teaching new begginers how to learn quickly and pass kinds of exams both in China and UK. Also an expert for high level students or reachers to write modern Chinese essays well.

    Take your Intermediate and advanced level of Chinese knowledge into professional skills
    I am speak Chinese language as my native language. I can speak English and explain the concept of Chinese language in English. I was a part time Chinese language instructor of a grade school at BYU. I have more than two years of experience to help students to develop their skills. I prefer to understand student's need before teaching.

    Cours de chinois (General purpose/ Business purpose/ Test preparation)
    Bonjour, je m’appelle Jenny LIN, je suis Taïwanaise, ma langue maternelle est le mandarin. Je parle aussi français et anglais. J’enseigne le mandarin depuis 3 ans en ligne et aussi en personnes dans une école de langue à Taïwan. J’ai eu plus de 50 élèves âgés de 8 ans à 75 ans et venant de plus de 25 pays différents. Mes élèves sont des entrepreneurs européens en Asie, des diplomates et des étudiants internationaux. J’enseigne d’ordinaire le pinyin et les caractères simplifiés et/ou traditionnels (en accord avec la demande des élèves). <Cours Offered> 1. General purpose: This course will help you develop your languages skills and build your confidence, using a fun, but challenging way to learn. 2. Business Purpose: The focus is on listening and speaking. I can customize lessons to meet your needs. As I have been working in a variety of industries, such as art auctions, international trading, cosmetics, tableware, I know the commercial words and expressions that people use for business. 3. Test Preparation: HSK、TOCFL Using a variety of software, and by playing educational games, these dynamic lessons will make your online lessons more interesting Pour le cours d’oral, j’ai déjà préparé plus de 50 thèmes aux sujets quotidiens et originaux, par exemple : l’aventure, la futur, les changements climatiques, le leadership, la célébrité ... etc. L’objectif de cet exercice est de partager à l’oral vos valeurs et votre point de vue avec vos propres phrases en mandarin, en apprenant du vocabulaire et en pratiquant la grammaire en même temps.