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Learn to become a First class "Technical Support Specialist"

I specialize in tutoring Technical Support When it comes to Jive Intranet troubleshooting , Windows troubleshooting and Network Troubleshooting.

This class is for aspiring IT professionals who want help in growing their knowledge about Jive Intranet management or want to become IT professionals so that they can support Windows based Operating System. I will also share several techniques on how to handle Customer and how to deliver quality support to the customers while making them happy resulting in Positive NPS.

Extra information

Bring your Laptop, Internet with good speed .


At teacher's location: Street, Gulshanabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Online via webcam

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, Urdu

About Me

Organized, versatile and focused professional with over 4 years of customer support experience. Proficient in managing multiple tasks and scheduling people and resources. Strong sense of delivering high quality services with proven track record of achieving high customer satisfaction rate. Elite level analytical skills with a knack of goal accomplishment mindset. Advanced interpersonal skills and the ability to tailor communication to all levels of an organization.


Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Networks | Iqra University, Islamabad | 2013
Intermediate | F.G Degree College For Men , Wah Cantt | 2008
Matriculation | Margalla Academy H.I.T Taxila Cantt | 2006

Experience / Qualifications

Jive Customer Support Engineer L1 | Aurea Software | Feb 2018- Present
• Providing Level 1 troubleshooting support for all customers of Jive Interactive Intranet.
• Auditing of current cases handled by the central agents as part of quality assurance.
• Actively involved in management of Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) including the creation and publication of articles related to issues and bugs.
• Dealing with bugs with a high focus on customer satisfaction and retention.
• Communicating with Network and Engineering teams to ensure the resolution of issues to keep Jive running smoothly.

Freelancer | Upwork | Dec 2014- Jan 2018
• Led a team of 8 people to successfully launch the presence of Souktel Digital Solutions in the frontier areas of Pakistan.
• Completed multiple IT support projects for employers and obtained 5-star reviews.

Networking Intern | Khushali Bank Pakistan | July 2014- Oct 2014
• Provided real time troubleshooting support to all 122 countrywide branches hence, ensured continuous and smooth banking operations.
• Upgraded primary and secondary network links within 2 months with 85% success rate.

Negotiation Officer | Protégé Global Pakistan | Sep 2013- Nov 2013
• Achieved Employee of the Month award for settling 10-12 employee injury pending claims within 2 weeks with 95-100% success rate.


Cyber Security | US Cyber Security Centre, University of Maryland, Coursera | 2014
Introduction to Linux | Linux Foundation, edX | 2014

Professional Trainings

• Cisco Certified Network Associate Training (CCNA) | Corvit Systems Rawalpindi | 2014
• Completed the following trainings under Aurea and Jive:
• Tips to communicate effectively
• Tips to increase the number of NPS
• Skills to achieve customer success
• Structure of conversation- emails/ calls
• Talkdesk
• Jive fundamentals
• Jive antivirus
• Jive themes/ tiles
• Jive case management/ Severity 1- case management
• Product overview
• JIRA/ SalesForce/ JCA
• Jive troubleshooting
• Basic tools
• Jive API/ Jive rewards/ upgrade issues

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18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
from $56At teacher's location
from $56Online via webcam

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since April 2020

Availability of a typical week

18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
from $56At teacher's location
from $56Online via webcam

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


IT Support: Algo, Java, C, PHP, Python, UML, PFE
Hello, I'm Abderrazzak, Trainer and Computer Engineer, I offer computer courses and coaching sessions: - Programming (Java, C, C #, PHP, Python) - Supervision of PFE, IT Project and Internship - Assistance in the use of information technologies - Database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL, PL SQL) - Web (HTML CSS JavaScript, Vue JS, PHP, Laravel) - Mobile (Andriod) - Analysis and Design UML and Merise For more info, please contact me

Hello! I am a Computer Engineer I'm giving private lessons on Java, C and Web Development
Graduated in 2014 at the Polytechnic of Turin Master's Degree. I have three years of experience as a Tutor in teaching and tutoring on C language, Java, Java-Android, Php, Html, Css, Javascript, JQuery, Database, C # and exercises on flowcharts.

math secondary and higher secondary grades students
My name is Ram, I have been tutoring Maths almost twelve years for secondary and higher secondary, and I currently teach online *I am positive and patient so you can totally relax and have a great time working on your math. *I have an abundance of patience. My objective is to make mathematics fun, creative, educational, and friendly. *My method will help to communicate quickly, build confidence and give motivation to progress rapidly. *I have done my post graduation M.Sc in mathemtics and B.Ed (Bachelar of education) *I have 12 years teaching experience in this field *I teach Algebra 1&2, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, euclid geometry calculus for IGCSE,A,AS LEVEL& AMERICAN CURRICULUMS

Do you have a senior who needs some assistance with technology? On Demand Tech Help for Seniors
Do you have a senior who needs some assistance with technology? We live in a world where we simply cannot function without technology. I truly have a heart and patience to help all seniors stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Do you have a senior who needs help? I will do the work for you.

ITIL v4 Foundation Course - IT Service Management (Information Technology)
ITIL is currently the most accepted and used framework in the world of IT service management. ITIL is a set of concepts and best practices regarding the management of information technology (IT) services, and how it can be better aligned with business processes. It describes in detail an extensive set of functions and processes designed to help organizations achieve quality and efficiency in IT operations. Through the course you will know the framework used for the management of technology services, the value chain, its principles, and processes that are part of ITIL for the 4th Industrial Revolution. You will be prepared to take the ITIL v4 Foundation certification exam

Computer science tutoring for students (Bachelor and Master)
Welcome! I have already completed my master’s degree in mechanical engineering and am currently doing my doctorate. Tutoring is offered in ✔ Computer science for students (Bachelor and Master). When contacting please Class / study / training and subject notify! During the online tutoring, you can see my PC desktop as I explain the subject matter to you and handwrite the tasks, chapter by chapter. At the end of the tutoring, you will receive files with solutions or notes. I'm looking forward to your messages.

prise en main d'un ordinateur /recherche d emploi/histoire /Culture générale
travail par vidéo conférence en utilisant l'animation et la dynamique . Initiation à l'informatique , prise en main d'un ordinateur découverte de l'ordinateur Hard Soft Technique de recherche d'emploi : organisation , gestion communication Histoire

Programming for Beginners and Intermediate Levels.
Computer Programming in Modern days is a must have skill for everyone. It enables everyone to understand how everything in the digital work works and at the same time gives the power to create something on your own. Computer programming is an art and it can be easily learned by anyone who has the patience to learn it. In this class you will learn about the basics of programming which is not dependent on any specific programming languages. Basic concepts of the programming will remain the same and this will allow you to pick from any of your favorite programming languages. 1. Python 2. C 3. C++ I have double MSc in Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin and Budapest University of Technology. I have also been working in software industry for more than 5 years now but the most important is that I love teaching students to join the fun of programming.

Formation VMware vSphere 6 : Initiation + Approfondissement
- L'hyperviseur : VMware ESXi 6 Introduire les composants d'un Software-Defined Data Center vSphere et l'architecture de cloud computing Installer et utiliser vSphere Client Vue d'ensemble de ESXi - Atelier pratique : mise en place de VMware ESXi 6, découverte de l'interface - La plate-forme de gestion : VMware vCenter Server 6 Introduire les composants d'un Software-Defined Data Center Décrire l'intègration de vSphere dans l'architecture de cloud Installer et utiliser vSphere Client - Atelier pratique : installation de VMware vCenter Server 6 Gestion des machines virtuelles Présentation des machines virtuelles, de matériel de la machine virtuelle et des fichiers de la machine virtuelle Créer et travailler avec des machines virtuelles et des modèles Configuration de VMware vCenter Server via vSphere Présenter l'architecture vCenter Server Déployer et configurer vCenter Server Appliance Utiliser le client vSphere Web - Atelier pratique : Gérer les objets et les licences d'inventaire vCenter Server Configuration et gestion des réseaux virtuels Décrire, créer et gérer les commutateurs standards Présenter les vSphere commutateurs distribués, les connexions réseaux et les groupes de ports - Atelier pratique : Configurer les commutateur virtuels et les politiques d'équilibrage de charge Configuration et gestion de stockage virtuel Introduire des protocoles de stockage et types de périphériques de stockage Utilisation des stockages iSCSI et NFS Présentation de VMware Virtual SAN Introduction sur les volumes virtuels - Atelier pratique : Créer et gérer des datastores iSCSI et NFS Management des machines virtuelles Utiliser les modèles et le clonage afin de déployer de nouvelles machines virtuelles Modifier et gérer des machines virtuelles Utiliser vSphere vMotion et vSphere Storage migrations vMotion Créer et gérer des snapshots de machines virtuelles Définir les vApps Introduire les types de bibliothèques de contenu et la façon de les utiliser - vSphere HA et tolérance de panne vSphere Expliquer l'architecture vSphere HA Configurer et gérer un cluster vSphere HA Utiliser les paramètres avancés vSphere HA Introduire la tolérance de panne vSphere Activer la tolérance de panne sur les machines virtuelles vSphere Présenter vSphere Replication Utiliser vSphere Data Protection pour sauvegarder et restaurer les données - Évolutivité des hôtes ESXi Décrire les fonctions et les avantages d'un cluster vSphere DRS Configurer et gérer un cluster vSphere DRS Travailler avec des règles d'affinité et d'anti-affinité Utiliser vSphere HA et DRS vSphere ensemble pour la continuité des activités Utiliser les profils d'hôtes Analyser et corriger les hôtes - vSphere Update Manager et maintenance d'hôtes Utiliser vSphere Update Manager pour gérer la mise à jour des ESXi Installer vSphere Update Manager et vSphere Update Manager plug-in - Sécurité, gestion des mises à jour Rôles et permissions dans vCenter Server Gestion des utilisateurs Atelier pratique : création d'utilisateurs non administrateurs, mise en place d'une ligne de conduite pour surveiller les versions des machines virtuelles Windows dans le cluster vCenter.

Help in math, physics, technology and English.
I am a Systems Engineer, Master in Project Management. My knowledge is constantly learning and I take update courses. I handle students from primary to university and had a successful result with those who thought that subjects such as mathematics, computer science, English, among others, were difficult to learn but that is not the case. You will notice it from my first class.

React JS (The Strong JS Framework) for Beginners with Handson
React JS for Beginners JS Frameworks Comparison / Introduction React Intro React Get Started React ES6 React Render HTML React JSX React Components React Props React State React Lifecycle React Events React Forms React CSS Redux Basics Redux Examples

the essence of great customer service.Basics and guide.
Customer service basics is a platform to enhance your personal etiquette and customer service relationship. You can improve how you communicate with people, clients, and business in general. With the class learn how to speak properly in general, email preparation and response and letter response. as a business also learn to respond especially in a demanding situation, how to win back an almost lost client and ease angry or torn situations into acceptable helpful and happy experiences.

Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana training for all levels
Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database whose particularity is to be able to index strongly text-oriented documents. You could think of it as a search engine, but you could set it up to exactly match your search needs. Elasticsearch is therefore a search engine capable of storing a large quantity of documents and which can be queried in real time. In addition, its query language provides interesting interrogation possibilities that can be exploited to extract statistics in real time. In this course I explain how you can design your Elasticsearch cluster in an efficient way and also use it to index / search your data.

Step by Step PHP Programming Tutorials for beginners!
PHP is a server scripting language and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. PHP 7 is the latest stable release. In this Course, You will Learn Introduction to PHP, Evaluation of Php, Basic Syntax, Introduction to OOPS. Introduction. Objects and classes, WordPress. WordPress Introduction. Understanding and Using domain names.

Business English for Professionals and Entrepreneurs
The problem at this point is that your English is affecting your job performance. Oftentimes, you feel embarrassed because your colleagues/clients have a hard time understanding you when you speak in English. You don’t understand or know how to use business English idioms, expressions, and phrases to express yourself. You feel challenged when participating in meetings in English or writing professional business emails. What scares you most is that you know, if you don’t change, you will get stuck with your current position and miss future career opportunities. You will not be able to best support your family or grow yourself to the next level. Rest assured, you are not alone! With my help, you can significantly improve your English communication skills. Your colleagues/clients will be able to understand you clearly. You will be able to expand your business English vocabulary to better express yourself and have the confidence to participate in meetings and write professional business emails in English. Then one day, you will rock at your job and secure future career opportunities, and what’s more, you will be able to better support your family and become the person you are proud of.