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    Private lessons in history - English - French

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    Hello ! I am a student in language and I offer a help to the understanding of English beginner level. I can help to better understand how the language works and answer any questions.
    Being also passionate about history, I can help the student to progress and find motivation to study a field such as history.
    I can also help with French where I can give some tips to learn how to remember the rules. I would also be delighted to help the student manage his / her study by helping with homework and interruptions preparation.


    At student's location: Around Namur, Belgium
    Online via webcam

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

    About Me

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    I am a language student eager to help those in need. I can help in English and French. I have never given a class, but I have often helped the youngest get along in their study.
    I often remain contactable, especially by webcam where I would be happy to help you.
    Do not hesitate to wave me! ;)


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    I attended my secondary school in Saint Louis in Namur and I am currently in the first year of a bachelor's degree in translation-interpreting in English-Russian at ISTI in Brussels.

    Experience / Qualifications

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    I do not have much experience in this field, except that I have three little brothers to whom I explain a lot. I am also the godmother of a class in Saint Louis Namur where I give advice to better manage his study.

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Learn English in an interesting, active and dynamic way!
    I am a professor of English language in High School and University and offers conversation tables in duo or three. My groups are therefore composed of up to two learners, in order to maximize learning during each class session. Holder of a master degree in translation-interpreting and another in multilingual communication in the company, in particular, my goal is to advance the learner in the target language in the best way possible: at once active and dynamic! To do this, we will discuss together topics that affect you, topics that you will prepare before the course for an optimal practice of English during this one. These topics can be covered in a variety of media: newspaper and print magazine articles, online articles, podcasts and videocasts available for download, etc.

    English support during the holidays to prepare for the August or next year sessions.
    Hello, My name is Héléna, I am 21 years old and I am a second year student of computer graphics in Namur. I did most of my high school English immersion and am bilingual. I practice English very regularly because I have a lot of English contact as part of my studies. I make available my knowledge in this foreign language to help students in difficulty at the end of the year and ensure an optimal session in August, or a comfortable year to come. I can help with the correction of exercises, carrying out holiday work, as well as improving comprehension and speaking through exercises and practice.

    English for executives working in all types of professions
    I’m a native English business professional with over 40 years of international experience. During my career I’ve lived and worked in the United States, Scotland and Belgium while doing business in all regions of the world. I have worked at all lèves of management and in addition to running a business for a private company have also owned and started two other businesses on my own. I offer the opportunity for professionals to use me as a sounding board for their activities while simultaneously fine-tuning their use of English. I’ve been doing this activity for over ten years and can provide references on request. My clients have been diverse who work in the fields of law, medicine, science, government, manufacturing, services, etc. My diverse professional and educational background gives me the ability to converse on virtually any subject that my clients require.

    homework help in science-literature-english
    Hello, I am a student and I offer help to do the homework of your children. I have a lot of experience in contact with children: I am the eldest of a large family and I took care for several years of children, including a little boy with Down syndrome. I also supervised for 5 years children from 3 to 10 years old by being a trainer of tennis and training / physical coordination. In addition I adapt very easily to the schedules. See you soon, Jade.

    Dutch and English lessons for children, teenagers and adults in the Namur, Dinant and Marche-en-Famenne regions
    Teacher since 2016, I give private lessons in Dutch and English. I am young and dynamic. I am keen to vary the teaching methods to help my students as much as possible in their learning. I often practice play pedagogy, workshops and I sometimes use technology and computers to motivate students.

    Private lessons in English, Dutch, French, History
    Graduate teacher helps you to master English and Dutch and / or upgrade yourself by reviewing grammar (theory and exercises), practicing audition and reading texts. My goal is to overcome the difficulties of the language by addressing all aspects. Students often have difficulty hearing: no worries !!! I have the equipment to work this part. I also propose the conversation entirely in the language. It is never too late to fill the gaps but do not wait until the last minute! I can also help you in French (dissertation ...) and in history. I can advise you for the writing of syntheses.

    Private language courses: Spanish, English and French
    Hello, My name is Noémie, I'm 20 years old and I am currently in the baccalaureate of Marketing. After traveling in Latin America and Oceania for 1 year, I returned trilingual with a B2 / C1 level in Spanish and English. I offer my services for beginner and intermediate levels and for all ages. I will adapt according to your objectives, the idea is to be able to manage in all situations.

    Courses in French, English, history + law school.
    Having obtained my Bachelor in Law with distinction, I offer you help in the courses you follow. I also successfully completed my bachelor's degree with a score of 17, so I can help you write it down, correct it, check your footnotes, ect. I also have good bases in French, English, history, mathematics. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Math - Chemistry - Biology - Medicine - English - Dutch
    Graduated in medicine and dyslexic, I had to organize my study in a different way. I understand the difficulties that students may have in understanding statements. In addition, the method of work is important, and I pay particular attention. My primary goal is to adapt to the needs of the student in order to best help him in his success.

    English tuition - based in Profondeville / cours d'anglais
    British curriculum aged 5 to 18. Primary and secondary education. Adult and senior classes. The classes are focused on reading, writing, pronunciation and listening. The classes consist of exercises and follow the rhythm and pace of the student and what he/she/the parent wants to learn. About me: I have experience working in schools in Belgium and in private tuition in England, Switzerland and Belgium. I am British and bilingual French. Let me know if you have further questions. Kind regards, Ariane

    Language courses
    I am a student in librarianship but I have long wanted to make languages my job. I studied translation and interpretation for a year at Umons in English and Dutch. I also did internships at CLL Namur and Margate (England) via SILC. I worked as a tour guide at the cave of Dinant (as a student). Librarians have a decree to follow and I would like to do some kind of international library partnership later on to discover other cultures and languages. I'm still studying English and Dutch right now, and I'm even helping girls for these classes. My level of English is B2 and my level of Dutch is B1.

    Help with homework
    I provide support for elementary and / or secondary school students (5-18 years). I can help in English, Dutch, history, geography, ....

    English - Speak and write as a native. Communicate with ease and without stress
    I did [almost] all my schooling in English *** In your head you master the texts of Shakespeare and could make you look like a poet in English. Except you're just coming to London or New York and while you're still at the airport, you're told, "Shall I take care of your luggage for you?" And there, disaster! You say, almost reflexively, "Yes, Hello, Thank you!" And hop you embark your unique suitcase and you have to follow ... And then you try to politely refuse but it only gets worse ... "Aim, uh, I take .. you .. uh .. stay, no need! - I do not need help, no need how do you say that? - ah yes, need! uh .. me not need help .. I take! " And here is your beautiful phrase 'poetic' is actually a collection of words put together against their will and having neither tail nor head. My approach is focused on oral communication, so if you're tired of having the words somewhere in your head but not knowing when or how to get out, I'm here to help! Ideally, you know the basic rules of English grammar, but you have trouble formulating [complete] sentences or having a conversation in English. You are not afraid of homework such as: talking to strangers in English, watching a program in English, or writing a short story telling a story I focus on everyday English and Business English, but if you want to learn more complicated words or want to learn how to write beautiful English texts, it's also possible!

    English high school level, mainly improving oral skills, preparing exams etc ...
    Master in Economics student, I am C2 level (bilingual in English) and having made 2 language stays (including a 5 months in Southampton and a year in Maastircht), I speak and master English perfectly. I could give lessons in this language and / or participate in workshop style activities to improve your English. I know grammar and learning methods (not being native bilingual). Available during the second week of Easter in Gembloux and surroundings

    ENGLISH all levels, all ages - Bordeaux and surroundings.
    Trainer profession, bilingual, I lived more than 18 years in the British Isles where I taught. I teach English and / or French, TOFEL, TOEIC, BULATS, Trinity Cambridge Exams, etc. All levels, all ages! I also offer tutoring for your children in the comfort of your home! Telephone and videoconferencing classes also available. Teaching English and French, FLE to an audience of all nationalities. More than 18 years of experience in training and teaching. Holder of a license and perfectly bilingual. Open-minded, enthusiastic, sociable, responsible and very pedagogue. Great experience in Cambridge Trinity KET examinations, PET, FCE, Advanced, CELTA titles such as BULAT, TOFEL, TOEIC, etc. Graduate from Cambridge University in Advanced English and English / French Translation. I move to Bordeaux and surroundings (30 km around). See you soon! See you soon !