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Private lessons in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology

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*** I am no longer available from 15.02.2018 ***

Doctor (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences, specializing in Biochemistry and Molecular / Cell Biology offers individualized courses, for example a help to prepare a test in the field of Biology / Molecular Biology / Biochemistry / Cell Biology. I can help you, among other things, to prepare the examinations of Biochemistry / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology of the first year of medicine / biology / life sciences.

Having a great experience in academic sciences, I also offer advice for the writing of scientific papers and reports and for the preparation of scientific presentations. Level: beginner - master - doctorate.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


At teacher's location: Avenue de Morges, 1004 Lausanne, Suisse
At student's location: Around Lausanne, Switzerland
Online via webcam

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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60 minutes
90 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Dutch

About Me

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Former academic researcher, I studied in medical biology and then I became interested in biochemistry and molecular / genetic biology. I did research on proteins, RNA and transcription. I have used many techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

I have had many internship students, I am enthusiastic and I have always had the pleasure of passing on my knowledge.
I propose :
- support for academic courses, for example the preparation of an exam in life sciences, medicine or biology
-school support in biology and chemistry (possibly in maths and physics)

I am Dutch, the courses are in French, English or Dutch. Ideally you have handouts and / or books recommended by the teacher, it would be even better if it is in electronic format. We will discuss what you need to know, we will identify the difficult points and I will help you understand with additional material.

The books I often use for teaching are Biochemistry (Stryer), Human Molecular Genetics (Strachan & Read), Chemistry, Tray and Maturity Preparation (Rebstein and Soerensen), Advanced Chemistry, Tray Preparation and maturity (Rebstein and Soerensen).

Do not hesitate to contact me !


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MSc in Medical Biology: University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
Doctorate (PhD) in Medical Sciences: University of Groningen, the Netherlands; specialization in tyrosine kinases in breast cancer.

Experience / Qualifications

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Private lessons in Biochemistry / Chemistry / Molecular Biology since September 2016.
Academic Research in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology: University of Groningen, The Netherlands, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France, University of Lausanne.
In-depth knowledge of transcription, proteins, phosphorylation, genetic engineering, cancer, AIDS.
Great expertise in the writing of articles, scientific reports and in the development of scientific presentations (powerpoint).

Reviews (4)

Annemieke s'adapte aux demandes et aux objectifs visés avec une méthode ciblée et structurée. Je la recommanderais sans hésiter.
C'est une professeure très compétente. Elle prépare très bien les cours. Elle ne réfléchie pendant le cross, elle lit déjà le crois en question à la maison. Je me suis beaucoup améliorée en chimie grâce à elle.
J'ai contacté Annemieke dans le cadre de ma preparation aux examens de première année de médecine et je n'aurais pu trouver mieux. Plus que compétente dans les domaines qui lui sont familiers elle m'à aussi aider dans ceux dont la matière lui était un peu moins spécialisée. Elle consacre beaucoup de temps à son élève et m'à vraiment aider a comprendre la matière, ce qui est essentiel en biologie. Vraiment une aide incomparable que je recommanderais a quiconque cherche un coup de main dans le domaine!
Annemieke a beaucoup aidé ma fille à renforcer des points faibles. Elle a été très claire, très patiente et vraiment compétente.
*** I am no longer available from 15.02.2018 *** Doctor (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences, with a great experience in Genetic Engineering and Molecular Genetics, offers individualized courses, for example a help to prepare an exam. I can help you, among other things, prepare the Genetics exams in the first year of medicine / biology / life sciences or the exams of maturity / baccalaureate. Topics (according to needs and objectives): genome organization - replication - DNA repair - genetic engineering (restriction enzymes, cloning, PCR, Southern blot, transgenic animals) - genetic analysis (RFLP, DNA chips, sequencing) - Mendel's laws - genotype - phenotype - crosses - heredity - linkage - genetic distances - interference. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
*** I am no longer available from 15.02.2018 *** Doctor (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences, specializing in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, offers individualized courses in Chemistry for the preparation for the exams of the gymnasium maturity / the baccalaureate. Topics (among others): - mixtures / pure bodies, separations - Atomic models, Lewis notation - intermolecular attractions - periodic table of elements - chemical bonds, reactions, equations - molecular mass, molarity, calculations, stoichiometry - thermochemistry - reaction speeds, balances - acids and bases - oxidoreduction - solubility - organic chemistry: sugars, lipids, proteins, nucleotides I use the book "Chemistry: Preparation to Bac and Maturity" and "Advanced Chemistry" by Rebstein and Soerensen or any other medium of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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A Moment of Science Please! Science on Finger Tips!
I am Pragya! I graduated in Biochemistry (Honours) from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. I further went on to pursue my master’s degree in Medical Biochemistry from Jamia Hamdard, Delhi. I am currently pursuing Doctorate in Biological Sciences from Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom. During all these years I realised that the classes I appreciated most were not necessarily the topics I was most interested in, rather it were the professors who made the classes enjoyable and interesting. All these professors had one thing in common, they were always engaging and comprehensible when teaching and moreover were willing to go an extra mile when asked for additional help and clarification. I will carry the same approach and knowledge to my tutoring sessions and do everything to make learning a pleasant experience. I use lesson plans in which I usually introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then explicitly teaching the material. The biggest strategy I strictly adhere in my sessions is “Revise the old; learn the new”. Of course, this method can be adjusted based on the subject and student’s individual needs. I currently demonstrate on module for biomedical science and in total have eight years of tutoring experience. I want to benefit the students I work with best of my capabilities therefore, I am open to any additional resources and suggestions from both students and parents. I am easy to reach and always provide fast responses. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to schedule a lesson!

Biology lessons for school, college students or curious minds.
I specialize in tutoring high school and bachelor level biology. Currently pursuing my masters in biomedical sciences at Radboud University with a full scholarship. I've worked as a research assistant as part of my internship for 18 months. I have spent 2 months working at the University of Wisconsin, USA, where i was working in a cancer epigenetics lab. I've been active in the field of education since I was 14. I started home tutoring students from secondary school and have been teaching students as a part of a Non-profit organization, back in India. I believe in interactive teaching and my teaching method is highly flexible and is arranged as per the need of the student. I, however, believe in regular tests and assessments.

Course in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology
I have a doctorate in microbiology and a master's degree in biotechnology. I offer courses in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology. I have experience in teaching university. I held teaching assistant positions and lecturer at the University of Montreal.

GCSE, A-level, IB Higher Level and Standard Level Biology
Hey Y'all :) I myself did Higher Level IB biology in high-school. I can cover parts or all of the syllabus which you prefer :) I feel it is always easier when someone explains the topic to me, especially if you know some tricks ;) Priya

Course in biology, biochemistry, geology .... mathematics, physics
Holder of the title engineer in biological engineering, I give courses in biology, biotechnology, biochemistry. As well in mathematics, geology. The student will benefit from a friendly learning environment while developing knowledge

Monami Roy
Learn the fundamentals of biological sciences in the simplest way possible
Biology for life is a platform for understanding the mechanisms of Life inside a cell. Learn the fundamentals of molecular biology, genetics, genetic engineering and biotechnology with this platform. Students can learn the application and techniques of molecular biology and genetic engineering which helps them immensely in understanding the molecular mechanisms of the cell. Specializes in 10, 10+2 and undergraduate level of biological sciences.

biology basics, cell biology,genetics, molecular biology
1. This class is for aspiring biologists. The focus is to understand the basis of biology. You will learn about the detailed structure and function of cell organelles of both prokaryotic as well as eukaryotic cells. 2. Introduction to molecular biology including concepts of genetic material and various experiments including Hersey chase , Griffith etc experiments with full diagrammatic illustrations and testing

Private lessons in Maths Physics Chemistry and Biology
My support in Biology, Physics Chemistry and Mathematics is very practical and is based on the explanation of the courses followed by in-depth exercises on the chapters thus discussed. Free to ask all the questions related to the chapter and the concepts discussed, tests are available to prepare you for class assignments and exams.

Private Course in Biology, Life and Earth Sciences (SVT), Biochemistry
Currently studying in Biology, I offer courses related to this course such as Biology (cell, plant, animal), biochemistry, microbiology and anatomy. I have a Baccalaureate Scientist (honors), so I can give private lessons in SVT for students from high school to high school.

Basic, Standard, and Higher Level Biology Tutoring
I specialize in higher level biology tutoring; cell & molecular biology, upper-level biology, basic biology, anatomy, physiology, cancer biology, developmental biology, etc. I graduated from ISE in 2014, then received my BSc in Cell & Molecular Biology (Cum Laude) and I will be going to Oxford for my MSc in Clinical Embryology this fall. Highly skilled & I will go over fundamental concepts, in detail. I use color coated notes, slides, images, tables, videos, etc to aid in your learning.

Biology and Chemistry classes for school/undergraduate students
I have specialised with a Masters degree in Molecular Biology. I love to ignite young minds and help them to discover the true flavour of Life Sciences. I am looking forward to both school students or undergraduate students. For school students, my classes would focus based on their school biology curriculum. For undergraduate students, I can offer to teach cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology at ease. I am a friendly person and I have experience of teaching students back in my home country,India.

Private tutor Biology/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biomedical sciences
I am a private tutor for Biology/Biochemistry/Microbiology/Biotechnology/Biomedical sciences. I have working experience as a teaching assistant and i have a PhD in Biomedical sciences. The classes could be altered based upon the student's needs. the classes could be conducted at student's location/mine/any preferable location.The tuitions are also possible via Skype online.

In this class you'll learn the fundamentals of Molecular and Cell Biology. What are the components of a cell? What is DNA? How proteins are made? The class is adressed to high-school students as well as to anyone interested in learning a bit about the fascinating world of biology. About me: I'm an italian reseacher with several years teaching experience at the University. I have a Master's degree in Biotechnology and a PhD in Biology.