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Learn the Arabic language in from a Native! (Beginners Class)

Arabic is not an easy language but it's a beautiful one, and can get very interesting! My goal is to break down the lesson in way that will lead the student to grasp it easily. I will assign homework after each lesson to evaluate progress.
The main goal of the class is conversational Arabic.
This class will help you start off well in Arabic, as the Arabic language has different forms, you will learn both, the classical (Fusha) and the modernized (Ammiya) Arabic. Ammiya is used in arabic speakers' daily lives, it is very important to learn because you are most likely to communicate with people in Ammiya than in Fusha. However Fusha is the base of the language and it is used in literature, formal script, and other material. Moreover, this class will be beneficial and fun at the same time!


At teacher's location: Boulevard General Jaques, Elsene, Belgium
At student's location: Around Ixelles-Elsene, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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120 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, Arabic

About Me

Hello! I am a 20 y/o BA student from Egypt but living in Brussels, I am very interested in arts, culture, and language. I was helping a friend with learning Arabic and then I thought why not teach it? I worked with children and teenagers in my first job at a School. I am very good with children but I can work with any age group! I like to keep a friendly atmosphere with my students, and very keen on keeping them alert and interested in the lesson.


I graduated from an American school in Cairo. I have studied political science in Turkey and liberal arts and sciences in Netherlands, but finally transferred to Vrije Universiteit Brussel, which is where I currently study social sciences.

Experience / Qualifications

Previous Teaches' Assistant in school for middle and high school students. The rest of my experience is volunteer work, mostly with children and translation.

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Very implicated and well prepared teacher. A recommender!
Amazing in explaining!! I'd definitely suggest to start your lessons here!

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Cours particuliers d'arabe : Langue et communication [EN LIGNE]
Je parle arabe, français, espagnol, anglais et un peu turc. Je donne des cours d'arabe : langue et communication avec une pédagogie efficace, écrite et orale afin que tout le monde puisse parler couramment en évitant les lacunes grammaticales. J'explique tous mes cours aux étrangers par webcam, car je suis au Maroc, à Rabat. Et si vous viendrez un jour à mon pays, je serai très heureux de vous voir. Je présente mes cours en français, en arabe ou en espagnol, selon votre choix.

Venez découvrir la langue arabe classique parlée !!
+++Ahlane wa sahlane wa marhabane+++أهلاً وسهلا ومرحبا Envie de découvrir le monde arabe à travers sa langue !!! Envie de s'exprimer en arabe dans le contexte de la multiculturalité !! Vous suivez des cours et vous avez besoin d''aide pour vous parfaire !! Curieux de comprendre ce que les médias disent en arabe !!! كيفما كانت رغباتكم و متطلعاتكم في تعلم اللغة العربية، مرحبا بكم في محراب العلم Mes cours sont destinés pour toute personne désireuse d'apprendre, d'améliorer l'apprentissage de l'arabe et/ou juste tentée par la curiosité de la découvrir. هيا لا تفكروا كتيراً، اللغة العربية سهلة جداً J'assure aussi la conversation dialectale : Égyptien, Libanais / Syrien Je donne aussi les cours de soutien scolaire pour enfants.

Arabic language in Brussels for adults and children
I studied master in management at VUB in Brussels. I am Arabic native speaker. I could do it for children at Thier parents place. For adults at my place in Brussels ( Molenbeek). I am considering the topics you want to study or the way you prefer as well.

Arabic For Everyone, Standard Arabic and Darja for Everyone
I am a native Arabic Speaker, born and grown up in Egypt then I moved to Belgium for my study, beside being native Arabic i have mastered speaking Standard Arabic and I have helped few Belgian students and adults with studying Arabic through my living in Leuven. Weather you are looking for someone to help you with Arabic as student or adult who is interested in exploring this beautiful language, I am sure I can help you with it. I speak a bit of Dutch but I am super fluent in English.

Arabic language for all ages and levels, Math for beginner and intermediate levels.
Hello, I'm Ahmed ,I live in Brussels ,I have a bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering. I can teach math for students and Arabic language for any level. I have a good experience in teaching math for college students.My goal is to achieve the best results in short time.

English, Arabic- Speak a language/Improve your level. DJing-Learn to mix.
Languages: I have been teaching English/Arabic to Adults since 2001, learners from different background and countries. International experience in Egypt, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium. Classes tailored to learners needs. From beginner to upper intermediate and advanced levels Conversation based lessons. learn to speak the language. Fix your level. Help with business English, Emails, Presentations. Gain confidence. I am seriffed Adult teacher. SVEB/FSEA/SAEB (Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning) DJing>> Learn how to mix with records (Vinyl). Learn how to beat match. working since 2003.

Arabic Tutor (Standard and Egyptian colloquial Arabic)
I am an Egyptian native speaker and I teach standard and Egyptian colloquial Arabic. I have taught for a year at Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, Italy in 2014. I have had the chance to teach students from Europe, Asia and the US. This gave me a deeper understanding of dealing with students who have different accents. In the last 2 years, I have been teaching students and adults in London. Recently, I finished my Master’s in Film Directing at Central Saint Martins and I am starting my PhD in Film next October in London. I see languages as a form of art that creates a way of understanding each other. I like to teach the language in a creative way that makes my students feel comfortable and eager to learn more. I enjoy working with students from different backgrounds. I am familiar with different textbooks (e.g. Al-Kitaab, Alif Baa and Ahlan wa Sahlan) and can adapt to the student’s level and what he/she needs to focus on.

Cours d'Arabe et Darija pour Adultes et enfants chez moi ou au domicile
Vous souhaitez que vos enfants apprennent la langue arabe et le Coran, je suis disponible pour vous aider dans cette mission en utilisant la méthode Annoraniya et d'autres méthodes ludiques. Je vous offre aussi un cours de dialecte marocain " Darija" pour tous les âges.

Cours particuliers en Maths et Chimie / Apprendre l'arabe
Vous aver des difficultés en Maths et en sciences ? Vous ne savez pas comment vous en sortir ? Vous vous inquiétez pour vos examens ? Ca nous est tous arrivé mais plus maintenant . Je suis là pour vous aider dans toute difficultée qui peut bloquer votre réussite . Qui suis je ?Etudiante en Médecine , ayant fait une spéciale maths , je peux dire que je gère les cours que je propose . D'ailleurs , j'ai pas mal d'expérience dans ce domaine . Pour plus d'infos , n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

Cours particuliers d'anglais, français, arabe, italien
Cours basés sur l'audio-visuel où l'écrit reste important. Ta volonté d'apprendre et ta motivation de persévérer sont un atout pour ton progrès, ta réussite et indéniablement une fierté partagée, la mienne pour te faire aimer la langue et ta satisfaction de pouvoir la parler et t'exprimer chaque jour encore mieux. Ce cours sont destinés aussi bien à des élèves individuellement ou en groupes (tables de conversation, jeux de rôle, activités ludiques)

Arabic Tutoring. Learn How to read, speak and write
I specialise in teaching Arabic to students who are willing to learn the language for different purposes. Whether you are interested in learning the langauge for your travel, work or even for your love for culture, I will be able to take you on a journey on how to develop your confidence and be able to speak, read and write. I am a qualified Arabic Teacher with a great passion for linguistics and I have a Master's degree in Teaching Arabic. Your learning process will be relying on the enthusiasm you bring to the class and the sense of commitment which I believe it is crucial to achieve the best results. The class will include presentations and materials produced by myself. After a few classes I am certain that you will build the ability to express yourself in Arabic with a great deal of confidence. I teach the Standard Arabic as well as all the dialects spoken in the Arabic world.

Lets have fun while learning a language , you pick : Arabic , English or French classes
I consider Languages as the window from which you can start by understanding a culture ; It says a lot about how its people think . Because every language have its own logic and thats the hardest part to learning a new language , i'll guide you through the way . I am passionate about languages and when we love something we do it very well ! i am a very patient teacher , fun will be part of the course and you will be surprised by how fast you will learn I am fluent in Arabic French and English

Arabic language teacher for adults and students in Brussels
Hello, I'm Maram ,I live in Brussels. I offer Arabic Language classes. For all ages and all levels. I have a good experience My goal is to achieve the best results in short time. My teaching method is very interactive, includes games, songs, news, etc. I have experience with teaching it for people from different background Standard Arabic: Write, Speak, Read Standard Arabic: Only to speak Spoken Arabic: Write and Speak Spoken Arabic: Speaking only Material of teaching is decided regarding to the topics of your interest. A discount is available for long term commitment.

cours d'arabe classique
Professeur d'origine syrien donne des cours d'arabe classique pour tout les niveaux oral et écrit

Apprendre l'anglais et/ou néerlandais et/ou arabes
Je suis très impatiente de vous enseigner l'anglais et/ou l'arabe et/ou le néerlandais!! Je peux vous aider a apprendre avec une manière simple et rapide! Le niveau d'apprentissage doit être de 6 à 15 ans (niveau scolaire) Je peux me déplacer chez vous! Merci!